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Imhothar's Bags

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  • Rift
  • 4,158 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 3.4
  • 288,503 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/25/2016
  • Created 03/02/2012
  • 208 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: 0.31beta
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About Imhothar's Bags

General Information

Imhothar's Bags is there to ease the management of your items accross multiple characters and adds some little "extras" to your UI. Due to current API limitations it does not do what it was originally intended for (namely replacing the default inventory windows) but rest assured that is to be added as soon as the Addon API allows it.

Until then you get the advantage of having all your items displayed in one window, so you get a nice overview of your belongings. You can look at the contents of your bank even while out in the wilderness, and inspect the items of your offline characters.

The nice little "extras" include:


  • Display all backpack, bank, currency, equipped and wardrobe items each in a separate large window.
  • View all your and your offline characters' items from anywhere you are.
  • View the items of all guilds any of your characters is a member of.
  • Items can grouped by category, bags or not at all ("all-in-one").
  • Items can be sorted by name, icon, rarity or by slot.
  • Empty slots are not displayed to save space. Instead the number in the top-right shows the number of empty slots.
  • Access the inventory of all your characters on the shard anytime. You need to log into each character in order for their data to become available. Tracks all accounts.
  • Condense multiple full stacks of the same item into one button for saving screen space.
  • The windows can be moved anywhere you wish and resized.
  • Adds a summary to item tooltips showing you whether any of your characters already own the displayed item.
  • Displays the number of empty slots on the bags bar making it easier to know when visiting a merchant becomes necessary.
  • Search the entire item database to find out whether your characters already own a specific item.

Slash commands

/imhobags menu
Open a little menu at your cursor from where you can open all the item windows of all your characters.
This works great if put into a macro.


  • German: Imhothar
  • Russian: GwynBleidd
  • French: AbysseDream
  • Korean: Google Translate
  • Chinese: Pandora
  • Taiwanese: Pandora

If you wish to help in translating ImhoBags into your language, please let me know! Just drop me a PM.

Public API

There is a public API which can be used by other addons and might get extended in the future as required.
Details about it can be found on the Public API page.

What the Addon is not (yet)

The current Rift API imposes some limitations on what the Addon can do. Thus the followig features are unfortunately not possible at this time. But the code is largely prepared to support them as soon as the API becomes available!

  • The ImhoBags windows cannot hide the default Trion windows.
  • The highlights for newly acquired items are missing.
  • The tooltip location, size, etc. is known bug with the addon API. There is nothing we can do to fix it at this time.

Known issues

The complete list can now be viewed in-game in the Config Window.

0.30beta (January 2016)
- Fixed a rare exception when using the searchwindow
- "Mark of Notoriety" will now appear in the 'Quest' category
- Added new category "Minions"
- Added new category "Fishing"
- Added new category "Nightmare Rifts" (Note:  This category requires
  string comparisons; therefore, it may only work for English clients.  
  (More testing is needed.)

0.26beta (July 2015)
* Update to allow for items with rarity 'ascended'

0.24beta (June 2015)
* Dream Bolts will once again be sorted into the 'Dream Weaving' category.

0.23beta (December 2014)
* Fixed the location of the EmptySlotIndicator.   [Thanks to JohnCorl]

0.22beta (May 2014)
* Artifacts will once again find themselves in the 'collectibles' category.
* Fishing Artifacts will now appear in the 'collectibles' category.
* Leatherworking materials (hides, bones, leather, etc.) should now once again be sorted into
  their own category.

0.21beta (March 2014)
* When sorting by rarity, if the items are "rare" or better AND are armor or weapons,
  then the items will be first grouped/sorted by equip. location.  (In other words,
  all "helms" will be together, etc.)
* Artifacts will once again find themselves in the 'collectibles' category.

0.20beta (February 2014)
* Dream Weaving items now have their own category
* Transcendent item buttons should now have the proper "red" outline
* Fixed "Error: performance warning" (ImhoBags/ItemHandler.lua in function 'Drag')
* I have confirmed that the Rift addon API has a bug that is causing stackable items in
  bank vaults not to update properly in the imhobags window.  I've reported this directly
  to Zorba (the addon dev) and hopefully he'll have a chance to fix it in the near future.

