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Herald's Buff Warden

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  • Supports: 1.6.1
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  • Updated 12/21/2011
  • Created 10/09/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About Herald's Buff Warden


** Fixed in **

The Group Buffs tracker (just introduced in 2.2.6) doesn't register bard's Fanfares. Update to to fix, or avoid by clicking on the tracker and click "Fanfares Off" to stop tracking active stat buffs.

-- Herald

Herald's Buff Warden (version 2.2.6)
Use '/hbw' to view available commands.

Buff Warden is a secialized buff monitor designed to make sure you have buffed yourself fully between battles. The interface is made of a small header bar and a list of buff trackers. The header bar contains the current role, a lock/unlock button, a reload trackers button, and a help button. If the header is unlocked, it may be dragged freely.

Use the mouse wheel to cycle between different buffs in trackers that contain more than one buff (such as Shaman Heart spells or Beastmaster Companion States). Click the mouse wheel on a buff tracker to ignore that buff. Left click on any tracked buff to cast it. Limitations in Rift's Addon API prevent the tracker list from updating in combat.

A tracker will (by default) be green if the buff is currently active, yellow if the buff has less than 10 minutes remaining, and red if the character is unbuffed. A tracker will turn grey if it detects a buff that is otherwise equivalent, such as Heroic Blessing and Fanfare of Vigor. Certain buffs (Surging Flames, Righteous Mandate, and Synthesis) are maintained on another target. At the moment the only way to cast these abilities is to target the individual and then click the tracker to cast. This will signal the addon to monitor that individual for the buff. Keep in mind that Righteous Mandate will turn grey if another player's R.M. is on your character, and Synthesis will turn grey if Lifegiving Veil is active.

Trackers can be sorted by visiting the Sorting tab in the options window. Manually sorting trackers is optional; any unsorted trackers will be listed in a random fashion. Tracker sorting is unique to each character, but is identical between different roles on the same character.


Buff Warden uses account-wide profiles to control the layout of the addon. To switch, delete, duplicate, or create profiles, visit the Profile tab in the options window. By default all characters will use the "General" profile, and this profile cannot be deleted. Profiles control the position, lock status, and colors of the trackers. In the future, more options to control the appearance of the addon will be added.


Each character can maintain a list of character-specific roles, which control whether each ability is tracked or ignored. By default each role will track all buffs the player can currently cast, but ignore "Omen Sight", "Planar Protection", all creature tracking abilities, and all item buffs. To change what buffs are tracked, visit the Abilities tab in the options window.

In addition to tracking your characters personal buffs, you can also track Group Buffs. If tracked, the Group Buffs tracker will only turn green if you have all the relevant buffs on you. To set which buffs are tracked visit the Group Buffs tab in the options window. Unlike other trackers, clicking on this special tracker will bring you to the relevant setup tab. Every time you log out and log in, the list of tracked group buffs is reset - the list is not reset when changing roles however.

Characters will use the "General" role unless you switch to a different one. To switch between roles, use the command /hbw setrole <role> - if the role doesn't already exist it will be created. After switching to a different role, the tracker display will not update until the reload button is clicked, the command /hbw reload is issued, or an automatic reload is triggered from changing your character's abilities. Because of this, it is suggested to make macros to control switching between roles:
    hbw setrole Senticar
    loadequip 1
    role 1
    hbw setrole Senticar (solo)
    hbw reload

Contact Herald@Millrush or with any bugs, issues, or suggestions or visit the addon webpage at

* Group Buffs now correctly recognizes that Fanfare of Knowledge gives +Int.


* PvP Guild Buffs, "Blood Thirsty" and "Killing Spree" have been added. By default they are ignored.
* Tracking Group Buffs is now active! See the help to learn more, and visit the Group Buffs tab of the options window to edit which group buffs are monitored. By default this special tracker is ignored.
* Tracker sorting is now active! See the help to learn more, and visit the Sorting tab of the options window to edit how trackers are sorted.
* Additional layout options are enabled - tracker size and tracker position. Visit the Layout tab of the options window to use the new options.
* Optimization fix for options window.
* Tracking item buffs for items you don't have no longer throws an error. If the item cannot be found, the tracker uses a question mark as the icon.
* Fixed a backend issue with RiftTextfield frames raised in 1.6.1.
* A Dominator's Charged Shield will now go grey if the mage has another armor active.


