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Money Bags

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  • Supports: 2.3
  • 8,557 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/20/2013
  • Created 03/10/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: MoneyBags-2.03r1

About Money Bags

MoneyBags tracks your currency gains/losses.

It will show a selected currency, and your current balance, along with any gains or losses and a net change.

Cycle through the available currencies using the icons.

Reposition the tracker window by dragging the coin icon using the left-button.

Right-click the coin icon to toggle display of the summary screen

Navigate through historical data using the icons.

Change reporting type by clicking the Period: label - cycles through daily/monthly/current session

Reposition the summary screen by dragging the summary header whilst holding the left-button

The display windows can be scaled in size with

/mbags scale N.NN
/mbags sumscale N.NN

TODO: Add in more summary options (per year)

    - Updated to new event system
    - Added support for new currencies

    - Added support for Freelancer's Mark of Conquest, Freelancer's Mark
    - Visibility status of tracker windows persists through sessions
    - Fixed some nil errors

    - Added support for Infinity Stone, Empyreal Sourcestone, Empyreal Slayer's Mark, Frozen Eclipse Stone

    - Update for Docker change

1.10r1 - Possible for fix for rare nil index event on lines 956, 1021 of r10
    - Added support for Docker
    - Added support for Autumn currencies

1.9r10 - Bug fixes for nil index on line 950, 1003, 1009

1.9r9 - Bug fix for nil index on lines 880, 938, 925
++ icons hide/display on mouseover of currency name bar

1.9r8 - Another nil index hopefully caught
- Added a small minimap based button. Right clicking this will toggle display of all other UI elements

1.9r7 - Hopefully caught the last "attempt to index a nil value"

1.9r6 - Bug fix for circumstance where saved variables exist, but have no x/y coordinates saved

1.9r5 - Update of core to be more watchdog aware
- Icons from Silk icon set 1.3 (

1.9r4 - bug fixes and proper handling for friendship bracelet

1.9r3 - Added Summerfest Friendship Bracelet.

1.9r2 - Added Mark of Conquest currency. Should handle unknown currencies better also.

- Updated for 1.9 currencies

- Fixes the error on first load of day

- Refactored startup, so should cut down on errors in some situations.

- Fixes error with history if you go to a period where you didnt have a currency

- Should work w/ Infernal marks

- Added session to summary rotation
- Added /mbags scale N.NN
- Added /mbags sumscale N.NN - to scale the tracker windows.


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  • #4

    This is a cool addon and I like what it does, but....I have a few things I think would make it even more awesome.

    Here are some ideas.

    Ability to toggle either and both of the windows on/off using a toggle that is a resizable and movable icon.

     Ability to change background color and transperancy on toggle icon and windows.

    Set window open direction. IE up, down, left, right. (Auto?)


    Last edited by DohNotAgain on 3/17/2012 6:58:15 PM
  • #3

    Is it possible to separate the icon and the currently attached box, so that I could place the icon for currently selected currency i.e close to the minimap, and when toggled with left mouse button (no move) it would show the box at a separate location (both separately movable)?

  • #1

    I'm getting real bad overlap on several of the elements in the overall summary screen, making it extra-hard to read. Is there any way to adjust this, or for that matter to adjust the UI SCALE of it? I would love to be able to 'shrink' the current balance indicator a tad bit.

  • #2

    Can you post a screenshot?

    The size of each element should be being calculated, and the widest value in any column used as width for the whole column - so not sure why you would be getting overlap.

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