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  • Rift
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  • Supports: 3.4
  • 852,794 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/17/2015
  • Created 10/04/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
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About King Boss Mods

Follow us on Twitter @KingBossMods for in-game update notifications.
You can also follow development news at KBM's Facebook page.

KBM Plug-Ins

You can help test KBM by using the alpha version by downloading via The Curse Client or manually from The Official KBM file directory. If you are using alpha versions please ensure any bug reports include which alpha version you were using at the time:-

Video Spotlight: Storm Legion

Imperium of Zaviel

KBM Reviews and Video guides

Classic Rift Videos:

Manual Installation Instructions:

Extract the Zip. Copy folder within the extracted zip to your addons folder.

Description and Features

This Addon includes fully tested support for all Rift instanced raiding content, including full and partial support for: Grim Awakening, Endless Eclipse, Frozen Tempest, Triumph of the Dragon Queen, All base level 50 Raids and Slivers, and Expert and Master Dungeons. Various new and existing features are being included on a regular basis including; Mechanic Timers, Custom Mechanic Monitors (e.g. Rune King Molinar and Kolmasveli), Encounter Timers, Tank Swap monitors, Adjustable boss casting bars, Boss cast bar ability filtering, Enrage Timers and many more.

  • Note: All Encounters have full to partial support for English, German, French and Russian translations unless explicitly stated.

Tank-Swap Monitor (T-SM)

  • Automatically tracks all tanks simultaneously and displays debuff stack and duration information.
  • Full tracking of tank stack and debuff duration by any raid member.
  • Displays each tanks HP bar, updates real-time.
  • Tracks and displays all tanks death states.

Advanced Encounter Tracking

Each supported boss encounter includes the following:

  • Encounter timer display in MM:SS format.
  • Enrage timer display in MM:SS format. (where applicable)
  • Phase tracking display. (where applicable)
  • Objective tracking display. (where applicable)
  • Ready Check support with overview.
  • Rez Master, combat res monitor.
  • Main boss always visible castbar tracking. (skill filters where supported)
  • Selection of optional mechanic or skill timers and screen alerts.
  • Dynamic timers which can change duration during an encounter.
  • Advanced dynamic linked interrupt engine. Links cast interrupts and alert triggers.
  • Customize the size of all Timers, Alerts, Castbars and Phase Tracking.
  • Customize individual colors of Timers, Alerts and Cast filters.
  • English, German, Russian, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese and French client support.


/kbmoff Turns off the Addon's triggering methods.
/kbmon Turns on the Addon's triggering methods.
/kbmdefault List available keywords to reset specific items to default.
/kbmoptions Toggle the GUI Options screen on/off).
/kbmhelp Display these commands in-game).
/kbmversion Displays the current version in chat.
/kbmreset Try this before using /reloadui, or if the encounter has ended in success didn't announce a victory.

/ReloadUI Use this in-case of any errors during the encounter. It'll reset it and the monitor "should" continue from where it left off.


  • Written and Designed by Safe@Deepwood
  • Contributor Ivnedar@Laethys
  • German Translations by Dooc@Butmutter
  • French Translations by Céres@Brisesol & Kettricken@Brisesol
  • Korean Translations by Geniee@Seastone (워려@자렌)
  • Russian Translations by
    • Toz@Akylios, Zveryga@Akylios & Extra@Akylios
    • Эксперт@Маэлфордж & Экстра@Маэлфордж
  • Testers Jeffro@Deepwood

Special Thanks to

  • Arisae@Deepwood (my Wife) for putting up with me during the long hours I put in to this.
  • Decayed@Deepwood (my Guild) also for their patience while I curse randomly when KBM crashes during testing.

Public Benefactors

  • Gaucho@Deepwood
  • Decompose@Blightweald
  • Kad@Argent
  • And all private benefactors for their on-going donations and support!

Pagura: corrected wrong call for timers; corrected wrong castbar assign
Garau: added tank swap for the three adds
Inwar: adding spy and alert for red bubbles in phase 3. french client only, missing the translation for english client
Zilas: added wrathful flesh and kick alert. french client only, missing the english translation


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  • #143

    1. When will this be released on

    2. It is impossible to distinguish between  "Heroic Powersurge Vial" and "Vial of Fire Resistance" as they carry the same icon

    3. Razor-Sharp Spikes, Thick Armor Plating and Poisonous Coating are not tracked at all

    4. Having ready check loaded but disabled caused my FPS to tank down to 10-15FPS in combat from 30+. Manually removing the ready check folder under ..\RIFT Game\Interface\Addons\King-Molinator\Modules\ solved the issue

     5. Someone reconnecting while in combat will trigger the in-game ready check and pop the addon ready check window open, even though I'm still in combat with the boss if "Show only during ready checks" is enabled

    6. Even in a raid of 2 when I enter or exit combat, I get a spike of 13-15% CPU usage on the module 

    Last edited by rounded on 9/10/2012 3:50:29 AM
  • #144

    1) When they fix thier SVN.

