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GibsUI Aura Watch

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  • Rift
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  • Supports: 1.5
  • 2,615 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/02/2011
  • Created 10/02/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-SA
  • Newest File: GibsUI Aura Watch - v1.0a
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About GibsUI Aura Watch

GibsUI Aura Watch is a flexible tracking system, alerting you simply that a buff or debuff is no longer present on either yourself, or your target. It is designed to make life just a little bit easier, when you're in the thick of things.

GibsAW will not tell you a buff is going to expire, it tells you when it already has.

Please contact me at [email protected] or here on RiftUI if you find any bugs, or have a suggestion for the addon. (or wish to donate so I can work on this more instead of working more )

Most up to date news can be found at my RiftUI Portal or on the RiftUI forums


  • Tracks all buffs by name inserted and target selected
  • Easy to use list-based GUI
  • Persistent GUI position and visibility between sessions
  • Simple screen alert when buffs are missing
  • Right-click and drag to reposition UI


  • Limited list with a slider ( to cap the UI size )
  • Performance boosts
  • Clear All button
  • A fancy 'open UI' button (similar to Minmax Meter)
  • Moveable Alert Frame


Hotfix #1

  • Fixed an error where the alert frame wouldn't update if the GUI was closed


  • #12

    great addon, but one thing is very annoying is I have to retype all my dots and buff skill in again 

    everytime I log out and in again.. is there any chance to save it? or maybe save it as profile?

  • #11

    great idea would be an audio chime to alert the user when buff is no longer applied..this is a pvpers dream option, thnx in advance



  • #10

    Do you think you can add in a wildcard (or even better, RegEx pattern matching) feature? Right now, I'm having to switch tracking between Lifegiving Veil and Lifebound Veil every time I enter and exit a party. :/

    Last edited by LadySuccubus on 10/15/2011 6:43:17 PM
  • #5
    Nice addon. One question though. How do you open the place where you add spells and such if you closed it.
  • #6
    Nm figured it out by checking the code. /awui

    Should put it in the description. :)
  • #7
    There is a help command that is posted on start, but I suppose that could get lost. I'm going to be adding an open button in v1.2
  • #3
    Is it possible to add target check for friendly/hostile? Setting alert for missing debuff on target does not make sense when targeting self or friendly target. Also, add saving variables, annoying to have to write in each buff or debuff I want tracked each time I log on or changes character, and while we're on characters, can you make character specific aura lists? Thank you, a most promising addon!
  • #9
    All good suggestions, I'll keep those in mind for the next version.
  • #1
    Seems to work well. Would suggest a check to see if such Ability exists before showing on screen its not active. Also if there was a way to make it role specific. In bard form I would use Motif of Regeneration as a check when motifs need to be recast. Worked fine but when I changed to my Ranger/MM build it would still show on screen and I do not have that ability in that role.
  • #2
    I'm not sure how to fetch a list of existing Buffs or anything, which is why there's no such check. I can check to see if abilities exist, but sometimes buffs aren't tied to an ability or role even, as a MM/Ranger could still sub Bard. I -can- however put in profiles or sets, or simply a Clear All button (the latter of which is planned)
  • #4
    Profiles would be extremely helpful. Currently I can only set this up for one of my roles, as I lack the skills in other roles.
  • #8
    I'll see what I can do.
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