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  • Rift
  • 2,492 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 3.4
  • 293,183 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/27/2015
  • Created 05/04/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v0.10.16

About Gadgets

Video guide about gadgets configuration and capability

It have five parts:

  1. Part 1. Standart Rift UI setup
  2. Part 2. Addon Gadgets setup ( Heal_profile )
  3. Part 3. Addon Gadgets: Buffs setup ( for Heal_profile )
  4. Part 4. Addon Gadgets setup (how to make DPS profile from our HEAL profile)
  5. Part 5. Addon Gadgets Macros setup

All of them you can find here

Wish List

Write here your thoughts about what you wish to be added or change with Gadgets.

How to...

I create "How to" pages, where i'm write frequently asked questions.

Lost Your Button?

If you ever lose your Gadget button, type /gadget reset into chat to put it back in the centre of your screen.

Latest Update


  • Added Black/White List to Raid frames for next template:
    • HealFrame,
    • LifeRaidFrame1 ,
    • LifeRaidFrame2,
    • LifeRaidFrameCallingCilor

Included Gadgets

  • Cast Bar
  • Faction Panel
  • Charge Meter
  • Combo Points
  • FPS Monitor
  • CPU Monitor
  • DataTextBar
  • StatTextBar
  • CurrenciesTextBar
  • DPS:Encounter Indicator
  • DPS:Live Indicator
  • FPS Monitor
  • Group Frames
  • HPS:Live Indicator
  • HUD Arcs
  • Planar Charges
  • Raid Frames
  • Range Finder
  • Reload UI
  • Soul Vitality
  • Unit Frame
  • XP Bar
  • XP Indicator

Buff Bars and Icons

Please check out the Gadgets:Buffs addon, if you want more advanced buff/debuff tracking.

Quick Start

You will see a round button with a Gear icon in the middle of your screen. Drag this button to where you want it by left clicking and dragging.

Right click on the button and choose 'Add Gadget' to add a gadget to your screen.

Left clicking on the button will unlock (and re-lock) all of your gadgets. When unlocked, Gadgets can be moved by dragging their movement handles (the white gear icon at the top corner of each gadget).

To alter an existing gadget, right click on it's movement handle while gadgets are unlocked, and choose 'Modify Gadget'.

When moving gadgets around on the screen, you can align them to another gadget by dragging the move handle over the top of another move handle. The gadget you are dragging will align itself either horizontally or vertically with it. If you move the gadget too far from the horizontal or vertical axes, alignment mode will turn off (it should hopefully become clear when you try it!).

Grid Snapping

Typing "/gadgets grid 8" for example, will snap all movement and resizes to an 8 pixel grid. Type "/gadgets grid" with no number to reset snapping.


The raid and group frames allow you to specify macros for various mouse buttons and the mouse wheel. These are standard RIFT macros, with a couple of extra Gadgets features:

Use @unit to refer to the unit the frame is showing. For example "cast @unit Healing Breath".

Use modifer it you want:

cast [shift] @unit Symbol of the Torch
cast Symbol of the Sun

Use the following syntax to have a macro carry out different actions depending on your current role:

:if role == 1 or role == 6 then
target @unit
:if role == 2  then
target @unit
cast Healing Spray
:if role == 3 or role == 4 or role == 5 then
target @unit
cast [shift] @unit Symbol of the Torch
cast Symbol of the Sun


Save, load and delete your profiles. How to save, load and delete your profiles you can see on my video guide;


I have borrowed some images from other people. I believe the licenses on these sources allow this, but if not, I will replace them.

  • Various bar textures from LibSharedMedia (WoW addon)
  • Orb images from Roth UI (WoW addon)
  • A few images from the Rift Fansite Kit

If you store your addons not in the my documents folder. This case you need to manualy download Gadgets but not with Curse Client.

tag v0.10.16
lifeismystery <>
2015-12-27 15:41:45 +0300


    - fixed error with White List


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  • #88

    Sorry, that's my fault I'm afraid. I broke layering when I added the Opacity options in. This will be fixed in the next release, which should allow you to use the layer within Gadgets:Images to sort this out.

  • #84

    Hello ! First, Thank you for this addon !!!

    It works well, I modified some small parts of code on orbs (to resize it and resize fonts) but... There is one thing wich is annoying when you are levelling : any lvl display on orbs. It's quite important to me because I often use mentoring. How can I add a lvl display ?

    Better : I would love to have a gadget for lvl display which could be for player, target, etc.. Then I would display it where I want :P

    But if it's too long to do, i would be happy with lvl display on orb only lol.

    Thank you for all that work, keep it on ! :)

  • #87


    Both options are fairly simple to do. A level display Gadget would simply be a unit frame with just the unit's level on it, and adding a level indicator to the orbs would also be really easy (just an additional element within the template).

    I need to be careful not to break other people's UIs by changing the existing templates too much, but I might add some new Orb templates with things like level and absorb indicators.

    However, your Unit Level gadget idea is probably something I could add really easily, and this wouldn't alter anyone else's UI.