* Rejoice Defiants, "Kelari Expedition Chocolate Cake" and "Kelari Expedition Cherry Cake" are now in the addon. By default they are both ignored. Sorry for the delay, I'm a horrible horrible Guardian.


Updated for Rift version 1.6.1.

* Added Mien of Aggression and Planar Reversal to the addon trackers.
* All buffs should now have icons. Including items and that pesky Planar Protection.


Unfortunately all saved information is erased upgrading to 2.0.6 - this should never occur again.

* Surging Flames, Synthesis, and Preservation are now tracked. They, along with Righteous Mandate, are tracked on a target instead of the player.
* Pets are now tracked as if they were buffs. Warrior companion buffs are now also tracked.
* All user interface options (including position, colors, etc) are now stored in profiles. Profiles are stored by account instead of character, and each character can use any profile of their choice ("General" by default). Profiles can be messed with in the options window.
* Option window can now edit tracker colors.
* Version checking and internal variable storage was completely rewritten, sadly deleting all saved information.
* The default role is now "General" instead of none. In addition, roles will be saved from session to session (no need to mess about with /hbw saverole anymore)
* Delay between tracker buff updating changed from 10 frames to 500 milliseconds.
* Warning cutoff time for buffs (green/yellow color change) changed from 5 minutes to 10.
* Massive update to options window, including a new look, new tabs and options, and better updating.
* Help information updated and moved from the chat log to the options window.
* The commands /hbw defaults and /hbw saverole.
* Rogues with only 1 weapon enchant will not longer have 2 weapon enchant trackers.
* Noble/Heroic Blessing is now tracked instead of Life of the Era/Ages if the player has both abilities.
* Righteous Mandate and Synergize are now both tracked properly.


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  • #17

    since the new patch 2.1 this addon no longer seems to work. Frown 

  • #16

    I like the idea behind this add-on, but it seems to be glitchy.

    Example: Buffs used are Silver Tip Munitions and Electrified Munitions

    I see either Silver Tip Munitions listed twice or Electrified Munitions listed twice, I can't seem to get the add on to list one of each.

  • #14

    By far one of the best addons in Rift!


    One bug report and two suggestions if you don't mind?


    1. The Defiant version of Omen Sight is called Quantum Sight. As it is now, I had to manually change the code. Since I only have Defiant characters, this was actually easy.

    2. I would *LOVE* to have the ability for the UI to expand upwards instead of downwards. I know there are a few addons out there that do this, so I believe the possibility is there.

    3. Perhaps a way to ajust when the colors change on buffs? For example, the Archon has a bunch of 5 minute buffs, which will always be red in the UI given the current 10/5 minute configuration. I would love to be able to change this to my liking.


    Thanks for the great addon!

    Last edited by LordKaz420 on 1/4/2012 5:19:02 AM
  • #15

    I just got my Quantum Sight.  I'm glad I'm not the only defiant to use this.  Adding it myself was quick and easy but it would be nice to have in the default files.

    Thank you!

  • #13

    Great addon. I have a request. Could you add tank consumables as Thick and Heavy Armor Plating?

    ( maybe Razor-Sharp and Sharp Spikes too if you are feeling generous )

    Thanks for your time :)

  • #12


    great addon, but is it possible to use it with a german client?

    I can't see any class specific things. Also i can't use anything, because the names for the items or talents seems to be hardcoded in english in the addon. Is it possible to implement the names in more languages or over languge neutral IDs for items and talents?

  • #11


    Great addon, but it is having trouble with my Rogue.

    I have an assassin melee spec and it lists the same poision type twice, even though I selected two to track.

    Does the same for my ranger spec with two munitions.

  • #9

    Hello!  So I've expanded my use of your addon as I'm removing bars of consumables now and I've ran into a slight issue.  It does not like consumables.  Before I get into the bug report, I would like to recommend a feature.

    Where the bar says role:Name of Role; could you make it so that clicking this will cycle through the available roles and reload the addon?  This would eliminate the need of having a macro/hotbar button wich this addon encourages people to get rid of.

