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Starter Pack

  • Created By: Warnelf
  • 48,235 Total Downloads
  • 132 Average Daily Downloads
  • Updated on 4/13/2011
  • Created on 5/8/2010
  • 35 Addons in this pack
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This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


WE HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE! Add comments about the pack, and ask questions, without the spamming advertisers: This pack is a simple collection of genuinely useful addons, whether you have just started out or are a WoW veteran. The addons here are great for raiders, levellers and money-makers alike, from classics such as Deadly Boss Mods to extremely well-designed addons like Macaroon! and XtoLevel. PLEASE READ: You may have not downloaded this pack previously because of its amount of addons, but do not fear, because I have edited it hugely and updated it so that all of the addons work for the most recent patch. I also felt that this pack was too big, so the useless addons have gone and now we have a concise, useful pack of addons for anyone and everyone. NB: Although it is called Starter Pack, there are addons for raiders as well. I thought that it would be best to keep the name so that people still recognise it.

Addons in this Pack


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  • #178
    My artwork was the default WoW UI for the action bars as well. Made sure everything was turned on. Kinda sucks as I was looking forward to trying out the UI :( Oh well!
  • #185
    I MAY have figured it out, I'll have to go in and check.
  • #186
    What's the reflux switch name
  • #190
    Did everything download successfully? There may have been addon(s) that were for some reason not downloaded properly.
  • #177
    do you have a wtf file and if so how can i integrate your settings
  • #176
    how do you move the chat bar its right in my way
  • #258
    Right click the left tab of the chat window, and click Unlock Frame. Then drag it around the screen to wherever you want. Simples!
  • #189
    Right-click the General tab of the chat window and press "unlock", then drag the frame around the screen to fit your needs. You can do this with or without addons, but not everyone knows about it.
  • #174
    Looks great! I will try it out and see if I don't get any errors like the other addon-packs I tried.
  • #167
    Just added an interesting addon to the pack. Turn your sound up in game and I guarantee you will notice it :-) Hope you like it
  • #158
    When Installing the add on pack, how do I get all my spell slots to look like yours, mine stay the same as the default?
  • #161
    Are you sure that all of the Macaroon! addons are turned on? They might just be not turned on, or Macaroon!'s download may have mucked up.
  • #141
    Great starter pack, Warnelf!
  • #147
    Thanks! If there's anything you don't like about the pack, or anything specific that is particularly good, it'd be great to hear from you.
  • #138
    Just to let you know, every AddOn in the pack has been updated for 4.0.6. I am in the process of creating a website about just about everything an Azerothian could need to know, so I hope it serves you all well. I am aiming for it to be finished by May and every day I am writing articles, guides and tables that will go into it. But the best bit about it is that there won't be any shopping advertising spam!

    Please report any bugs in the pack to either me, Warnelf, through Curse, or mail me in WoW, if you play on EU servers. I'm on Azuremyst and mail or whisper Romner on the Horde. I go on this guy almost every day so your mail may be responded to quicker if you do it in-game, as I don't check my emails every day and I may miss your email, or accidentally delete it with all the spam I get.

    Thanks, and I wish you all the best,
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