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Rift Meter

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  • Rift
  • 3,378 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 3.0
  • 412,339 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/06/2015
  • Created 11/01/2011
  • 223 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v1.1.10
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About Rift Meter

Rift Meter is a combat tracker inspired by Recount and Skada Damage Meter.

How to use

  • Set sort mode by right clicking the header bar
  • Navigate through the modes by clicking the rows (left, right and middle clicks)
  • Scroll if the items exceed the shown rows



  • Navigate through all past encounters
  • Death log. Set sort mode to Deaths and click on a player.
  • Ability breakdown
  • Detailed ability information
  • Breakdown per unit. Middle click
  • Detailed ability breakdown per unit
  • Include absorbs as damage
  • Highly customizable
  • Merging pets will affect previous combats as well as including absorbs as damage
  • Switch between enemies and friendly units
  • Report window

Slash Commands

  • /rm - Show commands
  • /rm hide - Hide windows
  • /rm show - Show windows
  • /rm default - Restore default settings
  • /rm config - Opens config window
  • /rm toggle - Toggle visibility of windows

Author: Vince@BlackOut@Brutwacht
Thanks to: Azune@BlackOut@Brutwacht aka Saku

Some icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

v1.1.10 - 02/06/2015 - Changelog:
    - Fixed a bug in death log

v1.1.9 - 01/13/2014 - Changelog:
    - Fixed a bug in death log

v1.1.8 - 11/02/2013 - Changelog:
    - Removed textfields in sliders
    - Added debug information to a rare error in the deathlog

v1.1.7 - 10/15/2013 - Changelog:
    - Overall statistics
    - Text shadows
    - Added /rm version
    - /rm default has a confirmation dialog now
    - Removed SafesRaidManager as a dependency
    - Several bugfixes

v1.1.5 - 05/25/2013 - Changelog:
    - Ability icons have tooltips now
    - Fixed a bug with custom highlighting
    - Added bar visualization to ability stats
    - Report window bug fix

v1.1.3 - 05/15/2013 - Changelog:
    - Goloch parses will cut off after kill now
    - Fixed a bug where values were doubled in damage absorbed sort mode
    - Beautified confirmation dialog - thanks to Dargor
    - Fixed a scrollbar bug
    - Updated to the new Event API

v1.0.5 - 03/22/2013 - Changelog:
    - Still some issues with pets

v1.0.4 - 03/20/2013 - Changelog:
    - Some bosses were added to the show players list due to the "improved pet detection" :S

v1.0.3 - 03/15/2013 - Changelog:
    - Improved pet detection

v1.0.2 - 03/14/2013 - Changelog:
    - Fixed another bug regarding merging pets

v1.0.1 - 03/14/2013 - Changelog:
    - Fixed a small bug in death log

v1.0 - 03/14/2013 - Changelog:
    - Added whisper target and guild wall as options in the report window.
    - After two years of confusion, pets are completely separated or merged now.
    - Added a checkbox for including absorbs as damage.
    - Fixed Deathlog.
    - Slightly edited the class colors to match the official ones. Won't affect existing installations.
    - Edited "Show percentage" formatting.
    - Added options to highlight yourself.
    - "Always show yourself" is working for sort mode Deaths now.
    - Changed tooltip anchor from BOTTOMLEFT to BOTTOMRIGHT to match RIFT's default tooltip behaviour.
    - Several bug fixes.
    - Btw. Damage Taken/Absorbed + Show Enemies + Middle click on mob rocks!
    - In order to open the deathlog, choose Deaths as the sort mode and click on a player's bar in Rift Meter.

v0.22.2 - 02/27/2013 - Changelog:
    - Damage Absorbed
    - More options
    - ColorPicker
    - Deathlog but with some issues
    - Removed the "jump to current fight" pin button. Middle click on window title achieves the same now.
    - Tooltips are colored again


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  • #31

    Pet stats are merged in combat overview. But the ability breakdown shows only your abilities and the total bar at the bottom is your dps without pets. Therefore pets are listed too in combat overview to inspect only their dps and ability breakdown.

  • #33

    Just leave your group.

  • #32

    Yep, saw that, I was mistaken.  Is there a way to make it start recording when I enter combat, an dnot when people around me do?

  • #28

    Thanks dude, nice addon. As a tank it's nice to have a meter showing damage taken :)

  • #27

    This looks very nice. Going to give it a shot!

  • #26

    any chance of update the graphical appearence, or skin, to where we have the option to make it more in line with rifts current ui style?


    pretty please?


    i know it not a functionality difference, but it wlould make the ui more awesome.

  • #24

    An example how the various button works would be nice. I have no idea what the blue sqare is for, how the pin icon (lock in place?) will work, and how to go back in combat history (since you have "jump to current combat, which I can't find either).

  • #25

    Description updated.

    Would have add information on hover by a tooltip, but there's no native support for custom strings in tooltips by now.

  • #22

    you going to add copy and paste so we can show damage of group

  • #23


  • #20

    Tested out the heal per second on a healing dummy, and after a few rounds (clearing) it stopped working. I even tried leaving the area to reset the aggro, but got same result. Damage per seconds worked still when testing on damage dummy, after hps stopped showing...

  • #21

    A new session is started on first attack on an enemy.

  • #19
    Copy to clipboard

    Clipboard (not yet implemented in API)... Its maybe not implemented directly but its possible to copy/paste meter stats to others like they did with simplemeter

  • #18

    From what I noticed the meter seems to peg out a 5888 group dps.  It will not read more than this at least in Rise of the phoenix.  Also the pets still show up as their own dps.  Not sure if the dps is factored into the person it belongs to but it does make raids annoying.

  • #14

    Will be wonderful if u can add settings for the alpha channel

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