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Rift Healer

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  • Supports: 2.2
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  • Updated 06/04/2013
  • Created 12/11/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Rift Healer 1.7
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About Rift Healer


RiftHealer has been continued by Solsis00. You can continue to enjoy a much more modified version at Click Box Healer Thank you for all the support in the past. I am sure you will enjoy all the changes and modifications has had continued to add.

Rift Healer, the new healing addon. Type /rhr to see some command lines. (show/hide/reset/set#)

Solo, Solo with Pet, Group, Groups with Pets, Raid 5 mouse click macros that can be set into 3 different sets. Set in Options. Draggable and Resizeable. In Unlock mode, just drag the top bar to move around. Click and drag the bottom right corner to resize horizontally and vertically. While in Solo and Group mode, you can click the TT button on the header bar to turn on and off Tooltips.

Pets can be toggled on/off in options. Pets do not show in raid mode (defined as 6 or more ppl)

Click the ? button to go into options. The first tab allows you to set your macros up. Left click, Right click, Middle click, Mouse 4 and Mouse 5. The left widget allows you to /target, /cast (by Selecting the Skill itself) or Custom. In here you can put pretty much anything you could write in a macro. While testing I had mouse 5 as /reloadui :) You can even set up multiline macros now. You can set up to 3 sets of macros. These can be changed manually by clicking the 3 different tabs at the top in this window or by typing/macroing /rhr set#.

The 2nd Option tab allows you do change the health bar. I have 3 pre-defined colors. If you want something different. Just replace a health_*.png file in the /textures folder. You can also change the 4 colors for the names that show depending on their calling. And the 5th option to change is the health percentage text color.

The 3rd Option tab will allow you to setup HoTs you wish to track, and toggle some of the display.

Known issues: Sometimes aggro and los dont function like it always should in wargroups.

If you are in combat, the addon WILL NOT update any frames of characters that join or leave the raid. You cannot go into options. You cannot unlock it. You cannot toggle Tooltips. You cannot close it. All this is addon api restrictions. However, Any macros that are set up are at your disposal. Once you leave combat, everything will be available once again.

To come..Who knows? :P And whatever feedback sends me :) . And...huge thanks for dOxxx's LibSimpleWidgets library. Made all the difference in the addon.

New in 1.7 Fixed errors

New in 1.6 Fix a bug where hots from other players still showed you as having the hot on the target still. Added aggro indicator, the border turns red. Added los indicator, the health bars grey out.

New in 1.5 Fixed a bug that when hiding pets, it created the macros incorrectly. Revamped the macros in options. You can now select all the modifiers for each key. This allows 1 command only for each modifier though. If you want more then 1 modifier then you will need to make a custom macro. Example of this would be: cast [ctrl] long cooldown spell cast [ctrl] spell Just select your key and then click on Custom in the list to go to the custom editor. You toggle pets on/off in options now. The main icon on the top bar will now toggle macro tooltips instead. I placed it there to make it easier to see macros when testing in the options. Modified /rhr reset command. It now will reset all variables, screen position, and then reloadui for you. This should make it easier when upgrading versions and if I added/removed variables.

New in 1.4 Added debuff watch. Will watch for poison, disease or curse. Background color around the Health Percentage will change accordingly. Added HoT watch. Will place a green circle to the right of the name, above the health percentage if you have a hot on the target. It only tracks the hots you place. You can set up what spells you want to track in the options, 3rd tab (UI Elements) Added toggles for debuff watch, hot watch, role icon. These are set in the options 3rd tab (UI Elements) Revamped the main routine, users should notice a drastic cut in cpu usage from previous versions.

New in 1.3 Added Role icons to the interface. More tweaks to reduce latency in high group warfronts and publics. Should be running fairly smoothly now when in those circumstances.

Many more options for macros. In the simple interface you can select (group/focus) and (shift/ctrl/alt) When you click Custom in the select list it will open a full macro editor. This will allow you to have multiline macros. Works just like the built in one (mostly). Whenever you design the macro in the editor, make sure you just use the text instead of @group, that way the code will manipulate it for all the click frames. Everything else should be the same.

New in 1.1 Mainly just streamlined code to reduce high latency, especially in warfronts. Changed some of the internal behavior.

More to come...

1.2 is just a toc version correction.


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  • #7

    I installed Rift Healer and clicked the close box on the raid frame window.  Trying to get it open again I used /rhr open .. that opened it but stopped me clicking any buttons on the header of the raid frame or be able to move it.  How do you get it back open when you click the close box and have it work?

    -- edit

    Ok, I reinstalled and tried it again and its all ok.  Originally I couldn't get the window open again so I went back into the files and tried replacing the original files with those in the 'backup' folder and I suspect that's where the problem with /rhr open being able to be used comes in and the whole mess with the buttons not being able to be clicked etc. 

    If I just did /rhr show to begin with I wouldn't have had the issue. (the instructions were off the screen before I needed them, might be good to have them as a text file with the addon files for people like me :-/)


    Last edited by Shadowfel on 12/14/2011 6:42:10 PM
  • #11

    I'm having the same issue as Shadowfel, as far as not being able to click any buttons on the header.  I have reinstalled several times and it will not reset the addon.  The addon is working properly on all but one of my toons.  The error I received

    Error: RiftHealer/main.lua:234: attempt to index global "rhrMinimapButton' (a nil value)

    In riftHealer / rhrSlashCommand, event Slash.rhr stack traceback:

    RiftHealer/main.lua:234: in function <RiftHealer/main.lua.220>


    I would also like to thank you for the time and effort you have invested in making this addon for healers. 



    This worked for resetting the addon -- Rift folder/Interface/Saved/your account folder/Character Name/Saved Variables then delete the Rifthealer.lua


    Last edited by shendara617 on 12/17/2011 2:13:26 PM
  • #9

    damn, didnt realize the backup folder even got zipped up in it. That needs to be deleted from your folder. Its trash.

  • #8

    I cannot reproduce this error, however I have made many changes since the last update. I will have a new update soon. For now if that problem happens again, just type /reloadui and it should fix it.

  • #5

    i am not able to click any of the buttons or move it...

  • #6

    Umm, not sure on this one. So far you are the only one that has reported a problem. Are you getting any errors in chat? Also could be a problem between other addons. I have tried to keep all my global variables constrained to my addon itself. Try to disable all other addons and then see if it works. If so, start turning others on 1 at a time to see if a problem turns up. Would give me something to look at.

  • #4

    I am checking now for the optional keypresses.

    I am also working on a debuff view system for cleansing.

    Others, and myself have asked for unit.los and unit.range identifiers. still waiting. I would even like to see a unit.aggro. Those 3 to me are severly limiting the addon more then debuff/hots. Once I get debuffs working, will see about hots.

  • #3

    Great concept but unfortunately I am unable to use it. Before I can, two features need to be added.  First would be party member frames fading out when they are out of line of sight or range.  Second would need to be some kind of overlay that shows heal over time spell buffs that overlay the frame of the person they were casted on.  The second would be MAJORLY important and appreciated by healers that use HoTs such as Wardens.  Keep up the good work!

  • #2

    Let me be the first to say thanks and congratulations. I know many of us were waiting for this type of healing addon. I am wondering if you will soon make it possible to use shift+Left Click or ctrl+left click etc. I know this would make things a lot easier and give a bigger variety keystrokes.

  • #10

    Keep up the good work.

    Quote from astral913 »

    I am wondering if you will soon make it possible to use shift+Left Click or ctrl+left click etc. I know this would make things a lot easier and give a bigger variety keystrokes.


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