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  • Supports: 3.4
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  • Updated 12/17/2015
  • Created 10/04/2011
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
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About King Boss Mods

Follow us on Twitter @KingBossMods for in-game update notifications.
You can also follow development news at KBM's Facebook page.

KBM Plug-Ins

You can help test KBM by using the alpha version by downloading via The Curse Client or manually from The Official KBM file directory. If you are using alpha versions please ensure any bug reports include which alpha version you were using at the time:-

Video Spotlight: Storm Legion

Imperium of Zaviel

KBM Reviews and Video guides

Classic Rift Videos:

Manual Installation Instructions:

Extract the Zip. Copy folder within the extracted zip to your addons folder.

Description and Features

This Addon includes fully tested support for all Rift instanced raiding content, including full and partial support for: Grim Awakening, Endless Eclipse, Frozen Tempest, Triumph of the Dragon Queen, All base level 50 Raids and Slivers, and Expert and Master Dungeons. Various new and existing features are being included on a regular basis including; Mechanic Timers, Custom Mechanic Monitors (e.g. Rune King Molinar and Kolmasveli), Encounter Timers, Tank Swap monitors, Adjustable boss casting bars, Boss cast bar ability filtering, Enrage Timers and many more.

  • Note: All Encounters have full to partial support for English, German, French and Russian translations unless explicitly stated.

Tank-Swap Monitor (T-SM)

  • Automatically tracks all tanks simultaneously and displays debuff stack and duration information.
  • Full tracking of tank stack and debuff duration by any raid member.
  • Displays each tanks HP bar, updates real-time.
  • Tracks and displays all tanks death states.

Advanced Encounter Tracking

Each supported boss encounter includes the following:

  • Encounter timer display in MM:SS format.
  • Enrage timer display in MM:SS format. (where applicable)
  • Phase tracking display. (where applicable)
  • Objective tracking display. (where applicable)
  • Ready Check support with overview.
  • Rez Master, combat res monitor.
  • Main boss always visible castbar tracking. (skill filters where supported)
  • Selection of optional mechanic or skill timers and screen alerts.
  • Dynamic timers which can change duration during an encounter.
  • Advanced dynamic linked interrupt engine. Links cast interrupts and alert triggers.
  • Customize the size of all Timers, Alerts, Castbars and Phase Tracking.
  • Customize individual colors of Timers, Alerts and Cast filters.
  • English, German, Russian, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese and French client support.


/kbmoff Turns off the Addon's triggering methods.
/kbmon Turns on the Addon's triggering methods.
/kbmdefault List available keywords to reset specific items to default.
/kbmoptions Toggle the GUI Options screen on/off).
/kbmhelp Display these commands in-game).
/kbmversion Displays the current version in chat.
/kbmreset Try this before using /reloadui, or if the encounter has ended in success didn't announce a victory.

/ReloadUI Use this in-case of any errors during the encounter. It'll reset it and the monitor "should" continue from where it left off.


  • Written and Designed by Safe@Deepwood
  • Contributor Ivnedar@Laethys
  • German Translations by Dooc@Butmutter
  • French Translations by Céres@Brisesol & Kettricken@Brisesol
  • Korean Translations by Geniee@Seastone (워려@자렌)
  • Russian Translations by
    • Toz@Akylios, Zveryga@Akylios & Extra@Akylios
    • Эксперт@Маэлфордж & Экстра@Маэлфордж
  • Testers Jeffro@Deepwood

Special Thanks to

  • Arisae@Deepwood (my Wife) for putting up with me during the long hours I put in to this.
  • Decayed@Deepwood (my Guild) also for their patience while I curse randomly when KBM crashes during testing.

Public Benefactors

  • Gaucho@Deepwood
  • Decompose@Blightweald
  • Kad@Argent
  • And all private benefactors for their on-going donations and support!

Pagura: corrected wrong call for timers; corrected wrong castbar assign
Garau: added tank swap for the three adds
Inwar: adding spy and alert for red bubbles in phase 3. french client only, missing the translation for english client
Zilas: added wrathful flesh and kick alert. french client only, missing the english translation


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  • #180

    It should be working fine (even 1.4.1 on here). There is currently an issue with repeating timers (Waves on Akylios and Lava in RotP are an example of these). Try the latest alpha below, this fixes that issue and adds extra mechanic support to FT and EE.

