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  • Rift
  • 6,865 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 2.5
  • 97,452 Total Downloads
  • Updated 04/02/2014
  • Created 03/02/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: BananAH 0.4.16

About BananAH

Auction house addon for RIFT

Work in progress

Posting features:

  • Auto splitting of item stacks
  • Auto posting
  • Undercut on right click
  • Posting queue management

Own auctions tracking features:

  • Tracks all your characters' auctions
  • Shows competition for your auctions
  • Fast auction cancel

Use /bah or /bananah to show the window.

More features will come soon!

    Release 0.4.16
- Fixed typo that caused scans to fail when transcendent items were found
- Added artifact categories
- Updated to RIFT 2.6

    Release 0.4.15
- Fixed bug that cancelled pricing for unknown categories
- Added "Dream weaver" category
- Updated to RIFT 2.5
    Release 0.4.14
- Added auction count per character indicator at the bottom left corner
    Release 0.4.13
- Updated to RIFT 2.4
- Partially updated to the new event model
    Release 0.4.10
- Fixed some dimension item categories
- Fixed bug for items without category
- Added rarity filter to the Resell searcher

    Release 0.4.9
- Updated to RIFT 2.3
- Fixed item categories (Crafting > Materials > Hide renamed to Crafting > Materials > Butchering)

    Release 0.4.5
- New Search Tab:
 + Search auctions matching your search criteria both online and offline.
 + Provides several searchers in addition to the Basic one, which emulates the native AH behavior. Check LibPGCEx for more info on adding custom searchers.
 + Allows saving search parameters to reuse later.
- Post Tab:
 + Added Category filter to the item list.
 + Reorganized layout.
 + The "Number of auctions" slider behavior has been changed to allow more expressiveness when setting up Autoposting.
 + Added "Reset" button that resets posting parameters to those configured for the item's category.
- Posting Queue:
 + Moved out of the Post tab, to the bottom right corner of the addon window, available from any tab.
- Autoposting:
 + Now shares the same posting parameters than "normal" posting.
 + Items with Auto posting enabled will show their new lightning icon in full color, those with Auto posting disabled show the lightning icon grayed out.
 + The lightning icon on the Post tab allows to toggle Autoposting on/off with the currently introduced posting parameters.
 + The lightning icon on the Item List allows to toggle Autoposting on/off with the default posting parameters for the item's category (as if you had pressed the Reset button before enabling autoposting).
 + Autoposting will be deactivated upon item selection if the reference price isn't available.
 + Autoposting will be deactivated if any parameter is changed in the Post Tab, or when pressing the Reset button.
- Config tab:
 + Many changes and additions for the new features.
 + Added Prices section which allows tuning pricings for each item category independently.
 + Added poweful Price model editor in the Prices section.
- Integration with other AddOns:
 + ImhoBags: Right clicking on items can now interact with the Search, Post and Selling tabs. Care: if you're on other tab or the BananAH window is closed, the item will be used as usual.
 + Docker: If Docker is installed, the MiniMap button will be added to it.
- Updated to RIFT 2.1
- Externalized Auction DB to LibPGC.
- Externalized item price calculations to LibPGCEx.
- Externalized GUI library to Yague.
- Fixed all known bugs and performance bottlenecks.

    Release 0.3.1
- Updated to Rift 1.9

    Release 0.3
- Updated to Rift 1.8

- Background scanner changes:
 + Scanning speed improved
 + The background scanner can be temporarily disabled now
 + Expiration times are estimated more accurately

- Post Tab changes:
 + Added extra info on the auction being posted
 + Added new pricing models & price matchers
 + Added score column that compares auction prices with the reference prices
 + Auctions are color coded by score
- New Auctions Tab:
 + Keeps track of all your characters' auctions
 + Shows competition for your posted auctions
 + The auction list is filterable to help you locate your auctions without having to scroll hundreds of pages
 + Faster auction cancelling functionality than the native AH window
- Other minor changes & features:
 + Added option to close the addon window when the native auction window is closed
 + Added status bar: Scan results & error messages are shown in the status bar now, instead of being dumped to the chat
 + The 'Hide item' filter has been improved: Now you can also hide items only for some characters
 + Items shown in the Post tab can be filtered by rarity now
 + The 'Post' button now has a 0.5 cooldown to prevent accidental posting
 + Posting & Autoposting configs are saved per character now
 + The "Buy < Vendor" warning now takes into account the 5% auction house fee
 + The Posting queue now displays the number of tasks queued
 + Expiration times are shown as time remaining now
 + New option to select the order in which the price matchers are applied
 + Undercutting and other features consider auctions posted by your other characters as own
- Fixed a lot of bugs

