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  • Rift
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  • Supports: 3.0
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  • Updated 11/10/2014
  • Created 10/25/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Apache License version 2.0
  • Newest File: RareDar V0.72
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About RareDar

RareDar helps you track and locate rare mobs that are in your proximity.

Installation and Usage

  • RareDar has a small window that shows a radar screen. It detects when you're in a zone/area that might have rare mobs, and if so, changes the radar screen color to green. Left-clicking the green radar screen trys to target all mobs that might be close, so you have an increased chance of spotting them.

  • Right-Clicking the "RareDar" text shows a menu of known Zones, from where you can select the zone you're in (or you're interested in). This will open an info panel below the main window containing the name, area, and coordinates of a mob in that zone. Clicking the left/right Arrows will cycle through the mobs, making it easy to set waypoints and ride to them consecutively. In that info panel, mobs that you've already killed will be shown in green, mobs that are missing are red, making it easier to check spawn points of mobs you're needing only.

  • Since Version 0.7, whenever you find a rare mob, RareDar will send a message about that to other connected RareDar users. And when RareDar receives a "mob found" message, it will tell you who it was and which mob they found. This allows you to quickly tell them "please wait for me, i've been hunting this mob for ages!". Of course, you decide who to send information to, if anyone at all, and if you want or don't want to get a message when someone else finds a mob. Type /raredar config to open the config screen.

  • If you want to get a route to all known locations of the mobs you're missing, see the TomTom addon.

If you have any suggestions regarding mob names, positions, or bugs in RareDar, please post them here.

To get the newest location database, visit


fixed a typo in V0.71 that was causing a Syntax Error.


Replaced the data file with a version by Gaeladria.


Added and corrected a few mob locations. Implemented informing other players when a mob is found.


Updated LibVersionCheck to 0.2 to prevent errors. Also, added french mob names, and the mapping of dendrome mobs to achievements.


Added locations in the Dendrome, assuming the PTS locations are the same as the real ones. French and Russian are still missing, expect them in a few days when there's a valid XML file on the trion FTP server.

RareDar will detect if someone you're grouping with has a newer version than you, and inform you about that when you next log in.


Fixed a lot of mob spawn positions in Brevane and Dusken, and added several locations in Iron Pine Peak.

Mobs can have comments now, which are shown when you approach their location. For example, if you approach the vengeful spirit in silverwood, you'll get a message that you have to look for the hidden crypt and damage it to make the spirit spawn.

All location and comment data is kept on the website, where you can download new data files faster than the addon itself updates. If you're knowledgeable about mobs, locations, and spawn events, you can help make raredar better by updating information there. Contact me at [email protected] if you want to help. Translators to french and russian are needed especially.


Completely restructured the data file. Each mob has a "world name" and an "achievement name" now, with both names pulled from the Trion XML files, so targetting and detecting if you still need the mob are much more reliable now (think of mordant widow vs mordant queen, XT-300, Ghorgull, and a few others). This applies to ember isle as well, where the mob is named "Nereus" while the achievement is "Kill Nereus".

For Addons like TomTom, which rely on the old data format, a compatibility table is produced when the addon loads.

Also, the new data file makes locations consistend between languages, and allows for more than one location per mob. The locations are pretty much the same as in V0.31 at the moment, but checking and correcting them is the main change i'm planning for the next version.

"Rare found" popups now don't rely on the mob name anymore, but use the portrait - you'll get a popup for each mob that has the crystal in its portrait. This will give you popups even if the mob isn't in the database/the achievement list, which makes it easier to spot the hidden crypt in silverwood (vengeful spirit home), or the strange mound in droughtlands (scarab home).

The popup color changes with the achievement: mobs you've already killed will be shown in green now, mobs you still need for an achievement are red, and mobs that aren't in any achievement table are grey.

The "XXX might be close" message has been changed to "XXX (already killed)" for mobs you've ticked off in your achievement list.

And finally, i found the "infight" bug: if you went infight while dragging the raredar button, raredar started spitting errors. This should be fixed now.


corrected several mob locations (Kavenik, Naeus, Zhrale, Aiyra, Blorrt, Eye of Crucia, Stratos, Thome/Tricksy(german version only))

corrected the ID of the ember isle achievement that prevented "mob killed" info when you had more than 10 mobs

To improve the overall quality of the database, RareDar now logs the name, zone, and position of every rare you find. This information is not used yet, but i'll implement some way of sharing it back into the addon sometime later.

There seems to be a bug when you enter the range of a rare mob while in fight. I couldn't reproduce that bug yet, but as soon as i know what causes it, i'll fix it, so be prepared for V0.32 soon.