    Recent Example of first boss in FT:

    You should still see a Phase Monitor, and Encounter Timer at the very least (this would show its working). Experts don't generally have timers but there is a sprinkling of alert support (would require a LOT of research to go through every expert and find legitimate timers), most of FT and EE do though.

    After installing, and when in game. Open up the KBM options screen and ensure the KBM version matches " Alpha". It'll be in the right hand panel.

    Last edited by Kekoas on 2/28/2013 1:33:43 PM
  • #175

    When should we expect the Dark Ichor on Matriarch to be on the tank swap mechanic? I'm main tanking EE and I'd like to be able to use the clean UI you have available, but atm I'm just useing 2 Kalerts (one for me and one for other tank/focus) which takes up my focus target to do so (which on Matriarch I like to use).

    If you don't live for something, you die for nothing

  • #176

    It should be working in the latest alpha, so 1.4.2 Release will also see this implemented.

  • #178

    The latest on CurseForge does include the changes. The change log just hasn't been updated yet for encounters (there's quite a long list of additional EE and FT support).

    I've passed on Encounter development to Ivnedar, since he's more active with raiding and I have a lot of work to do converting practically everything over to a new API system in 2.2. I'm going to work purely on the engine and additional plug-ins. Keeping encounters up-to-date and improving the engine was just too much for me alone.

  • #177

    is there anyway I can get my hands on this alpha? I checked the curseforge 1.4.2 before making that previous comment, but didn't see a Matriarch tank swap in the changelog.

    If you don't live for something, you die for nothing

  • #171

    I recently deactivated this addon because I did Hammerknell last night and against King Molinar and the Prince, there was a HUGE RECTANGLE IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SCREEN that I can't move or edit!

    It was literally blocking my entire character and covering about 30% of my screen (my resolution is 1440x900) which is bad for me because:

    a) I need to see my animations so I know my next spell rotation

    b) I use Karuul Alert and I have 8 alerts setup around my character (which were blocked by the huge rectangle in the middle of my screen)

    c) I can't see ground AoEs

    Last edited by Kigbib on 2/3/2013 7:21:58 AM
  • #172

    The percentage monitor can be both moved, resized and disabled if required.

  • #169

    I turned the castbars off in the general configuration, but for a lot of encounters they are specially activated though. That can be pretty annoying. I like the addons readycheck, rezz master, add watch and timers, cause they offter unique information, but I don't need castbars or warnings. If I do anything wrong, just tell me.

  • #170

    This is a side effect of how I implemented global cast-bars. I'm looking at a better way to do this so that there is a global off-switch for all bars. For now unfortunately, it'll be a matter of turning them off via the encounter's "cast-bar" tab. So, as you come across each multi-cast-bar encounter, open up the options screen, go to the encounter in question, and disable them locally.

    I admit this isn't ideal, but until I rewrite how cast-bars are managed it's the only solution for now. But, as I said, they will be getting an update shortly and should behave better on the global level.

  • #167

    I've noticed recently that the Fonts inside the configuration menu's tend to be blurring.  Is this something I can fix some how?

  • #168

    The latest Rift Hotfix #5 will sort this out. It was an issue with Rift itself, not Addons. :)

  • #163

    KBM is one of the most stable and helpful addons I've ever used. I've used it for over a year without a single issue. However, for the past week,  I'm receiving, in my chat scroll, the message informing me that there's a newer version of KBM, though I've downloaded and refreshed the newest version which is also the version mentioned in the message telling me to install the newest version. I always delete the older version, prior to installing the new version, so there can't be an issue of only the older version being recognized.

  • #165


    i got the same message but not update on curse

  • #166

    One of the alpha versions slipped out as a Release version internally. 1.3.6 should be fine.

  • #164

    First off, thanks for the kind words, and the feedback.

    Unfortunately this shouldn't be possible. But, in the lovely world of online programming anything can happen. I'll keep an eye on it and try and figure what could posisbly be causing it. There are alpha versions out, but these shouldn't trigger update messages for to Release versions of KBM.

    Another long shot is someone has changed the version in the Toc file to something obscure. The only time you should be notified is once every 15 minutes, but only if someone joins your Group/Raid, you join a Group/Raid or someone logs in to your Guild. If you can pin-point who's causing it, maybe have a word with them :)


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