  • #90

    TY ! I just didn't thought like this (unit with only lvl) I think I'll do that for the moment :P

  • #83

    Gadgets is fantastic, but some features seem kind of sloppy no offense intended - I'm sure it probably took a lot of effort to make a lot of this happen, it just looks sloppy when placed on the screen. For example, the FPS meter and other Gadgets that are similar in some ways... can't be resized specifically. I wanted to make 2 different things that are similar, exactly the same size for consistancy, cause I'm building a UI using Gadgets, but I couldn't.

    The other thing is, even though there is transparency options now, there is no mouse over transparency, is that not possible yet in the API?

    Also, what's the point of the check boxes to allow me to change textures on unit gadgets? It just seems like a waste, because chances are about 98% of the time, the user will want it to change. It probably wouldn't be a concern if the check box and words that pertain to it there, were more noticable, but they are tiny.

  • #86

    Sorry, I don't think I got a notification when you posted so didn't realise there was a message waiting here.

    No offence taken, in fact I agree completely. Every single Gadget (and unit frame template) needs to be looked over, and options sorted out so that they are consistent and flexible. This is a fairly large piece of work, which will be done, but you can blame Trion for making the XP to get to 60 so brutal for the delay!

    The mouse-over transparency is possible, its just not something I'd thought of. Combined with combat transparency, there are potentially four possible levels of transparency I'd need to cater for, which is quite a lot of options to present for every gadget. I'll see if I can find a suitable UI that doesn't massively over-complicate things.

    The check-boxes are there due to the templated nature of the Gadgets (meaning each template is designed with a specific texture), though I could possibly have had a "Default" or blank option in the drop down instead.

  • #79

    for some reasons gadgets seems to not work for me. i constantly get a reload ui button saying my addons are using too much cpu, everytime i log in or out my gadgets layout dissappears and when i click import settings i get an error messag. i can live with some bugs but needing to reconfigure my entire ui everytime i log in is not something i can live with. if i'm causing some type of problem please let me know as i really like this addon. 

    Error: wtLibGadget/dialogs/wtGadgetImport.lua:54: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
        In wtLibGadget / wtLibGadget.ComboOption_4:LeftClick
    stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'pairs'
        wtLibGadget/dialogs/wtGadgetImport.lua:54: in function 'ShowImportDialog'
        wtLibGadget/wtGadgetButton.lua:86: in function 'value'
        wtLibGadget/controls/wtMenu.lua:51: in function 'MenuItemClicked'
        wtLibGadget/controls/wtMenu.lua:163: in function <wtLibGadget/controls/wtMenu.lua:163>

    other addons are nkadvisor loottables (both the expert 50/raid and the pre 50) and rift meter.

  • #81

    It sounds like things aren't being loaded properly on your machine. If RIFT is killing Gadgets while it's still loading, that could explain the error message.

    I'm not sure why you're having these problems though. Could you try disabling your NK addons and see if the problem still happens? These are a bit old and unsupported now, so there's a chance they aren't working properly.

    If that doesn't help, let me know, and I'll see if I can think of another way around this (possibly deleting all of your Gadgets saved variables to reset it).

  • #82

    yep tried that and it still wouldnt work. it may have been my pc though as its having ram issues atm(so bad i've been through 3 os re-installs). when i get new ram that is stable i will try to run it again and see if it works then

  • #78

    I've just now gotten on the Gadgets bandwagon. I am interested in learning more about Mouse Macros for the Raid Frames Gadget. I currently use Click Box Healer (and have used Clique + Grid in WoW), but would love to get this Gadget up and running to my own playstyle.

    What do I need to type in Right if I want to set my Bloom spell to go off when I press Shift+Right Mouse Button when I hover over the person's name in the Raid Frame? I notice Left has a defaulted target@unit, but not sure how to implement that Shift button.

    Last edited by Morganite14 on 11/11/2012 7:49:02 PM
  • #80

    The macros are standard RIFT macros. The only thing Gadgets does to them* is replace the text @unit with the @groupNN value for the relevant raid frame.

    Therefore, you should be able to use something like:

    cast [shift] @unit Bloom

    * Unless you use the interleaved Lua stuff, in which case Gadgets rewrites your macros every time you change spec, but that's not relevant to this :)

  • #76

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the feedback and ideas for how to improve things.

    I've been busy actually *playing* RIFT for a change, as I wanted to get my fourth and final alt to 50 before Storm Legion. She dinged 50 yesterday, so I can relax on the levelling and expert dungeon grind, and get back to a bit of coding now :)

  • #75

    color the health bars the color of your class :)

  • #74

    couple things, im using this and loving it, however couple of things.  Maybe be able to chyange HOW opaque the unitframes are?  Also maybe be able to move the buffs and debuffs around?  Also the stacks of the buff lets say the rogue one from tactician,. no way of knowing how many stacks there are?  Combo points; change the sword to an orb or something?  Swords look funny for combo points.  Also one more thing, maybe adjust the height of each mana and health bar?  Or make it 50/50?

  • #73

    I love Gadgets, but I do manually modify the templates for the unit frames on each update. Here are the changes I make:

    • Change barResource to resourceColor instead of the default callingColor.
    • Change barHealth to callingColor instead of color={r=0, g=0.7, b=0, a=1.0}.

    Could you implement this as an option in the current UI? That would be great thanks.


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