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  • Rift
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  • Supports: 3.0
  • 153,699 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/10/2014
  • Created 10/25/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Apache License version 2.0
  • Newest File: RareDar V0.72
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About RareDar

RareDar helps you track and locate rare mobs that are in your proximity.

Installation and Usage

  • RareDar has a small window that shows a radar screen. It detects when you're in a zone/area that might have rare mobs, and if so, changes the radar screen color to green. Left-clicking the green radar screen trys to target all mobs that might be close, so you have an increased chance of spotting them.

  • Right-Clicking the "RareDar" text shows a menu of known Zones, from where you can select the zone you're in (or you're interested in). This will open an info panel below the main window containing the name, area, and coordinates of a mob in that zone. Clicking the left/right Arrows will cycle through the mobs, making it easy to set waypoints and ride to them consecutively. In that info panel, mobs that you've already killed will be shown in green, mobs that are missing are red, making it easier to check spawn points of mobs you're needing only.

  • Since Version 0.7, whenever you find a rare mob, RareDar will send a message about that to other connected RareDar users. And when RareDar receives a "mob found" message, it will tell you who it was and which mob they found. This allows you to quickly tell them "please wait for me, i've been hunting this mob for ages!". Of course, you decide who to send information to, if anyone at all, and if you want or don't want to get a message when someone else finds a mob. Type /raredar config to open the config screen.

  • If you want to get a route to all known locations of the mobs you're missing, see the TomTom addon.

If you have any suggestions regarding mob names, positions, or bugs in RareDar, please post them here.

To get the newest location database, visit


fixed a typo in V0.71 that was causing a Syntax Error.


Replaced the data file with a version by Gaeladria.


Added and corrected a few mob locations. Implemented informing other players when a mob is found.


Updated LibVersionCheck to 0.2 to prevent errors. Also, added french mob names, and the mapping of dendrome mobs to achievements.


Added locations in the Dendrome, assuming the PTS locations are the same as the real ones. French and Russian are still missing, expect them in a few days when there's a valid XML file on the trion FTP server.

RareDar will detect if someone you're grouping with has a newer version than you, and inform you about that when you next log in.


Fixed a lot of mob spawn positions in Brevane and Dusken, and added several locations in Iron Pine Peak.

Mobs can have comments now, which are shown when you approach their location. For example, if you approach the vengeful spirit in silverwood, you'll get a message that you have to look for the hidden crypt and damage it to make the spirit spawn.

All location and comment data is kept on the website, where you can download new data files faster than the addon itself updates. If you're knowledgeable about mobs, locations, and spawn events, you can help make raredar better by updating information there. Contact me at [email protected] if you want to help. Translators to french and russian are needed especially.


Completely restructured the data file. Each mob has a "world name" and an "achievement name" now, with both names pulled from the Trion XML files, so targetting and detecting if you still need the mob are much more reliable now (think of mordant widow vs mordant queen, XT-300, Ghorgull, and a few others). This applies to ember isle as well, where the mob is named "Nereus" while the achievement is "Kill Nereus".

For Addons like TomTom, which rely on the old data format, a compatibility table is produced when the addon loads.

Also, the new data file makes locations consistend between languages, and allows for more than one location per mob. The locations are pretty much the same as in V0.31 at the moment, but checking and correcting them is the main change i'm planning for the next version.

"Rare found" popups now don't rely on the mob name anymore, but use the portrait - you'll get a popup for each mob that has the crystal in its portrait. This will give you popups even if the mob isn't in the database/the achievement list, which makes it easier to spot the hidden crypt in silverwood (vengeful spirit home), or the strange mound in droughtlands (scarab home).

The popup color changes with the achievement: mobs you've already killed will be shown in green now, mobs you still need for an achievement are red, and mobs that aren't in any achievement table are grey.

The "XXX might be close" message has been changed to "XXX (already killed)" for mobs you've ticked off in your achievement list.

