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Money Bar

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  • Updated 02/02/2013
  • Created 02/22/2012
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  • License: Public Domain
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About Money Bar

Money bar is a small bar, currently located at the bottom of the screen, that tracks all of your currencies.

NOTE: I completely overhauled the filtering process. If you have any errors, you may want to try /moneybar default to reset everything then /moneybar filter to set up your currencies again. Let me know what you think about the new filter system, if it's better, worse, or whatever.

NOTE: Now depends on LibSimpleWidgets

Slash Commands:


  • /moneybar move toggles the bar to be movable. When toggled on, the bar is movable by dragging with your mouse
  • /moneybar default sets the bar to the default position,width, orientation, and colors
  • /moneybar alpha <a> sets the bar's transparency. 'a' is a number between 0 and 10 with 10 being solid and 0 being invisible
  • /moneybar scale <w> allows you to change the width or height of the bar (default setting is 1750 for horiz and 1000 for vert
  • /moneybar orient <horiz/vert> sets the bar to horizontal or vertical
  • /moneybar filter brings up a menu that allows you to pick which currencies to track
  • /moneybarcolor bar <r g b/color> takes in colors or RGB numbers as r g b where r, g, and b are between 0 and 255
  • /moneybarcolor text <r g b/color> takes in colors or RGB numbers as r g b where r, g, and b are between 0 and 255
  • Current color options are black, red, green, blue, brown, white, orange, and purple


  • /moneybar bewegen wechselt die leiste, um beweglich zu sein. Wenn auf getoggelt, die leiste ist beweglichen durch ziehen mit der maus.
  • /moneybar default legt die messlatte an die vorgabe lage, breite, ausrichtung und farben.
  • /moneybar alpha <a> legt die messlatte der transparenz. 'a' eine zahl zwischen 0 und 10 mit 10 sein fester und 0 unsichtbar.
  • /moneybar MaBstab <w> konnen sie die breite oder höhe des balkens andern (default einstellung ist 1750).
  • /moneybar orient <horiz/vert> legt die messlatte fur horizontale oder vertikale.
  • /moneybar filtern offnet ein menu, mit dem sie auswahlen, welche wahrungen auf die spur erlaubt.
  • /moneybarcolor leiste <r g b/farbe> nimmt in farben oder RGB zahlen als r g b where r, g, und b sind zwischen 0 und 255.
  • /moneybarcolor text <r g b/farbe> nimmt in farben oder RGB zahlen als r g b where r, g, und b sind zwischen 0 und 255.
  • Current farbe optionen sind schwarz, rot, grun, blau, braun, weiB, orange, and lila.


  • /moneybar deplacer permet de basculer la barre pour etre mobile. Lorsqu'il est active, la barre est mobile en faisant glisser avec votre souris.
  • /moneybar defaut fixe la barre a la position par defaut, la largeur, l'orientation, et les couleurs
  • /moneybar alpha <a> etablit la transparence de la barre. 'a' est un nombre compris entre 0 et 10 avec 10 étant solide et 0 etant invisible
  • /moneybar echelle <w> vous permet de changer la largeur ou la hauteur de la barre (reglage par defaut est 1750)
  • /moneybar orient <horiz/vert> definit la barre a l'horizontale ou verticale
  • /moneybar filtrer fait apparaître un menu qui vous permet de choisir quelles devises a suivre
  • /moneybarcolor bar <r g b/couleur> prend des couleurs RVB ou des numeros comme r g b ou r, g, et b est compris entre 0 et 255
  • /moneybarcolor text <r g b/couleur> prend des couleurs RVB ou des numeros comme r g b ou r, g, et b est compris entre 0 et 255
  • Options de couleur actuelles sont de couleur noire, rouge, vert, bleu, brun, blanc, orange et violet

This is my first addon, so feel free to give me feedback on how I can improve.

