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  • Rift
  • 31 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 2.2
  • 15,822 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/30/2013
  • Created 09/05/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Archimedes 0.1.1
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About Archimedes

Arc-shaped indicator bars.

Updated and working!

Soon to be highly customisable arcs, some of the planned types of arcs are:

Castbars, Buff/Debuff, HoT/DoT, Proc


/arch (To open the settings window)

Some settings may not be set in effect directly (such as target settings), to make sure that a changed setting is loaded into your arcs, you can do a /reloadui which will save and reload all settings.

Look at the folder ArchimedesDefaultSkin to see how you can create your own skin!

The Archimedes goal:

Combat efficiency

Visual excellence

High customisability

  • Fixing the breaking bugs.
  • I really don't remember how this all works, I'm gonna go through the code base and see what I can do more, I might not have the time to understand it all in order to make some actual changes


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  • #49

    Any word on the pet health bar keeps disappearing? I create as extra bar, and it'll show and be fine for a while, then all of a sudden gone...I thought It had something to do with how the game loads, but I've unsummoned and resummoned my pet to no avail.

  • #48

    Love the addon. It's perfect for me as I rarely look at my healthbar at the top of the screen. I'm always looking at my character to make sure I'm not standing in a fire, so having my healthbars near my character helps a ton. The only recomendation I have for improvement is to add setting profiles. That way, I don't have to set up the bars on each of my characters separately, I can just set on one character, and then choose the profile. Or maybe just have an import/export option if profiles won't work.

  • #47

    This is indeed a great addon, and a practically useful one, especially on PvP combat. I really want to praise it more, but I don't really trust my long-text-writing ability enough. Now, apart from the changes that you will naturally make to make it better, I want to stress one thing a bit. What I believe is neccessary, is a way to judge the numerical amount of Hp with a glance. What would be ideal, is dividing the bar in sections, roughly 1000 Hp each, or maybe 500. I'm unsure of how easy or possible this is, so I'm not going to demand anything, but since you mentioned it earlier, it shouldn't be impossible. So, could you please prioritize this for the next update? I look forward to seeing you get actively back on this.

  • #43

    As for features:

    In combat and out of combat alpha setting

    Moveable Arcs

    Resource tracking (I.E. Convictions, Combo points...ETC)

    Minor buff tracking for both player and target (Short Buffs or Debuffs from abilities)

    Minibutton to open options menu, unlock bars etc

     Identity of spell being cast on castbar

    Last edited by GonzotheGreat198 on 6/3/2013 3:19:40 AM
  • #46

    I could probably add a function to set individual arcs' combat alpha status but as it is, you can at least set it on a global level for now. I am hesitant to add too many more features since I think the whole settings system really needs to be changed in order to make an inheritance system. (Hopefully including manual grouping and settings on that level). The individual alpha settings are subset on the global alpha by the way UI elements work. If global alpha is set at 0.5 and the individual to 05.The effective alpha is 05*05 = 0.25

    Arcs are moveable by the offsets, not very easy or intuitive but it works.
    I might use sliders but that would mean putting a limit to the offsets and calculating from screen resolution, meh. (maybe just buttons for +10, +25, +50, -10, -25, -50)
    The core in the arc layout is that the arcs are grouped on three levels: global (currently only anchored to the middle), group (adjusted by the global spacing setting) and individual (x/y offset) I doubt that I will make it movable by drag-drop.

    I've had a few ideas on making sectioned arcs intended for low-amount-stats, should not be too much work!

    Yes, yes! I was thinking about HoTs, shields, DoTs, this is quite some work to implement though, for different types of data, the castbar implementation is quite ugly as it is.

    I have some ideas for implementing a button to open the settings, I'm looking at the different other addons that this might use (it feels counterintuitive that every single addon should have their own individual button implemented just to open their settings window)

    Labels for things is something I've been thinking about how to implement (unit names, spell names, values for the bars, etc), we'll see!

    Last edited by Sunspots on 6/3/2013 9:08:29 AM
  • #40

    Hey everyone!

    I've fixed the bugs that broke the addon, only about two years too late...

    I'm gonna do some changes in the update mechanics (current one is terribly inefficient), I don't know if anyone's had much performance issues but this is one of the most frequently updated part in the mod and it does some ugly iterations and comparisons.

    For those still using Archimedes or who feels like getting back to it - what do you feel would be the most important addition?

  • #42

    you didn't get everything.  This bug is still happening.  When you change transparency, click to a different tab, then try to click back to the previous tab that you changed the transparency on you get this error:


    Error: Incorrect function usage.
    Parameters: (userdata: ), 57
    Parameter types: userdata, number
    Function documentation:
    Changes the current position of the slider.
    RiftSlider:SetPosition(position) -- number
    position: The new position of this slider. Must be within the current range.
    In Archimedes / Archimedes.Settings Item:LeftClick
    stack traceback:
    [C]: in function 'SetPosition'
    Archimedes/settings.lua:499: in function 'SetNew'
    Archimedes/settings.lua:298: in function 'SetNew'
    Archimedes/settings.lua:552: in function 'UpdateSettings'
    Archimedes/settings.lua:164: in function 'Select'
    Archimedes/settings.lua:173: in function <Archimedes/settings.lua:172>



    just did some fiddling around and it only seems to be happening with the Target Mana tab


    Last edited by GonzotheGreat198 on 6/3/2013 3:25:36 AM
  • #45

    Is it the topmost tab?

  • #44

    Interesting, I had not gotten an automated bug report for that one, thanks for telling me! Will hopefully have it done in a few hours.

    EDIT: To be noted, the settings is 700 lines of god knows what, we'll see how I solve this. I've seen this bug before now that I think of it.

    Last edited by Sunspots on 6/3/2013 6:33:59 AM
  • #41

    Awesome! ty ty!

  • #39

    Error: Archimedes/core.lua:393: bad argument #1 to 'insert' (table expected, got nil)
    In Archimedes / core.lua
    stack traceback:
    [C]: in function 'insert'
    Archimedes/core.lua:393: in main chunk


  • #38

    In order to fix the settings/configuration ability (i.e. when you type "/arch") , comment out line 51 in file settings.lua. A lua comment beings with --, so you just simply insert "--" (note that's two of the minus - characters) at the start of the line.

    Or you could simply delete it entirely. Seems to now be working for me (assuming you also make Tenerenae's changes too)

  • #37

    This still works if you modify the core.lua file:  The last two blocks both start "table.insert(Event.Unit.Available,  {function (unit) ..."   Change them both to "table.insert(Event.Unit.Availability.Full,  {function (unit) ..."

  • #36

    Error: Archimedes/settings.lua:51: attempt to call method 'ResizeToDefault' (a nil value)     In Archimedes / Slash refresh, event Slash.arch stack traceback:  Archimedes/settings.lua:51: in function 'Init'  Archimedes/settings.lua:7: in function 'toggle'  Archimedes/core.lua:167: in function <Archimedes/core.lua:147>


    I loved this style add-on in WOW, was Extremely excited to see it for RIFTs.

    But Very dissapointed that it is not working. Though..I dont knwo if it is because of something I have done...or programming.

  • #35

    Error: Archimedes/core.lua:393: bad argument #1 to 'insert' (table expected, got nil)
    In Archimedes / core.lua
    stack traceback:
    [C]: in function 'insert'
    Archimedes/core.lua:393: in main chunk

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