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  • Rift
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  • Supports: 2.0
  • 10,071 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/02/2013
  • Created 02/19/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: RareNerd v1.2

About RareNerd

RareNerd is an updated and modified version of RareDar that will assist you with finding all of the rares in Rift. Now with Storm Legion support.



  • Drag and drop the contents of the folder into your Rift/Interface/Addons folder; overwrite all files when upgrading. The default location for this is in your Documents folder.

How to use:

  • Left-Click and Hold to drag the window around to your desired location.
  • Right-Click the RareNerd window to display a drop down of all the Zones. From there, select the zone that you are either in or interested at looking at to either find out the coordinates or if you killed a rare mob shown in green or have not killed shown in red. You can navigate through the selected zone rare mobs by using the left or right arrows.


Use /rarenerd or /rn [option] to type any of the following, for example: /rarenerd show

  • show
  • hide
  • lock
  • unlock
  • about

Future Features:

  • Compass and Meter Support
  • Different Display Notifications
  • Change Display Notifications Location


  • Fixed Drifting Ascended Rare Location in Seratos.
  • Fixed Ol' Barnacle Rare Location in Ardent Domain.
  • Fixed Mad Hogger Rare Location in Iron Pine Peak, not Moonshade Highlands coordinates as old data was incorrect.
  • Fixed bug that if you had completed a rare achievement for a particular zone that it displayed you had found the rest in that zone if you actually had not.


  • Fixed bug that could prevent addon from loading.

Initial release:

  • Full Storm Legion Support
  • Fixed Display Notification
  • Fixed Nearby Notification
  • Larger Interface and New Colors
  • New Name
  • New Icon and Arrows


  • #7

    Hey! Thanks for keeping Raredar alive. Not a biggie, but you may want to bring in the locs for more of the Terminus rares from Raredar (though I think even that was missing the Captain and the Reborn Endless cult member). I do know the Slave Driver is still active, but wasn't listed in RareNerd. Thanks for reading!

  • #4

    nice addon, but i know at least 1 rare location which is incorrect.

    RareNerd says the location to find "Mad Hogger", which is an Iron Pine Peaks rare, is at 7337  2014 

    i know for a fact you do not find Mad Hogger on the road just north of Three Springs which is a Moonshade Highlands town :P 

  • #6

    That is just incorrect data/typo from the previous addon that I guess since it was never updated so probably never fixed or never reported. Anyways, the next update it will be fixed as I go through and check more data for other rares for the 5th+ time. :)

  • #2

    How accurate are these locations? I ask this as I have started levelling a char in Pelladane and noticed the rare mob Diocletian has always spawned at location 7447, 5319 rather than the tooltip of 7450, 5654 which is way further south? Just curious how definitive these locations are.


  • #5

    I'm under the impression that rares in game can spawn at a variety of places inside of a general area, and also patrol a pretty nice size area aswell.

    If you don't live for something, you die for nothing

  • #3

    Alanray, they are accurate and been researched and/or verified by others from our resources (forums, zam, etc). There are rare mobs that patrol and/or have slightly different spawn locations, I am not sure of that particular one but it sure sounds like it to either of those. The addon will still work if it is a little further "out of that vicinity" and still display screen and chat notifications.

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