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  • Rift
  • 31 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 2.2
  • 15,822 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/30/2013
  • Created 09/05/2011
  • 31 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Archimedes 0.1.1
Support development! **

About Archimedes

Arc-shaped indicator bars.

Updated and working!

Soon to be highly customisable arcs, some of the planned types of arcs are:

Castbars, Buff/Debuff, HoT/DoT, Proc


/arch (To open the settings window)

Some settings may not be set in effect directly (such as target settings), to make sure that a changed setting is loaded into your arcs, you can do a /reloadui which will save and reload all settings.

Look at the folder ArchimedesDefaultSkin to see how you can create your own skin!

The Archimedes goal:

Combat efficiency

Visual excellence

High customisability

  • Fixing the breaking bugs.
  • I really don't remember how this all works, I'm gonna go through the code base and see what I can do more, I might not have the time to understand it all in order to make some actual changes


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  • #17

    Love the mod. It would be awesome if there was a 2nd Alpha setting for out of combat to dim the bars further. In "that other MMO" I used IceHUD which is similar type mod. You could always tell when you entered combat because the bars got darker.

  • #21

    I'd say, just an option to hide when out of combat, this mod is awesome really, but that's one thing that's annoying me ;)

    To drink or not to drink?


    What a stupid question!

  • #22

    Set the alpha to 0 and then the combat alpha to whatever you want and it will be hidden out of combat.

  • #16

    i have the same error message as GonzotheGreat198.  I recived this message after creating a new bar wich came up as an extra health bar. after deleting it the player health was blank and the error would pop up. i tryed reinstalling with no success.

    i fixed the problem by going into the rift addon folder add deleting the addon data save

    /rift/interface/saved/ "username"/ "shard"/ "toon" /savedVariables/archimedes.lua

    this reset arch to default setting when i went back in and changed the player health bar i did not recive any errors.


    Last edited by zakkeeper on 11/19/2011 6:42:20 AM
  • #12

    addon is awesome i would love to see an option to display text... love this addon :D

  • #10

    The zoning error is not related to the slider error.
    The zoning error has been found and resolved but the fix has not yet been released.

  • #9

    I get similar chat errors as Gonzo. It happens whenever my character dies and I click Respawn, or if I am zoning In/Out of instances or using the porticulum master.


    I do not know the exact context, so I will try to recreate tonight when I play and post.

    I do know when I configured the addon, I may have entered a value for the arcs that was slightly off from a preset of the slider, but it wasn't extravagantly different. The slider updated and moved itself appropriately and is only about middle of the bar.


    This had happened in version 0.0.4 (was current when I started using the addon), and now also in 0.0.5c.

  • #15

    I apologize I never did get to posting that screenshot. (I took them, but got distracted with the game :))

    I will update the addon tonight and see if it continues to persist or not. For the record, thurisazshole, I do not use a Curse program to install/update addons, as I tried it long back during my WoW playing days and it was exceedingly buggy. Would you recommend giving it another shot? If it includes automatic updating or at the least alerting me of new addons updates available, that would be awesome.


    @Sunspots, thanks for all the hard work on this! I loved this Arc type addon in WoW (ArcHUD and IceHUD), so having it in Rift makes me an even happier player. :)

  • #13



    I personally am not getting those errors. However, i used the default settings that come with the addon and they seem to work. You may need to uninstall using curse and remove the addon settings option, then reinstall 0.0.6 and see if the default settings work for you.


    Once that is confirmed, change one setting at a time, close and reopen Rift as well as zone to see if it pops the error. do that once for each setting you choose to modify - to see which one/ones its messing up. That should resolve the issue for you and for Sunspots to help clean up the code, if needed.

  • #14

    The latest version is a bit whoopy loopy but the zoning issue should be gone.

  • #7

    Really sharp looking hud mod. Thank you for putting the time in on it.


    I don't know if the Rift LUA code allows this but if there's a way to have a different hud oppacity when not in combat that would be the only thing I could think of requesting. I like to set the hud to nearly invisible when out of combat.


    Thanks again for what you've done here. The mod communities are what really make some games shine.

  • #8

    I am intending to implement this but it will be when I have worked out this pretty intricate conditional setting system. I don't have too much time to work on it right now but it should be done at least by the end of the month.

  • #11

    Very cool.

    It will be icing on what's already a delicious cake. Thank you.

  • #4

    Wow, Awesome addon. Thanks so much. It was the only thing rift was missing Smile

  • #3

    Couple of things I would like to see added and also a few problems i've come across


    1. Allow the scale to be typed in as well as use of slider

    2. Make the settings frame moveable

    3. Unknown possible, but add buffs and debuffs to both player and target bars

    4. Don't know if its possible yet, but add a slider to change the transparency of the bars

    5. For the castbar arc, i know its still experimental, but a feature to look at for it, for channelled spells have the cast bar start at full and decrease down



    1. As stated in 2. above, not being able to move the settings frame makes it hard to configured the scale, spacing and location of the arcs

    2. When you go and change the scale for an individual bar that tab in the settings frame becomes inaccessible even after relogging.


    Number 2 above is the most important to look at right now, i will try a couple of things to try to get it to work and post back



    EDIT: Here's the error message i'm getting:

    Last edited by GonzotheGreat198 on 10/28/2011 7:28:28 PM
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