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RiftCount DPS Meter

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  • Rift
  • 1,294 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 1.6
  • 150,521 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/28/2011
  • Created 09/27/2011
  • 66 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: RiftCount DPS Meter v2.0

About RiftCount DPS Meter

Welcome to the RiftCount Addon page. This addon is currently a simple DPS Meter. More features will be added very soon and I am always on the hunt for new features to add to my list to implement.

Recent Update:

  One function I am not sure about adding yet as it would be relatively complicated to implement and I have seen very little requests for yet would be ability (skill/spell) information. Information such as highest hit and percent damage per skill would fit into this category. Another feature unrequested that I have considered would be peak dps, possibly splitting fights into user specified sections, either by spitting it into 4 or splitting it every 10 seconds etc, and giving the peak dps per section. These are examples of features that I am looking into adding, especially if I see users showing interest in them.

Features in Development:
Fixes and improvements for menu

Features in Planning Stages:

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements or features to add please email us at We appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have.

Authors: Marru, Ruhk
UI Assistance: Shields

RiftCount v1.0:
 First Release
 Tracks Player and Group/Raid DPS

RiftCount v1.1
 Drag to move

RiftCount v1.2
 New UI
 Player Coloring by Calling

RiftCount v1.3
 Vertical Scaling

RiftCount v1.3.1
 Bug fixes for UI Appearing and scaling
 /rcminimalist switchest to a new minimalist UI option

RiftCount v1.4
 Large bug fix for group joining/leaving errors
 Manual vertical scaling UI (drag from middle bottom of window)

RiftCount v1.4.1
 bug fix

RiftCount v1.5 added 10/4
- Post with copy & paste dps information.

RiftCount v1.6 added 10/12
- Height/Width/Opacity options
- Position locking

RiftCount v1.7 added 10/15
- Sorting now works after combat ends
- Ability Filter added -(/RCFilter)

RiftCount v1.8 added 10/19
- History Functions
 /RCForward /RCBack /RCCurrent /RCPos are now all available to move through the history of past fights.

RiftCount v1.9 added 10/25
- Options Menu

RiftCount v1.9.1 added 10/25
- Bug fixes

RiftCount v1.9.2 added 10/25
- Bug fixes

RiftCount v2.0 added 11/28


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  • #104

    Error: RiftCount/core.lua:81: attempt to call method 'GetFullHeight' (a nil value)
    In RiftCount / Load Saved Variables, event Event.Addon.SavedVariables.Load.End
    stack traceback:
    RiftCount/core.lua:81: in function <RiftCount/core.lua:64>

  • #103

    i get the following error:


    Error: RiftCount/core.lua:81: attempt to call method 'GetFullHeight' (a nil value)
    In RiftCount / Load Saved Variables, event Event.Addon.SavedVariables.Load.End
    stack traceback:
    RiftCount/core.lua:81: in function <RiftCount/core.lua:64>


    when running this...

  • #102

    i get this errormessage when i login to rift.

    Error: Function is deprecated and the addon environment is not in compatibility mode.
    Function documentation:
        Get the height that would be required for this element to display all lines of text.
        This function is deprecated and will be removed in the future. It is unavailable if the game is not in Compatibility Mode.
            height = Text:GetFullHeight()   -- number <- void
    Return values:
            height:    The element height needed to display all lines of text.
        In RiftCount / Load Saved Variables, event Event.Addon.SavedVariables.Load.End
    stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'GetFullHeight'
        RiftCount/core.lua:81: in function <RiftCount/core.lua:64>

  • #101

    This add-on doesn't work at all for me.  I get a blank window come up, and entering combat gives an error message in my chat window:

    RiftCount/core.lua:747: attempt to index global 'encounter' (a function value) In RiftCount / Combat Enter, event Event.System.Secure.Enter.  Stack traceback: RiftCount/core.lua:747: in function <RiftCount/core.lua:742>

    Nothing works.  I had SimpleMeter installed also, so I figured maybe there was some sort of conflict, so I disabled that, and I get the same results with RiftCount. It seems completely broken, at least for me.


  • #100

    There's a problem with this add on that keeps making my game crash :/ I really like it but Imma have to switch add ons til its fixed

  • #98

    How do i uninstall the riftcount dps meter?

  • #99

    Remove it from your addons folder.

  • #97

    Be nice to have it bindable to a key combination so we could toggle the display off and on.

    Fade and background color options would be awesome.


    Awesome addon!


  • #96

    Please add HPS mode

  • #95

    Got the scrolling text of errors again, but failed to get you a screenshot of it. I will get one the next time it bugs out.

  • #94

    Hey everyone, about to upload a new update to the addon, should fix all issues related to the 1.6 patch. If after updating you still see any errors please send me an email and i'll get em fixed up asap.


  • #92

    Just got finished with finals, flyin home tomorrow night. Once I get home I will start working on my addon again, from what I understand it shouldn't take too much tweaking to get full 1.6 support working. I will try to have an update out by friday night unless I have the time before then. Also I really want to add more to this addon and make it everything you guys want it to be so please make suggestions and as long as I have stuff to add to it I will pump out updates over the next month or so as I was doing right after release. If no one suggests stuff to add I will just get 1.6 support and more themes working, so please email me at [email protected], or pm me here or on, or simply leave a comment on this page or the copy of my addon with suggestions or ideas for improvements/updates or even new addons and I will let you know if their possible.

  • #93

    Good to hear, you are going to have some time to update RiftCount. I have had to disable it because of the scrolling error text in the chat box because of it. Will keep an eye out for the update. Hope you did well on your finals.

  • #91

    Hi there,


    Just checking up after a few more days to see if there was any additional response to my comment/question.  Will try the zip and see what happens.  I've now had to disable the addon since RIFT's 1.6 update because the errors just scroll and scroll down my general chat log screen and I am unable to get anyone's dps to show other than myself and whoever the current top dps is.  It is also still erroring and freezing when a group member leaves and we get a new member in the same instance as well as freaking out during spotters order.  I appreciate all the hard work you've put into it and I've enjoyed using the meter quite a bit, but I will probably just end up disabling it at this point til you have time to work on a 1.6 update.  Take care and good luck on finals - those can be such a pain!

    Last edited by Runosai on 11/19/2011 3:11:11 PM
  • #90

    The OneBag clone currently is working fairly well, however there is no way to use items with an addon so its kinda pointless atm, so far its able to display them, and sort most of them, but using them is not available. I will release it when that becomes available.


    As for 1.6 support I currently have finals I am busy studying for, I will be done and home by thanksgiving, so I will work on 1.6 support at that point, but for the moment it is still working well enough to view charts and post the most recent one, the only major issues are with the menu.

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