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GuildStats.NET Client

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  • Updated 07/13/2012
  • Created 03/03/2011
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About GuildStats.NET Client

<div>GuildStats.NET client reads and parses combat logs. It's primary use is for PVE grouping and raiding. It allows you to sort player performance based on damage done, damage taken, healing done, healing taken and deaths, including detailed attack and healing information on a per player basis. All statistics are also viewable on an per encounter based timeline. Best of all this is COMPLETELY FREE to USE!</div>


  • Parse Age of Conan and Rift log files ( Also in real time ).
  • Publish logs for both Rift and AoC to the web.
  • Charts for Raid,players or in real time.
  • Plugin support, allowing the community to add their own features.
  • Show damage done, damage taken, healing done and healing taken + much more .
  • Automatically finds your party/raid members ( And can filter the players outside your party away)
  • Minimal UI mode that can run on top of the game in windowed mode.
  • Kill on Sight list ( KoS ) list in game.
  • Link damage from pets to spesfic players
  • Show DPS / HPS on a pr player or entire raid basis.
  • Show in game reports on stats or other useful raid information.
  • Show statistics on a per event/encounter basis.
  • Show statistics on a per player basis.
  • Show statistics on a per ability basis.
  • Show statistics on a per damage type.


The main UI features the ability to parse old logs, from previous raids or perhaps start the minimal UI. You can even post your previous raids from Age of Conan or Rift

This is the minimal UI thats used when your parsing files in real time when playing your MMO. It allows easy changing between different overview like damage done,damage taken, healing done and healing taken.
It also provides a overview of both your and your group/raids DPS in real time.


  • #5

    The Rift site has been giving 503 error for 2 weeks now. Will it be coming back online anytime soon?

  • #6

    Its up again, but can go down up and down for a bit still, there is strange bug only affecting Rift side, hopefully il be able to fix that bug later today.

  • #3

    How do I redirect specific spells so it does not get recorded as being a certain players dps? This is very important otherwise the dps being shown for some of the fights in Rift is very missleading.

  • #4


    Atm there is no built in way to do this directly ( Could have been done via plugin interface , but not cleanly). If you give me some concrete examples of what you mean including spell names i can easly add it.

  • #2

    I belive that was clear from the description and screenshots. It does things that cannot be done with the ingame API so a out of game app is required.
  • #1
    this isn't an addon it's an out of game stand alone app that reads the combat log file.
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