1.1 Fixed text issue Optimized and internal fixes

1.2 Added the ability to move the bar Added the ability to scale the bar Added the ability to change the alpha of the bar

1.3 Saved Variables actual load Can change bar color Can change text color

1.4 Vertical Bar functionality Hopefully some bug fixes

1.5 Bar is now draggable Fewer global variables Functions renamed to be more unique Removed some dependency on saved variables

1.6 The filter is now in! Fixed some of the help output to reflect some of the changes Changed the limits for the bar size to accommodate the fact that some may only track a few currencies.

1.6.1 Now should support German! Furthermore, I removed some test code that was spewing out a lot of spam! My apologies!

1.6.2 Fully translated to German and French with any luck Fixed issue with text shifting by the distance from the edge of the screen

1.6.3 Filter menu shouldn't be an eyesore Hopefully fixed some issues that were affecting German and French users

1.7 Added Infernal Marks

1.7.1 Fixed issue where Favor could not be removed Fixed typo preventing the correct stack of Infernal Marks to be shown

1.8 Added Mark of Conquest, Unique Snowflake, Prize Ticket, Glass Beads, Summerfest Merit Badge, and Summerfest Friendship Bracelet Changed MoneyBar.GetStack() to expect a currency id rather than a currency name Created MoneyBar.BuildFilterUI() to build the Filter UI when the addon loads rather than every time the player uses the filter slash command

1.10 Added Master Craftsman's Mark, Empyreal Stone, Infinity Stone, Autumn Harvest Signet, and Autumn Harvest Ambersap

1.11 Complete overhaul of the filtering system Now needs LibSimpleWidget to run, this is what was used to build the filter ui Now can only track currencies that the player has.

1.12 Fixed blank bar on log in


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  • #36
    Quote from torgman1981 »

    Work well for me now, thanks.

    Thanks for the heads up! Please let me know anything else you find!

  • #33

    New version is pending, hope it fixes some of the issues with French and German.  Also the fitler menu is less an eyesore now!  Let me know if there are any problems.

  • #29

    Looks great, but special letters are busy (replaced by a square) so we can't enter french command (they all  have a special caracter é è ). Impossible to move bar :'(

  • #30

    I'll see what I can do to fix that!  Maybe just replace the special characters?

    Last edited by noselord on 3/26/2012 7:36:10 PM
  • #32

    No problem!  Thanks for the heads up!

  • #31

    Yes, it's a way to solve this bug , thank you for your work. 

  • #27

    Addon not supportet " ßüÜäÄ" in german client :(

  • #28

    Okay, now I get it, I'll try to fix this asap.

    Last edited by noselord on 3/26/2012 7:36:56 PM
  • #26

    Just here to say I'm not done improving this addon, I'm just very, very busy at the moment.

  • #24

    thats sounds great i would for sure use it ^^ keep up the good work :)

  • #23

    when evrery times i log in . money bar cant read last time data, i have to reset every times i log in

     feels like bug at all 

    and icon with nimbers not in thr right position ]

    i think can put /moneybar lock . lock every things.  

    Last edited by chenmingxian on 3/8/2012 10:02:12 PM
  • #25

    It should automatically save everything.  How do you have the bar set up?

  • #21

    you are the man thanks alot bro i love this addon. yea i used to program myself years ago as a hobbie and im gonna get into lua just havent yet i have some books onit coming in the mail.

    i was wondering if u do request ? im looking for something like ther bar u have made for moneybar that shows coords on something withouting having to bring up world map it would be so awsome if someone made that i bet tons of people would use it.

    Anyhow thanks alot for being so prompt and for providing ur time to make make and share such a handy addon with us all it`s very much appreciated ^5s


  • #22

    I'm actually planning to make another bar that tracks location,daily quest count, and so forth.  I'm kind of hoping they'll add xp and prestige tracking soon as I'd love to add that as well!

  • #20

    Hopefully it shouldn't anymore as the files have been approved.  What it was doing was everytime you got currency, reloaded the UI, or anything that called that function it would dump those tables out.

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