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Clean and Lightweight Raiding Pack for Healers

  • Created By: Belasangre
  • 334 Total Downloads
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  • Updated on 2/9/2011
  • Created on 1/29/2011
  • 26 Addons in this pack
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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


I put this addon pack together with the goal of providing healers raiding on lower end machines with the best UI possible. All of these addons are extremely lightweight, easy to configure, and when possible: modular. I recommend going into the addon menu after installing this pack and turning off some of the more memory intensive modules (any skada modules you don't use, Prat's high CPU usage features, Tiptac talents etc). My WTF folder can be found here:'s WTF.rar. Remember to backup your own Interface and WTF folders before installing it.

Addons in this Pack


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    hey can u send wtf for me [email protected] cos the link wont work thx

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    please send me the wtf folder :) [email protected] thanks

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    Some tips for installing the WTF folder listed in the description:
    1. Make sure you have backed up your own WTF folder so you don't lose your settings. Rename it to something else or store it externally.
    2. Download my WTF folder and open it up. You should see the designations ACCOUNT NAME, SERVER NAME and CHARACTER name. Those should all renamed and changed to your account name and the server and character that you'd like to use this UI on.
    3. After logging in you may notice that not all the addons will look exactly as they do in the screenshots above. You will need to go into some individual addons under the "Profile" tab and set the profile to the one I use. The name of the profile should be either Belatrice or Emerald Dream (I'm not horrible consistent).
    4. I play a holy/disc priest so addons that contain class specific options such as Grid and Powerauras will be optimized for priest healing. You'll need to do a bit of tweaking to get them set up for your spells. In Powerauras all you'll need to do is change the name of the spells that you want to track. It should update the icon accordingly. In Grid, you'll have to enter in some new spells potentially under "Status - Auras" and configure the priority and placement.

    3. After logging in some settings may not look exactly as they do in the screenshots. To fix this you'll need to go into the "profile" tabs of some of the addons and switch the profile to mine. The profile name should either be Belatrice, Emerald Dream, or some combination of the two (I'm not horribly consistent).
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    yeah, can you send me the WTF folder too? [email protected]
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    Hey can you send me the wtf folder? [email protected] Thanks
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    wtf folder would be appreciated :)
    [email protected]
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    and me too
    [email protected]
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    hey can u send me wtf foler plx?
    @[email protected] thx & greetz !
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