0.19beta2 (February 2014)
* Fixed a bug that was causing items not to appear when viewing the equipment window for
  stored characters.

0.19beta (February 2014)
* When sorting by 'rarity' the items with the same 'bind' and 'rarity' will then be sorted by name.
* Added new configuration option in the config window under 'extras':  "This setting allows you to
  select the number of seconds the addon waits (after an inventory change) before updating the window.  
  When this value is greater than zero, the addon will update immediately on the first inventory change
  and then will not update again until # seconds has elapsed without any other inventory changes.   
  (This setting is especially useful for players who move large amounts of items from one window to
  another and are frustrated by categories shifting between moves.)"   This is an advanced setting
  and the default value is 0.
* Added ability to customize the sort order of categories within the inventory windows (currently,
  categories are sorted alphabetically.)   To utilize this feature, go to the configuration window,
  click the 'behaivor' button, and then click the 'category sort' window photo.   For a demonstration,
  please see
* Leatherworking materials (hides, bones, leather, etc.) should now once again be sorted into
  their own category.
* Fixed a number of reported errors (primarily attempts at indexing nil or non-table variables)
* Fix for several 'performance warning' errors.

0.18beta (January 2014)
* When sorting items by "rarity", items will now sort first by rarity, then by 'bind' type, with
  "bind on pickup" items first, then items that are "bind to account", followed by "bind on equip"
  items, and finally the rest.
* The SearchWindow will now open in the center of the screen on first use.  It will also properly
  save its location for future use when the window is closed or you logout/exit game/reloadui.
* Fix for "attempt to call method ''MoveToGrid'' (a nil value)" error.  It appears that the code
  intended to reduce performance warnings was not 100% successful.  "Performance warning" errors
  should still be greatly reduced when NOT in combat.  However, fixes for performance warning errors
  while in combat (i.e., when the system is "secure") is forthcoming.
* Added code to reduce 'performance warning' errors when opening the Configuration Window.

0.17beta (December 2013)
* Added handling for the "performance warning" errors that some users may have
  experienced.  The methodology used will cause the imhothar bags animation
  used to look a bit different when in combat (this is an addon API limitation.)
  However, there is no functionality changes whatsoever with this feature.
* The search box in the title bar will now search in the same way that the
  "search database" window has always worked: case-insensitive by item name.
* Item enchantments such as runes, whetstones, and insoles now have their
  own category.
* Fixed Guild Vault labels when sorting by 'bags'
* Fixed a bug in which moving multiple stacks of items that have a "quantity"
  might result in buttons not working (especially if the first stacks moved
  were of lesser quantity.)
* Fixed a bug in which using the in-game "auto-sort bags" feature might result
  in buttons not working properly.

0.16beta2 (December 2013)
* General updates for RIFT 2.5 compatibility (Big thanks to Ivnedar for his expertise!)
* The Addon will update the internal item storage database if ItemStorage.version < 0.16
  (In other words, the addon should reset the "SavedVariables" file for you when upgrading
   to this version.)  If you have a lot of bank vaults, you may get a "performance warning"
   the first time you open your full bank.  This shouldn't happen again until the internal
   item storage database requires another update.   Please note that this update may reset
   your window positions/configuration, sort options, etc.
* Fixed a typo involving "transcendant" items
* Fixed items currently placed in bank vault slots (caused by addon API changes in RIFT 2.4)
* Fixed the Texture:SetTexture() "Incorrect function usage" bug
* Fixed the display of bank vaults when grouped by 'bags'

0.15beta (June 2013)
* Requires RIFT 2.3
* New translations for Russian
* New translations for Simplified and Traditional Chinese
* The "autoOpen" configuration option is now enabled by default
* "player" is now an accepted as character name in the slash command
* Fixed credit-related errors in 2.3
* Fixed scrollbar errors in the configuration window
* Fixed an error related to guild items
* Adjusted the empty slot indicator for the new 2.3 bags bar


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  • #73


    Could you please check whether the item counts are showing correctly in the IB guild window? There's a bug on the PTS which makes item counts for guild items not being reported, but I don't know whether it's also on live. If the stack counts show properly in the guild window then it's a bug in the tooltip attachment and not the addon API.

