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  • Updated 07/06/2011
  • Created 06/15/2011
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  • Release Type: Beta
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  • Newest File: Enforcer 1.11

About Enforcer

Enforcer is a PvP-oriented buff utility addon. It may have PvE applications, but the addon is designed for PvP.

A design goal of Enforcer is to be as light as possible and has a no-news-is-good-news approach to UX. That is it only shows you important information and doesn't clutter your UI.

Feature: Target Status

Enforcer gives status indicators for your target on key points of information. Enforcer currently provides icons showing the following: - Whether the target is incoming heal debuffed & by what amount. - Whether the target is outgoing heal debuffed & by what amount. - How many detectable healing effects the target has.

The intent of this feature is to give a quick summary of important information relating to the kill vulnerability of the target by understanding if the target is heal debuffed and how much healing the target is taking. The dark red indicator is the incoming heal debuff, which is the vast majority of heal debuffs in the game. The purple is outgoing heal debuff, which is only Anathema now.

The healing effects won't catch instant heals or single-target long-casts, but it will catch healing effects that are generated as a result of such casts, like the absorb shields, lasting invocation, and greater essence procs. The goal is to eyeball it to know how healed a target is. Low # of effects means little or no healing, while a high # effects indicates strong healing on the target. Its meant to be a rough estimate so you can make appropriate decisions, not give you an accurate readout of the amount of healing.

Feature: Buff Watch

Currently Enforcer allows you to maintain a list of buffs to watch. When those buffs are not up, the buff icon appears in a configurable location to be a clear indicator to you that an important buff is not up.

The intended usage of this feature is for when you are engaged in PvP and one of your critical buffs gets purged. It would then throw up an indicator that a buff you may be relying on isn't up so you know to recast it, or just so you know it isn't up.

Examples: Lifegiving Veil, Salvation, Warlock Armor, etc.

It can also just be used as a buff reminder, which is useful if raiding and you have a lot of buffs on your bar. This makes it easier for you to know that you need to rebuff yourself.

Base Features

  • Smart Monitoring - Enforcer only watches abilities available in your current role, so you don't have to worry about being spammed about "Salvation" when you can't possibly cast it.
  • Throttled Update - Enforcer only updates once per second for ux optimization.
  • Movable Frame - Enforcer's buff watch frame can be moved with the /enforcer move option.
  • Saved Variables - Enforcer saves variables per character between sessions so you only need to configure your buffs once.

Command Line Interface As an Alpha Rift addon, this mod has limited configuration options and must be configured through the command line interface. Here are its options.

/enforcer <opt> [<args>]

Type /enforcer help for usage.

Sample Usage:

/enforcer add Salvation

Adds the "Salvation" ability to the buff watch list

/enforcer del Salvation

Removes the "Salvation" ability from the buff watch list

/enforcer list

Lists all watched abilities and currently watched abilities. Currently watched abilities are a subset of the master list based on what abilities are available in your current role.

/enforcer move 400 400

Moves the enforcer buff watch frame to be anchored at 400,400 from the top left (that's right 400 pixels, down 400 pixels). Default is 600,400.

More features to come, but I'll disclose them later.

1.11 - Fix for breaking change in the API

1.1 - Lots of code cleanup & re-arranging. - Adjustments/fixes for recent API changes - Switch to using buff events & throttling for scans. - New Target Status indicator for PvP

  • Shows heal debuff amount, both incoming and outgoing
  • Shows number of detectable healing effects on the target


  • #13

    This addon no longer seems be functioning. It's a pity too, I was excited to try it out on my Archon. :(

  • #11
    doesn't work after 1.5
  • #8
    This type of addon would be great for Mage Archon souls. A build with at least 31 points in that tree requires personal management of at least 9 buffs; even more buffs as you work up to 51 points. With 5m timers on those buffs, it can be a real hassle to manage while trying to do everything else. I would say the only other thing you could use is a timer threshold warning system. Set it so that players can turn on a warning system where the addon will warn players when x time is left. This way, buffs can be recast before they expire. This would be particularly nice for buffs which have multiple stacks, so they can be recast before the stacks fall.

    Looking forward to trying this buff in action. Definitely market it for Archons; I guarantee they will be praising this addon when we can get our hands on it.
  • #7
    I'm currently editing this addon with the changes that just came up on the test server plus a bunch of stuff I did during downtime. ETA of a few days.
  • #4
    Report this moron so he can be banned.
  • #10
    What moron?
  • #2
    Didnt think rift was gona be allowed to have addons, doesnt look like there will be anything decent addon wise for a long time.
  • #6
    Rift was always going to allow addons. There are far too many people in the game that can not compete or play without them.
  • #9
    Yeah, Hate not having a decent mail system, with one I will win hands down
  • #1
    add some pictures....
  • #5
    Pictures added.
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