    Second suggestion is to add a toggle for hiding the 'Green/Grey' buffs.  This would have the effect of collapsing the space used by the addon and only showing the bufs that need to be refreshed.  I say toggle on the header bar as sometimes you want these to show so you can mousewheel and change a buff.

    As for the bug report:

    Error: HeraldBuffWarden/main.lua:1065: attempt to index a nil value
        In Herald BuffWarden/HeraldBuffWarden.HeraldBuffWarden_BuffTracker:WheelBack
    stack traceback:
        HeraldBuffWarden/main.lua:1065: in function 'ApplyAbilityToTracker'
        HeraldBuffWarden/main.lua:1087: in function 'CycleTrackerAbility'
        HeraldBuffWarden/main.lua:967: in function <HeraldBuffWarden/main.lua:965>

    For each consumable the error has different lines denoted.

    I did some testing to see if I could isolate the problem. It seems I have to have the item available in some form in order for it to be on the list.  As an example:

    Vial of Fire Resistance (lines 1065,1111,1438,180,119 for error code).
    I will not get this error and the addon works if the Vial is in my inventory or my bank.  Interesting enough, it will also track correctly with no error if it is in the guild bank while I have it open.

    The end result, if I use all of a vial I get errors and if I don't have the vial available to use (such as items passed out at the start of a raid I'll also get errors).


    Again, thank you for the addon, it is of tremendous use!

  • #10

    First off, I've looked over the bug you've found. Thanks for reporting it! It should be fixed in the next version.

    As for your suggestions, they are both wonderful ideas. I will hopefully have the first one (or something similar) in place in the future - but don't expect it in the next version. The second suggestion is dangerous to implement with Rift's current Addon API. Because the trackers can use abilities when you cast, Rift requires them to be restricted - that is the trackers cannot be redone in combat. If you lose your buffs in combat, there would be no way to redisplay them. With any luck, the API will change in the future.

    -- Herald

  • #7

    I love this except for two little things.
    1) My rogue it keeps replacing my leeching poison with a duplicate lethal poison.
    2) The only other thing I would like to see is Guild Buffs…do not see them from the list.

  • #8

    Thanks for the feedback.

    1) I've done some testing, and this is the intended behavoir. If you have both leeching poison and lethal poison tracked, they will both remain tracked even ef you exit the game - Herald Buff Warden will record Rogue Weapon 1 and Rogue Weapon 2 and save them for later. However, if you switch to a different combination of souls with different Rogue Weapon Enchants, the saved poisons will be overwritten; this is most likely why you are experiencing a problem. At the moment, the Rift Addon API has no way of detecting which role you are in so all role switching must be performed manually. To do this, use the /hbw setrole ... command before you switch roles (I prefer to use a macro). The in addon help has an explanation of how to do this. In the future, if the Rift Addon API improves this may prove unnecessary.

    2) I'm going to assume that you are refering to the PvP guild buffs. I don't PvP at all, so things like that tend to slip my mind. Thanks for letting me know, and the next patch will include tracking for Blood Thirsty and Killing Spree. Like Planar Protection they will be ignored by default, so after the next patch (which hopefully will be released by next Wednesday - no promises though) don't forget to go into the options and enable them in the Abilities tab.

    -- Herald

  • #5

    Very very nice!  Any way to add the ability to resize?  I've got my entire UI shrunk and this follows the size of that.

  • #6

    At the moment, there is no interface to resize the trackers - this and more customization options are in the works. If you can't wait however, there is a quick hack by running the following commands:

    /script HeraldBuffWarden_Profiles[HeraldBuffWarden_Character.profile].trackersize = {width = 100, height = 22}
    /script HeraldBuffWarden_Profiles[HeraldBuffWarden_Character.profile].fontsize = 7
    /script hbw reload

    You can of course choose to use any numbers you wish. The default values are width = 140, height = 30, fontsize = 10. In the meantime, I'll continue working on getting an interface in place as quickly as possible!

    -- Herald

  • #4

    Hey, I just created an account to say thank you for this addon! It is super useful and allow me to remove buffs from my hotbars. The options to have consumables on there is just icing on the cake!

    Not sure why alot of people didn't DL it already but I will definitely spread the word :)

  • #1

    hey!  I'm really liking this.


    Can you add the new cleric buff Mein of Aggression?



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