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LifeBinder (Beta)

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  • Rift
  • 11 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.8
  • 2,486 Total Downloads
  • Updated 04/26/2012
  • Created 04/07/2012
  • 12 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: LifeBinder

About LifeBinder (Beta)

LifeBinder is a raid frames addon for healers
It's code with performance and personalization in mind, but we are in a beta stage so it's not fully complete
This addon is a raid ui replacement that enables you to:
-Heal with mouseclicks,
-Use @mouseover macros (not @mouseoverui)
-Show selected buffs on units (like hots and other specific buffs)
-Filter debuffs with a priority/blocking system
-Record debuffs to add them later into the lists
and more
To show the configuration window  write:
/lb config
To lock or unlock the addon in place:
/lb lock
/lb unlock
To completely disable the addon (requires a reloadui)
/lb disable
To re-enable the addon (requires a reloadui)
/lb enable (26-04-12)
-Fixed 1.8 Issues where units information and frame events were not triggered correctly.
-Updated Role Icons to a more standard look.


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  • #34

    For those interested, I have added the ability to add announcements to your macros.

    You need to replace options/tabs/mouseBinds.lua and modules/mouseBinds.lua

    It will even auto-detect if you're in a party or a raid (based on how many groups exist) and use the appropriate /party or /raid if you're in one.

    The replacement files are: and

    Hope it helps.  I'm not going to maintain this mod, but I just this is one thing I really wanted for rez announcements.

  • #35

    Thanks Chaldan,

    I got an access forbidden on those files - any chance you can free them up please, your changes would be very useful, and obviously if there's anything else you fancy tinkering with then please share :)

    Been using clickboxhealer for a few months as lifebinder's not being maintained and I felt I ought to get used to something else for when it breaks completely, but it's dragged me back as I tend to use it mainly for keeping track of HoT's - and the icons work for me rather than coloured squares.

  • #36

    This is fixed now.  I forgot to make the files readable when I uplaoded them.

  • #33

    Please Somone Keep this project going! This is hands down The BEST healing unit frams addon I have found for rift!..

  • #32

    For those of you having issues with this, even though it's still in beta and partially dead, you may want to consider installing that addons' dependencies:


    This resolved all of the issues I had previously.

  • #31

    Please someone update this. This is the best healing mod on rift!

  • #29

    Yes, please someone take over this addon.  By far, the best healing add-on in Rift.  The others out there dont come close.

  • #27

    It seems like this addon is now broken, since last update. It doesn't update the frames anymore. Any time the raid composition changes, I have to /reloadui to make it update.

  • #28

    Does anyone know a Addonmaker who could take over this project?


  • #30

    Seems to be fixed now.

  • #26

    ..update from the ui dont work in the fight )=

    see here:

    pls. fix it. this addon is sooo gread, i lover it! ^^


  • #25

    I too am wondering if this add-on is now dead in the water. I only bring this up as there were a few places where it had been posted that future updates would contain certain features, and for more than a month I've seen nothing come out of it.

    I've checked with the Project Site a few times as well; no log-ins from the people holding down that fort either. It's a shame, too, as I really liked what this add-on had brought to the table.

  • #24

    Error: LifeBinder/styles/standard.lua:373: attempt to index upvalue 'optionsTable' (a nil


    In LifeBinder / Update_Mana, event Event.Unit.Detail.Mana

    stack traceback:

    LifeBinder/styles/standard.lua:373: in function 'setManaBarValue'

    LifeBinder/modules/manabars.lua:44: in function <LifeBinder/modules/manabars.lua:10>

  • #23


    Error: LifeBinder / Update_Mana, event Event.Unit.Detail.Mana

    stack traceback:

    LifeBinder/styles/standard.lua:373: in funktion 'setManaBarValue'

    LifeBinder/modules/manabars.lua:44: in function <LifeBinder/Main.lua:233>

  • #21

    I really love this add-on, it is very intuative and has (almost) all of the features I could ever ask for. And though I would prefer to boast about how much I love this add-on, I've run into an issue that I'm unable to resolve on my own. I've been having problems with the Unit positioning option under the skins tab. This is the first time I've ever had this issue with the add-on, as I was able to chose any of the options before without issue. I attempted to change from option 2 to option 4, and when I was prompted to "write /reloadui" nothing happened to the positioning of the units and groups, so I checked under the skins option tab and the Unit position was still set to 2. I tried again and again, but to no avail. This is highly frustrating, especially since I've just started to level another character, but cannot adjust the frames to the position I desire. Please help!!

    EDIT 5/22/12:

    In addition to the above issue from earlier this week, I've just recieved an error. Below is a link to the screenshot of the LifeBinder error text:

    Last edited by Heeelp on 5/22/2012 7:57:34 PM
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