    2) There will be the ability to mouse-over the icon with a tool-tip.

    3) These will be in the next version under the Armor/Other column.

    4) Not had this happen on my machine, I'll look in to it. I'll probably have its disabled state, and possibly hidden state more aggressive.

    5) This is because the Rift In-game Ready Check actually triggers. I could possibly place combat state higher priority than the Rift Ready Check, this may prevent it from triggering when Rift's does.

    6) Again, not sure on the spikes. I'll have to take a look. But, this is a first release, so early days yet.

  • #141
    New Ready Check feature

    The new Ready Check feature is wonderful, and highly praised in my guild.

    One thing is excluded as of this version, though. Mighty Brightsurge Vials do not register. It looks like they are not listed in the code as something to check for. (While Mighty Powersurge Vials are included.)

  • #142

    Thanks for pointing this out. The next version of KBM will be out sooner rather than later to address any issues found with Rift 1.10, so I'll ensure any missing consumables are added by then.

    There will also be a few extra features and options added to Ready Check too, more on this closer to the release.

  • #151

    If you check out the Latest alpha version, it has tracking for Mighty Brightsurge and Ember Steak now. Also, some improvements over the intial settings for Ready Check. It should now behave as expected, with Hide during combat overwriting the Rift Ready Check pop.

    More to come soon.

  • #148

    Type in /kbmbuffs while you have the desired buffs on that are not showing in Ready Check. This'll list all your buffs and the KBM ID used to manage those. It'll list in the format of "Name > kbmID".

  • #147


    Where do you find what the hex number is for the vials? I have searched around with google searches and failed.

  • #139

    In the Inwar Darktide encounter, is it possible we can see the health of both of the tidewardens?  At the moment we can see the HP for the first (Aqualix and Denizar) and for the last (Rotjaw and Undertow) pairs of bosses but not the tidewardens - the only pair that have to be killed simultaneously Smile

  • #140

    They will be both visible similar to the rest of the bosses in the encounter. The only issue is, that the original Phase Monitor HP tracking was based on Names (small oversight). This is currently being tweaked to allow for Unique ID referencing too.

    In all honesty, I should of done it this way from the beginning, but there are situations where the UID can change but not the name. With the latest changes both ways will be implemented and can be used seamlessly together.

    Side note: I thought you had to kill Aqualix and Denizar together too?

  • #132

    addon crashes in almost every encounter , tried reinstalling multiple times, running this addon solo (no other addons activated). 

    Receiving this or a similar error in almost every boss encounter. f.e this happend at maklamos

    Error: BuffInfo/buffinfo.lua:26: attempt to index local 'buffData' (a nil value)
    In KingMolinator / System Update, event Event.System.Update.Begin
    stack traceback:
    BuffInfo/buffinfo.lua:26: in function 'Detail'
    KingMolinator/KingMolinator.lua:5032: in function 'Update'
    KingMolinator/KingMolinator.lua:6650: in function 'Timer'
    KingMolinator/KingMolinator.lua:8103: in function <KingMolinator/KingMolinator.lua:8103>


    I hope you can assist with this error :) 

    Last edited by vacuumar on 7/29/2012 3:32:40 PM
  • #135

    Ok, I can confirm you need to DELETE the folder BuffInfo in the addon directory. This Addon is broken, and does something which should never be done by any addon author. KBM will run as normal after this point.

    BuffInfo is an Addon which overrides Inpsect.Buff.Detail. This command is reserved by Trion and should never be overriden by any Addon author.

    I will make sure all other Addon authors are aware of this, as it's a major problem if someone installs BuffInfo.

    Last edited by Kekoas on 7/29/2012 4:29:46 PM
  • #138
    Thanks for the response, I don't like calling out other Authors, but in this case it had to be done.
  • #137
    worked, completely forgot i even had the addon BuffInfo, thought it was a function called. I can confirm the addon BuffInfo prevents kbm from working properly.
  • #129

    Error: KingMolinator/KingMolinator.lua:893: '=' expected near 'e'
        In KingMolinator / KingMolinator.lua

    weiß wer wie ich das ändern kann

    dadurch geht kbm gar nicht leider zur zeit

  • #130

    It sounds like the main file is corrupt. Try re-installing :)

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