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  • Rift
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  • Supports: 3.0
  • 256,732 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/12/2015
  • Created 05/04/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v0.8.6

About Gadgets

Video guide about gadgets configuration and capability

It have five parts:

  1. Part 1. Standart Rift UI setup
  2. Part 2. Addon Gadgets setup ( Heal_profile )
  3. Part 3. Addon Gadgets: Buffs setup ( for Heal_profile )
  4. Part 4. Addon Gadgets setup (how to make DPS profile from our HEAL profile)
  5. Part 5. Addon Gadgets Macros setup

All of them you can find here

Wish List

Write here your thoughts about what you wish to be added or change with Gadgets.

How to...

I create "How to" pages, where i'm write frequently asked questions.

Lost Your Button?

If you ever lose your Gadget button, type /gadget reset into chat to put it back in the centre of your screen.

Latest Update


  • Combo Points Gadget
    • Add option to display it by text, choose text size and font
  • Stat Text Bar
    • Add option to choose text size
    • Add option to choose text font
    • Add option to show light text outline
  • XP Bar
    • Add option to choose text size
    • Add option to choose text font
    • Add option to show light text outline
    • Add option to show Text above Bar
  • XP Percent
    • Add option to choose text size
    • Add option to choose text font
    • Add option to show light text outline
    • Add option to don't show text "EXPERIENCE"
    • Add option to don't show background

Included Gadgets

  • Cast Bar
  • Faction Panel
  • Charge Meter
  • Combo Points
  • FPS Monitor
  • CPU Monitor
  • DataTextBar
  • StatTextBar
  • CurrenciesTextBar
  • DPS:Encounter Indicator
  • DPS:Live Indicator
  • FPS Monitor
  • Group Frames
  • HPS:Live Indicator
  • HUD Arcs
  • Planar Charges
  • Raid Frames
  • Range Finder
  • Reload UI
  • Soul Vitality
  • Unit Frame
  • XP Bar
  • XP Indicator

Buff Bars and Icons

Please check out the Gadgets:Buffs addon, if you want more advanced buff/debuff tracking.

Quick Start

You will see a round button with a Gear icon in the middle of your screen. Drag this button to where you want it by left clicking and dragging.

Right click on the button and choose 'Add Gadget' to add a gadget to your screen.

Left clicking on the button will unlock (and re-lock) all of your gadgets. When unlocked, Gadgets can be moved by dragging their movement handles (the white gear icon at the top corner of each gadget).

To alter an existing gadget, right click on it's movement handle while gadgets are unlocked, and choose 'Modify Gadget'.

When moving gadgets around on the screen, you can align them to another gadget by dragging the move handle over the top of another move handle. The gadget you are dragging will align itself either horizontally or vertically with it. If you move the gadget too far from the horizontal or vertical axes, alignment mode will turn off (it should hopefully become clear when you try it!).

Grid Snapping

Typing "/gadgets grid 8" for example, will snap all movement and resizes to an 8 pixel grid. Type "/gadgets grid" with no number to reset snapping.


The raid and group frames allow you to specify macros for various mouse buttons and the mouse wheel. These are standard RIFT macros, with a couple of extra Gadgets features:

Use @unit to refer to the unit the frame is showing. For example "cast @unit Healing Breath".

Use modifer it you want:

cast [shift] @unit Symbol of the Torch
cast Symbol of the Sun

Use the following syntax to have a macro carry out different actions depending on your current role:

:if role == 1 or role == 6 then
target @unit
:if role == 2  then
target @unit
cast Healing Spray
:if role == 3 or role == 4 or role == 5 then
target @unit
cast [shift] @unit Symbol of the Torch
cast Symbol of the Sun


Save, load and delete your profiles. How to save, load and delete your profiles you can see on my video guide;


I have borrowed some images from other people. I believe the licenses on these sources allow this, but if not, I will replace them.

  • Various bar textures from LibSharedMedia (WoW addon)
  • Orb images from Roth UI (WoW addon)
  • A few images from the Rift Fansite Kit

If you store your addons not in the my documents folder. This case you need to manualy download Gadgets but not with Curse Client.

tag v0.8.6
Lifeismystery <>
2015-05-12 15:10:31 +0300


    - New Combo Points


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  • #458

    There is no way to see other's pets health in group.

    Healer must see tank's health, not only of human, but also of pet.

    Gadgets is inferior to the default raid UI only about this point.

