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  • Rift
  • 31 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 2.2
  • 15,822 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/30/2013
  • Created 09/05/2011
  • 31 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Archimedes 0.1.1
Support development! **

About Archimedes

Arc-shaped indicator bars.

Updated and working!

Soon to be highly customisable arcs, some of the planned types of arcs are:

Castbars, Buff/Debuff, HoT/DoT, Proc


/arch (To open the settings window)

Some settings may not be set in effect directly (such as target settings), to make sure that a changed setting is loaded into your arcs, you can do a /reloadui which will save and reload all settings.

Look at the folder ArchimedesDefaultSkin to see how you can create your own skin!

The Archimedes goal:

Combat efficiency

Visual excellence

High customisability

  • Fixing the breaking bugs.
  • I really don't remember how this all works, I'm gonna go through the code base and see what I can do more, I might not have the time to understand it all in order to make some actual changes


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  • #34

    Another one abandoned, I take it?

    A shame, I will miss it

  • #33

    Unfortunately, all my favorites are broken, this chief among them.  I wish the authors would stick around longer...

  • #32

    Yep, not working as of latest patch 1.10, lots of errors.

  • #31

    This is not working with the new patch today. Here is the error that I am getting:


    Error: Archimedes/core.lua:284: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got function)
    In Archimedes / unitadd, event Event.Unit.Available
    stack traceback:
    [C]: in function 'pairs'
    Archimedes/core.lua:284: in function 'ArcLoader'
    Archimedes/core.lua:353: in function 'StupidHeadHack'
    Archimedes/core.lua:402: in function <Archimedes/core.lua:400>

  • #30

    Hmm this seemed to be working ok in the update 1.9 but I just got an error logging on another char:

    Error: performance warning
        In Archimedes / unitadd
    stack traceback:
        Archimedes/view.lua:66: in function 'ReloadSettings'
        Archimedes/core.lua:299: in function 'ArcLoader'
        Archimedes/core.lua:353: in function 'StupidHeadHack'
        Archimedes/core.lua:402: in function <Archimedes/core.lua:400>

    Also, that pet bar problem, mentioned by ZoeRayne is still there. I thought there was supposed to be a fix coming for that. I love the hud but having to "reloadui" several times a session is annoying.

  • #29

    Interesting bug for you:

    I've got a pet health bar set up next to my bar, and it's there when I first log in (as long as I log in with a pet summoned), but it disappears when I zone, and if I summon a pet after I log in, it never shows. My guess would be that it's not checking for the existence of a pet anytime after login.

    Awesome addon, regardless. I'm so used to using a HUD like this that I was having a hard time without it, so thanks for putting this out there.

  • #28

    Update:  now player health won't show, either.  there is a big error script too, but stupid rift has no cut/paste feature.  ill type some of it out

    error: incorrect function usage
    function documentation:
    changes the current position of the slider
    riftslider: setposition(position) --number
    etc etc

  • #27

    Hey, I like your addon and even though it looks like you stopped updating and stuff, maybe you can still give me some advice.  When I was messing around with it after first installing it, I was in config looking at Player Charge, and i hit "copy" to see what it did.  It made another setting for called Player Charge Copy (duh). 

    But now, for some odd reason, whenever I try to highlight and alter Player Charge or Player Charge Copy, the config box for those settings stays blank.  All the other settings appear and are interactive, but I can't get the charge settings to come up, and I really want to customize it.

    Advice, please?  Thanks, and you did a nice job with this.

  • #26

    Is there any chance this addon is still active?  I have been dying for an arc-style HUD like this!

  • #24

    I haven't downloaded this addon yet, I've been debating on it considering the reviews I've seen from reading the comments below, and considering You don't work on the addon as quick as you should and do not reply to what the people seem to ask you or tell you they want.

  • #25

    Do as you like... I might get back to working on Archimedes and then I might try fulfilling some requests that seem worthwile, or I might not.

  • #23

    this release is having issues with target health giving out bugged msgs plus u cant edit it


  • #20

    This is freaking sweet.


    As a suggestion, maybe glow the hp bar at under a certain hp %?

  • #19

    Looking great so far, really like the look and everything about it, just like in that other MMO. One addition i'd like though, is seeing the stats in numeric form inside/ on top of the bars aswell. I like to keep an eye on my energy number and health as well as enemy health, but cannot with current release. Would that be possible?


    Until that would be implemented, i think i'll stick to default when i'm raiding.

  • #18

    just have to say i love the addon.   But is there any way we can get the planar charges added to the addon?


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