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Moonkin Raiding UI

  • Created By: Badman996
  • 15,030 Total Downloads
  • 8 Average Daily Downloads
  • Updated on 3/20/2010
  • Created on 12/11/2009
  • 49 Addons in this pack
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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


These are the core addons I use for raiding on my Moonkin (Noobkin of Full Circle on Destromath). Along with these addons that are not listed on Curse. The blue numbers and graphic in the middle is my Lunar Eclipse, I get a orange one on the left side when Solar Eclipse procs. The number right under my character is my stacks of Illustration of the Dragon Soul (or any trinket that gives a stacking debuff when I upgrade) # Cirk's Badapples # Cirk's Notebook # Butsu # cargoHonor # ccSpeed # DragEmAll # Super Duper Macro # zBrokerDurability Edit: WTF folder is here: Make sure to change the profile name to match yours, the server name to match yours, and the character name to match yours.

Addons in this Pack


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  • #95

    Please send the WTF folder to [email protected]

  • #94

    WTF file at [email protected] Please :) If possible.

    Or.. you could upload it to some other site like Megaupload

    Last edited by andrey2009 on 7/26/2012 2:06:32 PM
  • #93

    how the heck do i download!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?


  • #92

    Wtf folder to [email protected] if anybody has, thanks :)

  • #91

    can someone send me the wtf folder?

    thank you ;)

  • #90

    thats one sexy ui for druid, ill make sure to use it, but, does it stay for healer/tank/feral dps specs?

  • #89

    Hello, can anyone send me the WTF Folder at [email protected]

    Megauploade is down!


    Thx Warloder

  • #88

    What addon is the one where it shows your lunar/solar levels in the middle? I've been looking for a few days now for that freakin one that you have. If it isn't the levels, it's the one that has blue stuff in the square arc on the right side, and has the same thing on the left without the blue stuff and has a white boarder x) basically the same place as icehud would be.

  • #87

    Please reupload wtf-Folder cause Megaupload is down :<

  • #86


    could you please send me WTF to mail([email protected])


  • #81
    How did you get the mist with kgPanels?
  • #73
    To all the retards saying you need the WTF folder learn to read the description where it gives you a link to it.
  • #72
    You simply needed to include your own personal config files and many would be happier. WTF doesn't have that much config data, most of it is stored in the Interface/Addons directories. Basically you just said "Hey guys these are the addons I use!". Fishing addon...necessary for any raid of course...
  • #71
    Need a WTF
  • #70
    What a mess this was! :) But thanks any way for your effort. But I cant use it becouse we need a right setup for u WTF and profil so on.
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