    Of course the default UI is a shit which has a bug to turn off  "PETS" check box after relogin everytime.

  • #461

    in raid frame UI, Mark icon (such as blue shield, green cross, red sword, etc) can NOT be seen.

    cuz they appear under the buff icon's layer, on top-right of each cell, so the 1st buff icon covers a Mark.

    Marks should be placed lower than buff icons to Y direction.

     if player can customize XY , it will be better.

  • #460

    and Gadgets must NOT overwrite "Mouse Macros" when importing layout from another character in account.

    It must have a check box to "import  Mouse Macros too", and should be turned off as default.

    Last edited by curse_ac on 6/2/2015 12:51:52 AM
  • #459

    of course i sent feedbacks to TRION about the bug above so manytimes, but this shit company never fix it.

    their UI team is one of the worst shit of shits in the world.

    this useful addon and others prove it.

    to be made better UI than default by customers, is the most shameful thing for dev.

  • #457

    Is there any way to make this addon watch things like deathly calling for necromancers? Btw love the addon!

  • #455

    Tried to use the addon but whenever I tried to add a gadget this came up:

    Error: Gadgets/wtCurrenciesTextBar.lua:324: attempt to index global 'BackgroundColor' (a nil value)

    In wtLibGadget / wtLibGadget.WTGadgetBtnOK:Event.UI.Button.Left.Press
    stack traceback:
    [C]: in function '__index'
    Gadgets/wtCurrenciesTextBar.lua:324: in function 'GetConfiguration'
    wtLibGadget/dialogs/wtGadget_CreateDialog.lua:241: in function <wtLibGadget/dialogs/wtGadget_CreateDialog.lua:234>
    [C]: ?

  • #456


  • #451

    After todays update all my cast bars are small text

  • #454

    Awesome thanks!!!

  • #453


    Add options to change font and font size in:

    • CastBar,
    • ChargeMater,
    • RangeFinder,
    • DataTextBar,
    • StatTextBar
  • #450

    After the latest update I went to check the settings for my target's cast bar and checked the box for "show icon".  After saving the settings and reloading the UI it's throwing errors and my target's cast bar is stuck in the top left of my screen and I can't even see it to move it.


    Error: Incorrect function usage. Parameters: (Texture: wtLibCore.WT_ELEM_123_abilityIcon.0x1ae8ad10), nil Parameter types: Texture, nil Function documentation: Sets the height of this frame. Undefined results if the frame already has two pinned Y coordinates. Not permitted on a frame with "restricted" SecureMode while the addon environment is secured. Frame:SetHeight(height) -- number Parameters: height: The new height of this frame. In wtLibCore / wtLibCore.WT_ELEM_120_barCast:Event.UI.Layout.Size stack traceback: [C]: ? [C]: in function 'SetHeight' Gadgets/wtCastbarGadget.lua:199: in function 'OnResize' Gadgets/wtCastbarGadget.lua:205: in function <Gadgets/wtCastbarGadget.lua:204> [C]: in function 'SetHeight' wtLibGadget/wtGadget.lua:163: in function <wtLibGadget/wtGadget.lua:144> [C]: in function 'pcall' wtLibGadget/wtGadget.lua:143: in function 'Create' wtLibGadget/wtGadget.lua:742: in function 'init' wtLibCore/wtCore.lua:127: in function <wtLibCore/wtCore.lua:120>

  • #452

    Thank you, fixed in 0.8.2

  • #449

    can i request a gcd swing timer, maybe an option on castbar to add a very thin line for the gcd swing something like in wow addon quartz

  • #444
    Re: Gadgets Getting error

    Error: performance warning
        In wtLibGadget / Event.UI.Input.Mouse.Left.Click
    stack traceback:
        wtLibGadget/controls/wtTexMenu.lua:170: in function 'Create'
        wtLibGadget/controls/wtTexSelect.lua:73: in function 'Create'
        wtLibGadget/controls/wtDialog.lua:186: in function 'TexSelect'
        Gadgets/wtUnitFrameGadget.lua:85: in function 'ConfigDialog'
        wtLibGadget/dialogs/wtGadget_CreateDialog.lua:369: in function 'fn_LeftClick'
        wtLibGadget/dialogs/wtGadget_CreateDialog.lua:393: in function <wtLibGadget/dialogs/wtGadget_CreateDialog.lua:392>

  • #446

    I need more information to catch this error.

    1. What version do you use?

    2. What you did before you get this error?

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