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The Perfect Raid UI

  • Created By: cowskickbutt
  • 3,156 Total Downloads
  • 0 Average Daily Downloads
  • Updated on 11/30/2012
  • Created on 9/16/2012
  • 34 Addons in this pack
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Saved Variable Available
This addon pack uses a resolution of 1440x900 Download Saved Variable

This is a compilation of Addons made by various people. All acknowledgements for the individual Addons go to their respective authors.


Lui with a twist. I liked the layout and the look of LUI, but I decided to put my own spin on it. Its currently set to the "Druid" LUI skin but you can change the color to another class and various other preset themes.

To Install

1. Download WTF folder (Right side - "Download Saved Variables")
2. Unzip
3. Open Computer/Program Files/World of Warcraft/WTF
   (find your world of warcraft folder)
4. Replace your WTF folder with the one you just downloaded.

That should be it! you should now be enjoying a perfect raid ui =)

If you have any questions you can leave a comment.
You can also message me ingame Cowskickbutt - (US)Crushridge
Battletag- Cows1727

Addons in this Pack


  • #17

    ok im having some trouble (probably coz im dumb :) )
    I downloaded the WTF pack, deleted mine, replaced it with the one I downloaded - first of all I have no idea how to swtch back to EU servers and get to my acc other then accesing it through battlenet launcher which then acceses my acc but gives me same addons Ive had only with different resolution :).


    Could I get like a - "If u are extremely dumb this is a step by step version of what to do to get this awesome pack" tutorial?


    Thank you in advance :)

  • #16

    Can I please get a 1920x1080 to [email protected]


  • #14

    Are you still playing if so i sent you a friend request, i have some questions about the addon itself, like what's making that strange sound whenever i hover over anything?

  • #13

    Hey, love the setup can you send me the WTF for 1920x1080 to [email protected] 

    Please and Thanks!

  • #11

    Hello ! I quite like what you did with the addons, so i'd like to ask if you could send me the 1920x1080 please ? Email : [email protected]

    Thanks in advance !

  • #10

    Hi There,


    Just set all this up and love it nice and clean everything where I like and not cluttered, quick question though which add on is effecting my bags, as it seems when I hit B to bring bags only seeing mining sack and 3 Netherweave bags, not seeing my starting backpack. As said which Add On effects bags so I can tweak the settings to show all bags or disable it.




    Brellic Chamber Of Aspects Eu.

  • #9

    Could I have the 1920x1080 wtf folder? Great addon pack


    [email protected]

  • #8

    Would like wtf folder for 1920x1080 too please , Would be nice if u could upload it somewhere here , or make a comment with the link. Much appreciated. 

    Email: [email protected]


    Thanks, time spent on this is much appreciated and well placed.

  • #7

    Can you send me the wtf folder for 1920x1080 please??
    [email protected]

    Really cool pack. Thanks!!! 

  • #6

    Can you send me the wtf folder for 1920x1080 please?

    [email protected]

    i like this ui really much btw ;)

  • #5
    WTF Folder please

    Can you send me the wtf folder for 1920x1080 please?

    [email protected]

    Thank you!

  • #4

    Not bad, very similar to mine.

    There is definitely some minimalization and trimming that could be done in my opinion though. Right off the bat I see some redundancy that can be used to clear more of the screen, which is the party frames. It seems like you have your party on the left and then the "raid" frames at the bottom right. The thing is, you don't need both of these and you should ditch the party frames on the left.

    Besides that, it's pretty good.


  • #3

    Hi ! Cool pack

    Can you send me the wtf folder for 1920x1080 plz ?

    [email protected]

    Thanks !

  • #2

    Hi there! THis is cool pack! Can you send me the wtf for resolution of 1920x1080? [email protected]

  • #1

    Good day!

    Please can you send me the wtf folder to [email protected]

    I play on the European server (Russia) and I really liked this addon.

    Thank You!

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