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Rotomon's UI

  • Created By: throw_sparx0
  • 12,491 Total Downloads
  • 3 Average Daily Downloads
  • Updated on 2/9/2010
  • Created on 12/23/2009
  • 34 Addons in this pack
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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


This is a compilation of addons that make up my interface. atlas bagnon atlasloot decursive pallypower (for pally alt) simple raid target icons deadly bossmods shaman friend (shaman main) mappy recount curse profiler bugsack cowtip prat 3.0 simple threat meter buggrabber ace3 bartender4 smoothdurability kgpanels clique tinymeleestats tinycasterstats power auras classic perfmon dhud3 shadowed unit frames ensidiafails buffalo3 Phaye el pollo libhealcom-4.0 tidy plates clean plates tidy plates is the list of addons included in this pack. Wtf can be downloaded at (hope this is right)

Addons in this Pack


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  • #21
    Nope NiceDamage its just a font skinner for the game combat text
  • #10
    what is the combat text you are using?
  • #9
    i have all this addons but i dont know how to make the scale of the i mean how to look like yours
  • #8
    hey man what addon do u use for ur dmg? if so can i get it off curse?
  • #22
    I was looking on curse and i dont see NiceDamage on here i may have gotten it from
  • #7
    for the shaman i have my simple threat meter in the top box, on my pally and warrior i have simple threat meter in the position where my totem bar is on the pic. Also for warrior rogue and pally i dropped down to one less box and use the stance bar in the bottom box.
  • #6
    Untill then i will give a little hint as to how to build my kgpanels if you make the chat box (left larger box) Character portrait ( left medium box ) upper portrait filler ( small box above the portrait) you can clone those put them in place then make your action bar box and top thin box for buffs and what not.

    For buffalo3 im only using weapon buffs and buffs (thats one choice) and debuffs enabled, disable the other separate ones.

    the tiny melee and tiny caster are hidden under your chat box and stacked from default. /tcs and /tms to open those and unlock them both and move them.
  • #5
    Currently curse is reviewing and coming up with a way to enable uploading of wtf folders and or making uploading wtf settings with packs, sorry for the delay just be patient, iv made about 6 attempts to upload it as an addon but no luck. updating soon
  • #4
    Wtf folder plz....awesome ui
  • #3
    gif WTF folder :D
  • #2
    WTB WTF folder
  • #1
    also this ui is currently set up on a 1920X1080 resolution with Ui scale enabled set at 1/4. I may eventually update this with a wtf file.
  • #41
    how can i get my numbers (crits and normal hit) to look like yours ?
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