Added storm legion data file (from curse posters)

fixed the bug wit raredar crashing when a mob is found

fixed a few mob positions (mordant widow, ol' Barnacle)


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  • #19

    ive just targeted 7 rare mobs,  and not a single one was found by RareDar (including AFTER i targeted them myself.. no notification, nothing..)


    this addon does not work. i would love for it to work, but it doesnt.

  • #20

    Hi Skybreak,

    Being that I work on this project on my spare time, I would also like it to work.  However, you haven't provided any information to assist in doing so.  If you would truly love for this addon to work then your best course of action would to provide the information to assist in finding the problem.


  • #18

    Was pretty good when it first came out. Hasn't been updated in a while and throws errors now Cry


    I hope it gets updated soon.

  • #17

    Came across this thread



    that list rare spawns and the Coordinates. not sure if it would help or not

  • #16

    stphung - just wanted to give you a shout out and a thanks for working on this.  Perhaps it's not perfect yet, but it is / will be a great addition to the game.  Sometimes, we as commentors can sound kind of harsh.


    Thanks again :)

  • #14

    Hi .

    how about an ingame On/Off button , a sounds when a rare is found and raremobnames of outher leanguages then US/UK ?



  • #15

    Hi Gunslinger,


    I'll go ahead and suggest if you want the addon disabled to disabled it at the character level from the character select screen. As far as sounds when a rare is found, that as far as I know is not possible yet.  If you would like to provide more localizations they are open for you to contribute at



  • #7

    Good app concept but UGGGH for coding.

    PLEASE PLEASE since this is likely to be a popular app DON'T make it easy for other careless developers to cause your addon to crash. PLEASE tidy up your code and stop poluting the global variable space.

    It really is completely unforgivable to put things like "red = 0.2" in your config.lua file thus putting the variable red into the global variable space. This means that ALL addons see your variable red. It just means your addon is likely to crash if other poorly written addons use the same variable name. Your should have " = 0.2"

    The simplest solution is as follows...

    At the head of each file put

    local RareDar, private = ...

    Then prefix your variable names with RareDar. eg: RareDar.all_rares so that way ALL your individual lua files can see your variables and so your code works and is neatly split into separate files. However they won't then leak out into the Global space and risk crashing when someone else's badly written addons also pollutes the global variable space. Thus you prevent other badly written addons from causing your addon to crash.


    Once you have tidied up the addon and removed the global namespace polution I have some code I can take from my own addons you can have that will allow you to use the localisation system so that your addon works in all the languages Rift runs in. ie: French, German, Russian, Korean as well as English. All without you having to know anything about those languages.

    Last edited by Pericles on 11/14/2011 11:55:08 AM
  • #13

    Great suggestion. Those of us who've played other MMOs have experienced this sort of issue with other cool mods. It seems to me that the Rift community is looking out for each other much better to help keep the quality of gameplay as high as possible.


    Also, sweet mod. Keep up the good work!

  • #9

    Thanks for this, your outcry is well heard.  I'm always looking for the right way to do things, I'll definitely be fixing things in the next release.  If you could provide more information about using localization or point me in the right direction that would be great.  If you are anxious and want to give me a hand and send me a pull request that would be superb, not asking for handouts just want to give the opportunity.

  • #12

    Great, thanks!  Currently I zip and upload because I prefer not to have my code hosted there.

  • #10

    Always willing to help. I've been learning too as Rift addons are new so sometimes the "old way" (aka WoW way) doesn't work or we had libraries that we used as a crutch without knowing how they worked. So its fun learning and finding improvements.


    Localisation - I've been meaning to write a wiki article on the subject but not got round to it yet. tells you how to setup your project. The key part is to first of all enable localisation in the Project Management section. This adds a new tab to your project called Localization.

    Then create a Locales folder in your addon and grab the Locale-core.lua file from my addon BossReady and add it to this folder, changing BossReady to RareDar in that file. This file does the table magic that allows you to write simple things in your code such as

    print(L["this is text in English"])

    This then gets localised by the process.

    Now in you create a series of files the English Language one will have all your original text and the other files are placeholders for the other languages. The core of the system is that you can allow users on the website to add translations then these translations get auto merged in your addon when you next have the packager build a release. Note the packager directives that are used for the substitutions.

    Have a browse at my files in to get familiar with the general idea and I can assist further once you have had a look and are in a position to ask questions.

    BTW do you use the SVN/Git commit system at to syndicate your code to or do you use the slower manual zip and upload and wait around for an admin to approve your release?

    Last edited by Pericles on 11/15/2011 4:14:16 AM
  • #5

    How do you move the notification bar around the screen?


  • #6

    Currently there isn't a way, so there are no directions to follow.  Of course things like this are a part of the plan and will likely make it into the 0.2 or 0.3 release.

    Last edited by stphung on 11/2/2011 9:17:06 PM
  • #2

    So far, the only "creature" Raredar has identified for me is another Defiant player named "Blister." >.<

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