    I'm not sure about the blacklisting, as that would need to be a per-character or per-shard setting and might cause quite some frustration if someone forgets it. I'll think about it.

    Reporting the charater for each guild is not so trivial as the guild tracking happens independently of characters. Character's have an associated guild but not vice-versa. As soon as there are more than 1 character in the guild (which is probably the case for the majority of players) there is no longer a unique 1:1 mapping.

  • #70

    I love the addon, and I hope to see the ability to rely solely on this addon some day soon (can't sell or remove items from inventory), but I'm sure this is just a limitation of Trion's API.

    I have just one simple request; have you considered shortening the slash command to something easier to remember? As someone who runs with tons of addons in WoW and a handful in Rift, I find it hard to remember /imhobags for some reason. I always have to Alt+Tab out to look it up. Maybe it's just me, but I like simplicity :)

  • #71

    Well, I might add it but not enable by default to avoid name clashing with other addons.

    But if you find yourself typing the command often just plug it into a macro. From your character's inventory you can reach all other windows with simple buttons, so a macro with /imhobags player is basically all you need.

  • #68

    Loving the addon, but when I hit B to open the bags, both Trion default bags and IB open.  Is there a way to make it so only IB opens?

  • #69

    Hi and thanks. See the addon description:

    The inventory windows cannot replace the default Trion windows.

  • #66

    Just loaded this addon the other day and today I logged in and all the mail in my mailbox was gone.  I lost hundreds of plat worth of items.  >.<  Hoping that the GM's can reverse it.

  • #67

    Sorry, but ImhoBags doesn't delete mails. That command is nowhere present in the source code. It can happen for the ImhoBags window to be empty when an update cleares the Addon database, but that in no way affects your real mailbox. Hope the GMs will clear this up.

  • #64

    is there any way to move the tooltip anchor?

  • #65

    See the known issues:

    Item tooltips triggered by the Addon windows may display in the top left corner of the screen. This is a bug in the Addon API.

  • #62

    Wow, I have been waiting for an addin like this for a long time. Great Implimentation. Great work. Thank you so much.

    I would like a shorter /slash command though. /ib maybe :)

  • #63

    If you find yourself typing the slash command frequently make it a macro and put it on an action bar.

  • #60

    Thanks again for this lovely addon. The previous bugs were sorted!

    However, after quite a lot of testing and thinking :D, I believe I caught another potential Equipment bug (but probably a minor one) in 0.9beta5.

    Lets say you have an item in your inventory, gloves for example; it will not show a count on top of it (+Character: 1) if you have another pair of gloves already equipped on your character. The gloves slot needs to be empty for any gloves in your bags to display a counter.

    The same thing happens for weapons, but in this case both MH and OH slots need to be empty.

    Also, the same goes for rings; both slots need to be empty.

    Last edited by Howlin on 3/25/2012 10:28:52 PM
  • #61

    The item count not appearing is due to comparison tooltips. Whenever an item tooltip has a comparison tooltip attached to it, the Addon system receives a series of events which result in the Addon thinking the tooltip is not visible anymore.

    Unfortunetaly I don't have a solution for this, and I'm not sure if this can be solved with the current state of the Rift API.

  • #58

    I love this addon! Excellent work. I can see this being one of the most popular addons for Rift!

    I have one problem. I can't use it for my bank because I have 8 Spirit Weave bags equiped in my bank slots and the bank bag goes right off the bottom of the screen. I can't see all the items in my bank (only a percentage) because they are off the bottom of the screen. If you added an option to allow us to change the width (how many items across) or possibly the size of icons, I think this would fix that.

    Amazing addon and thank you for all your work!!!

    Last edited by jeffguy on 3/25/2012 1:47:13 PM
  • #59

    Well thank you.

    About your problem with the window size, let me quote the Addon description:

     The windows can be moved anywhere you wish and resized by dragging their right border.

    Be also sure to checkout the config window for some space-saving options.

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