- Documentation is no longer included in the addon package. Check our website instead:

    Beta 0.2.2
- Reduced the auction database size so it doesn't get truncated
- Speeded up the background auction scanner

    Beta 0.2.1
- Added addon documentation by LunaEclipse

    Beta 0.2.0
- Added item filtering functionality to the items panel.
- Improved the posting fields and added an option to bind bid & buyout prices.
- Added basic and statistical pricing models (User defined, Vendor, Average, Standard deviation, Median and Trimmed mean).
- Added price matchers (Self matcher and Competition undercut matcher)
- Added auto posting (aka. batch posting)
- Added "undercut on right click" to the auction panel.
- Added posting queue management functionality.
- Added (optional) map icon and configuration tab.
- Fixed some bugs.

    Beta 0.1.4
- Fixed some critical bugs

    Beta 0.1.3
- Added German translation by chii
- Fixed error with some crafting materials
- Fixed error when the bags were empty

    Beta 0.1.2
- Added Russian translation by Aybolitus

    Beta 0.1.1
- Added localization support
- The addon window will be displayed above the native AH window if opened after it
- Bid & Buyout prices are no longer linked by default
    Beta 0.1.0
- First release


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  • #148

    Can't use my favorite addon, where are you Baanano :'(

  • #147

    5/9/2013  With the last patch it seems to have stopped working for me.

  • #146

    Is this project abandoned? I see the last post is April 20 and last comment from the developer was March 20. If it is, I'd like to know now, rather than hold out hope but bugs/wishes/etc. will be looked at.

  • #144

    I also have only 1 addon and BananAH hits my spot. It's better than auctioneer in world of warcraft, it needs some updating! Please, I beg of thee master Baanano keep this updated. I have troubles with items not appearing in the post list. That's my only major problem with the addon, even if  try to relog or exit game and re enter the game it's still not appearing. Ex. Spiral Aurora never appears in the Post list, please please please please update!

  • #145

    Im having the same problem with low lvl leather not showing up in the post list

  • #143

    I only have 1 AddOn and it is BananAH and I get this Error every time I Post in the AH.



    Error: performance warning     In LibScheduler / LibScheduler.Scheduler.1 stack traceback:  Yague/DataGrid.lua:324: in function 'RefreshCells'  Yague/DataGrid.lua:848: in function 'SetSelectedKey'  Yague/DataGrid.lua:812: in function <Yague/DataGrid.lua:790>  [C]: in function 'pcall'  LibScheduler/Scheduler.lua:95: in function 'TaskFinished'  LibScheduler/Scheduler.lua:129: in function <LibScheduler/Scheduler.lua:121>

  • #142

    I have noticed alot of white crafting items that you add on doesnt even notice to be able to post. i have traded item to other players to see if they have the same issue and they do as well. cant see any settings but i have no item filters on yet it wont see wlot of white crafed bones and teeth ect. any help or fix would be nice.

  • #139

    Downloaded the beta version and I see the butchered items and can change amounts now !!

  • #141

    I'm sorry, that version was meant to be released on March 10th, but the textfields where buggy on that hotfix build, so I decided to wait till they were fixed. They were fixed on March 14th, but I've been distracted by other attentions.

    I'm sorry. I'll release it as soon as possible.

  • #137

    *can u plz add tooltip descriptions for the config items. some of the options can be confusing without additional information on what they do


    Last edited by gjenova on 3/16/2013 2:23:25 AM
  • #140

    Hi gjenova,

    It's in the list:

  • #135

    thx great addon

  • #130

    Quote from Zachius»

    Also the item type filter does not work for certain items.  For example 'Dense Leather', 'Striped Leather' do not appear on the Post tab no matter what etc.

    It is related to the item type filter because if you change that filter to return true instead of false it works.  For future proofing I would suggest that the 'All' category be specifically coded to include everything.

    I'm also having problems with All butchering items.  I don't know if Trion changed the item type for these or what, but all of the hides, bones, leather, teeth, struts etc... aren't being shown for posting.

    Otherwise this is an amazing addon that I use every day and couldn't imagine selling stuff on the auction house without it..   Thank You  Baanano!!

  • #138

    I have the same issues with butchering items and not being able to change suggested prices.  It is not usable for me now.



  • #131

    Check r78:

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