And finally, i found the "infight" bug: if you went infight while dragging the raredar button, raredar started spitting errors. This should be fixed now.


corrected several mob locations (Kavenik, Naeus, Zhrale, Aiyra, Blorrt, Eye of Crucia, Stratos, Thome/Tricksy(german version only))

corrected the ID of the ember isle achievement that prevented "mob killed" info when you had more than 10 mobs

To improve the overall quality of the database, RareDar now logs the name, zone, and position of every rare you find. This information is not used yet, but i'll implement some way of sharing it back into the addon sometime later.

There seems to be a bug when you enter the range of a rare mob while in fight. I couldn't reproduce that bug yet, but as soon as i know what causes it, i'll fix it, so be prepared for V0.32 soon.


Added storm legion data file (from curse posters)

fixed the bug wit raredar crashing when a mob is found

fixed a few mob positions (mordant widow, ol' Barnacle)


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  • #81

    My raredar overlay got swiped off the side of my screen somehow and I can -just- see the edge of it but I can't seem to pull it back. Is there a reset loc command???


    EDIT - Oops I see you have a response to something along these lines further down in comments. I'll try that!

    Last edited by starfae on 3/6/2015 3:17:17 PM
  • #80

    Found Kieran 4375,7936. Also, once you kill the rares in the new tidal area, and find them again, it does not tell you if you have killed them already or not. One of the features i liked. 

  • #79

    Hi... love the add on.  Just downloaded the newest version, and it's not giving me the small radar screen window. I've used the /show, /unlock, i've disabled, enabled, i've done reloadui...nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • #78
    Re: RareDar (location of Brogir)

    I found Brogir at 4588, 955, 3073.  The addon detected him when I accidentally moved my cursor over him despite the fact that the green light did not come on.

    Love the addon, BTW.

  • #76

    I haven't been playing Rift for quite some time, but someone sent me a new data file that's supposed to be updated to 3.0. I just create Version 0.71 (same code, new data file) in the hope it will be useful, but i can't vouch for the correctness of the data.

  • #77

    After updating this addon for 3.0 I get this error

    Error: RareDar/radarbutton.lua:157: attempt to index a nil value In RareDar / RareDar.itembtn:RightClick stack traceback: RareDar/radarbutton.lua:157: in function <RareDar/radarbutton.lua:156>

    Thanks for the work.

  • #75

    So, with 3.0 around the corner I'm wondering if someone will make an alternative to this?

    Thorgeig doesn't seem to be active anymore and RareDar already got a lot of missing mobs.


    Because there will be a lot of new rare mobs and we also got the /setwaypoint X Y feature now, which could be a nice function if the addon would do that with a simple click instead of typing it in manually.


  • #73

    HI! Raredar seems to recognize the summerfest pets, but it has no target macro for them. Meaning, the radar screen stays red, but a message pops up with the pet name. So it's like partiallly implemented. Am I missingt something?



  • #72

    Is there anyway that this can just notify me if/when there's a rare mob around, not just when I'm explicitly looking for one?

  • #71
    The Watcher

    I found the watcher at location 16131, 6735

  • #70

    The Watcher can now be found in the newest chronicle Infernal Dawn.

  • #68

    Is it possible to bind the macro and/or button so I don't have to keep clicking it with the mouse?

  • #69

    Unfortunately, no. Addons allow macros to be bound to UI elements (i use this to bind a target macro to the green button), but they can't bind macros to keys directly, and they can't change what's bound to action bars either.

  • #66

    I have the issue that RareDar doesn't show up on my UI. Using /raredar show doesn't make it appear either.
    The rare messages show up in the chat though. I've had this issue since version 0.4

  • #67

    Maybe your RareDar got moved off the screen somehow. To fix it, delete the save file:

    Go to Rift's character selection, press the Addons button, open the Addon directory. Move 1 level up, down to the "Saved" folder, down again the folder that corresponds to your email address, then SavedVariables. In that folder, delete the RareDar.lua file. Or, open it with notepad, locate the last 2 entries (xpos/ypos), and set them both to something like 100.

    This should reset the RareDar window to its default location, from where you can drag it where you want it.


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