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  • Rift
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  • Updated 01/24/2015
  • Created 10/28/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons License By-Nc-Nd 3.0
  • Newest File: V4.0.3
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About nkAdvisor

This addon started out as a database to search for items ingame. Through time the addon has grown to the point it was featuring a lot of functionality. Not all functionality was wanted by every user. So since Version 2.5.0 nkAdvisor is basically a framework to load modules.

The modules are actually addons just like nkAdvisor. They integrate themselfs into nkAdvisor and offer various functionality. By this concept the user can decide which modules (e.g. functionality he really wants).

Currently the following modules are available and need to be downloaded / installed separately:

nkAdvisor:Loot - All loot tables for level 60 players (work in progress)
nkAdvisor:Rating - Rate the gear to make decisions easier
nkAdvisor:Search - Search all available level 60 gear
nkAdvisor:Runes - Find runes for your gear
nkAdvisor:Level - All important loot tables for players leveling their chars

You can access nkAdvisor by typing /nka in the chat. Depending on the loaded modules the functionality of the addon will differ.

The addon and all it's modules are fully translated for the following languages:

* English
* French
* German
* Russian

The addon will add a minimap button. You can open the addon's user interface simply be clicking on that button. Also you can drag the button to whatever position you want.

//**Bug reporting**//

Please report bug or feature request either through the tools available on this site or by sending me an email at

r264 | naifu | 2015-01-24 09:39:39 +0000 (Sat, 24 Jan 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/V4.0.3 (from /trunk:263)

Tagging as V4.0.3
r263 | naifu | 2015-01-24 09:36:26 +0000 (Sat, 24 Jan 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/RiftAddon.toc

force item db update


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  • #25

    loving this, do sometimes get minor errors, nothing groundbreaking and no adverse effect.

    any chance you can include on the seach function "trinkets" doesnt seem to be in there.

  • #26

    Please report any error you find through the bug report feature of the project site.

    Trinkets is on the todo list. However there'll probably no release until the Rift Patch 1.7 goes live due to the massive change on items and tiers in that patch.

  • #28

    how do i copy the error from the game?

    and thanks for the update on your todo, awaiting 1.7 version eagerly :)

  • #24

    great addon, but can you perhaps remake a portion of it to a single standalone addon ?

      I was thinking of the stat weight part, would be great to have a addon that could weight stats between my loot and what I have saved in my nkWardrobe/equipped.



  • #27

    There're way too many restrictions in the API to make such a think possible. Until I have access to the game tooltip I don't think anything can be developed in that direction.

  • #21

    Great addon, but it doesn't save my values. Need to fill/import after each game restart :( 

  • #22

    This has nothing to do with individual addons but a security problem in your windows installation. It's a known issue actually. You need to grant yourself admin rights to the rift game folder.

  • #23

    I have set 'full access' to 'users' group in windows for rift folder. Do I need to set something else?

    It's ok now. There was something wrong with permissions. Thx :)

    Last edited by malcallm on 12/25/2011 11:44:57 AM
  • #20

    This addons is fantastic!!!!

    I love the gear comparison with your own weigths.

    Ill recomend you put default values for everyclass for people who doesnt care about numbers.


    A lot of thanks for this work



  • #29

    how do you know what weights etc to put for values?

  • #19

    super ich danke dir

  • #16

    installed properly, but /nka doesn't open the addon in game for me sadly. Am I missing something?

  • #17

    Please try Verson 1.6.5. There was a problem with the SVN system of Curse yesterday so updates might have not been uploaded properly. Checked 1.6.5 myself by downloading it manually and it worked. Hope this fixes your issues.

  • #15

    grüße Naifu

    ich habe heute das neueste update drauf 1.6.4 mit curse client.

    es ist im addon-ordner enthalten so wie es auch sein sollte.

    wenn ich spiel starte, bevor ich die welt betrete, dann ist bei der addonverwaltung nka nicht drinn.

    im spiel ist es auch nicht und der befehl /nka funktioniert logischerweise auch nicht.

    woran kann es denn liegen das es weg ist, hab ich da irgendwas wichtiges aus versehen gelöscht?

    es wird auch nichts angezeigt ob eine abhängigkeit fehlt.weil ja nka nicht dabei ist.

    hoffe auf eine lösung

  • #18

    Versuch mal die neue Version 1.6.5. Es gab gestern ein Problem mit den Curse Servern im Hintergrund. Denke, dass war das Problem. Habe gerade die aktuelle Version selber hier manuell runtergeladen und die funktionierte.

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