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Indiana's Artifact Catalogue of Doom

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  • Rift
  • 114 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 2.5
  • 9,748 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/10/2014
  • Created 12/02/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: zlib/libpng License
  • Newest File: v1.1.9-3

About Indiana's Artifact Catalogue of Doom

Indy is an in-game artifact catalogue born out of necessity and a lack of artifact APIs.


  1. Create a macro "AddArtifact" with text "indy additem"
  2. Create a macro "DelArtifact" with text "indy deleteitem"
  3. Drag the macros onto your quickbars and assign a keybinding to them
  4. Mouseover any artifacts you have collected and while the tooltip is displayed, hit the AddArtifact macro to record that the item has been collected by the current character.
  5. If you make a mistake, mouseover the item and hit the DelArtifact macro to remove the item from that characters collected list.

Use /indy donottrack to ignore collecting items on the current character. This can be undone with /indy dotrack
Use /indy checkbags to see if there are any artifacts in your bags that are needed by your alts.
Toggle auction house scanning with /indy scanah and page through the Misc -> Collectible category to report if there are any artifacts that you are looking for up for sale. This feature currently does not support the Full AH Scans provided by some AH addons.

Available commands:

  • /indy additem - adds the mouse-overed item to the list of collected artifacts for this character
  • /indy deleteitem - removes the mouse-overed item from the list of collected artifacts for this character
  • /indy whohasitem - returns a list of the characters who have the mouse-overed item
  • /indy whoneedsitem - returns a list of the characters who need the mouse-overed item
  • /indy dotrack - adds the current character to the list of characters tracking collections
  • /indy donottrack - removes the current character from the list of characters tracking collections
  • /indy checkbags - check bags for artifacts
  • /indy scanah - toggle scanning AH for artifacts
  • /indy showtooltips - toggle display of tooltips for artifacts
  • /indy config - opens the configuration window
  • /indy help - prints this message

tag v1.1.9-3
Rhoda Baker <>
2014-03-10 17:26:14 -0400

Tagged as v1.1.9-3


Rhoda Baker:
    - Bump version to 1.1.9-3


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  • #17

    I have an interesting dilemna. I have two characters on two shards with the same name. The addon doesn't seem to differentiate between the two characters. Is there anyway around this?

  • #16

    The update published today is already out of date. I am having trouble with Curseforge and 1.1.7 is 2 versions behind.

    If you desperately need Indy and are willing to bypass the curse client, I suggest picking it up at RiftUI ( until we get the packager sorted out.

  • #14

    Error: Indy/tooltip.lua:110: attempt to index local 'itemDetails' (a nil value)
        In Indy / IndyTooltip, event Event.Tooltip
    stack traceback:
        Indy/tooltip.lua:110: in function <Indy/tooltip.lua:86>

  • #15

    This happened while mousing over a Karthite vein, by the way. Which struck me as odd.

  • #12

    I have encountered a problem with the addon today.

    I can see who has what artifact when you pass the cursor over the artifact on the character screen (artifacts) and in in-game emails.

    As from today it has stopped showing who has what if the item is in the bank or bag. Indeed it doesnt show that it has been collected at all. I have installed the latest version today but the problem has not gone.

  • #13

    As of 03/07/2014  patch, this is happening to me as well.

  • #10

    This add-on is great so thank you doing it.

    I have just paid for a premium subscriptionto allow me to do the artefact tracking on more than one computer. I have been to my Curse account and ticked the box to sync all computers but so far, the tracking from my first copmuter has not found its way to my second computer. 

    I would be very grateful if you could tell me how to get the information from the original computer to all the others.

    Thank you.

  • #11

    Assuming you are using the non-server  version, all your user info is stored in 

    C:\<YOUR RIFT FOLDER>\Interface\Saved\SavedVariables\Indy.lua

    This file will need to be synced between your computers. Which is what the Curse client is supposed to do. I'm not sure why it is not.

  • #8

    For those looking to download, you will have to manually add the artifacts for each character.  While that may be daunting for those with collections that are already expansive, it's not so bad for those just getting started.  Regardless of the current collection size, it's easy to keep up with after the initial work is done.  Here's what I do:

    • Create the macro with /indy additem
    • Add macro to action bar
    • Right click to add the artifact
    • Hover over the artifact's new home
    • Press the macro key
    • Add the artifact to the collection

    The artifact could be added to Indiana's list after being collected as well, I just find that I have to wait for the collection animation to finish, then I have to move my cursor from the collection spot and Then I can go back to add it to Indiana's list.

    With the Autumn Harvest happening right now this is a Great time to load up this addon.

    The only thing I'd like to find is where the information is stored so I can 'mush' them together for two accounts so my partner and I can keep track of each other's collections.

  • #7

    I would like to see the addon scan the arties on each toon and display it. It's not much use to me if I have to do it manually with a macro for over 500 arti sets

  • #6

    I have yet to be able to add an artifact via the macro.  I get a message when I delete one (tested the key bindings).  Do I need to click on add before I collect the artifact?  I have collected quite a few and not sure if I can get all the ones I currently have in there so I have things accurate.  Please advise, thank you.

  • #5

    Is there a way to create a list of artifacts you want to search for on the AH, rather than it looking for all the ones you don't have?

  • #4

    How to move the Scanbutton ?


  • #9

    I right-clicked and was able to move it that way.

    Last edited by Trippet on 12/24/2013 12:03:53 PM
  • #2

    Is there a way to move or disable the button? It is in a really inconvenient place and I've tried everything I can think of

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