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RiftCount DPS Meter

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  • Supports: 1.6
  • 175,424 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/28/2011
  • Created 09/27/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: RiftCount DPS Meter v2.0

About RiftCount DPS Meter

Welcome to the RiftCount Addon page. This addon is currently a simple DPS Meter. More features will be added very soon and I am always on the hunt for new features to add to my list to implement.

Recent Update:

  One function I am not sure about adding yet as it would be relatively complicated to implement and I have seen very little requests for yet would be ability (skill/spell) information. Information such as highest hit and percent damage per skill would fit into this category. Another feature unrequested that I have considered would be peak dps, possibly splitting fights into user specified sections, either by spitting it into 4 or splitting it every 10 seconds etc, and giving the peak dps per section. These are examples of features that I am looking into adding, especially if I see users showing interest in them.

Features in Development:
Fixes and improvements for menu

Features in Planning Stages:

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements or features to add please email us at We appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have.

Authors: Marru, Ruhk
UI Assistance: Shields

RiftCount v1.0:
 First Release
 Tracks Player and Group/Raid DPS

RiftCount v1.1
 Drag to move

RiftCount v1.2
 New UI
 Player Coloring by Calling

RiftCount v1.3
 Vertical Scaling

RiftCount v1.3.1
 Bug fixes for UI Appearing and scaling
 /rcminimalist switchest to a new minimalist UI option

RiftCount v1.4
 Large bug fix for group joining/leaving errors
 Manual vertical scaling UI (drag from middle bottom of window)

RiftCount v1.4.1
 bug fix

RiftCount v1.5 added 10/4
- Post with copy & paste dps information.

RiftCount v1.6 added 10/12
- Height/Width/Opacity options
- Position locking

RiftCount v1.7 added 10/15
- Sorting now works after combat ends
- Ability Filter added -(/RCFilter)

RiftCount v1.8 added 10/19
- History Functions
 /RCForward /RCBack /RCCurrent /RCPos are now all available to move through the history of past fights.

RiftCount v1.9 added 10/25
- Options Menu

RiftCount v1.9.1 added 10/25
- Bug fixes

RiftCount v1.9.2 added 10/25
- Bug fixes

RiftCount v2.0 added 11/28


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  • #73

    Have been using the meter and like it quite a bit.. having a few issues with errors tho.  When any warrior I'm in party with uses Spotters Order, RiftCount starts scrolling errors in grey all down my chat box and continues to do so for about 20 lines (or more).  I've also had the same error messages when my ranger beast pet casts one or more of his special attacks.  I've noticed it in raids from time to time but not sure if this is due to someone casting Spotters Order or if there is another spell that it is having the same issue with.  

    I also have noticed that when I drop and pick up new party members for a dungeon, sometimes the counter will freeze and only continue to record my dps on top (without showing it in the main list and without removing the party member who has left).  It also sometimes will freeze upon lfg entry into a T2/T1 dungeon.  

    Overall though, I am really enjoying the addon and it's been a great help!  Thanks so much for creating!! 

  • #77

    yeah this happens quite regularly meaning every single day, I had thought I needed to update it but I find that I have the newest version already. I have considered removing it and going with a different meter a number of times, but I never get around to it.

  • #82

    Not a problem I will get a screenshot most likely today. It seems to be an everyday occurence that it is happening.

  • #79

    please email me screenshots of this error so that I can fix it, I do not encounter this error when I use the addon myself so I can't fix something thats not happening to me.

  • #76

    could you send me a screenshot of the errors it prints?

  • #72

    Lately I have been running low on ideas of things to add and low on errors to fix, still a few but they are coming nicely and 2.0 will be available hopefully this weekend with scrolling on history as well as resorting history fights with correct hps/dps modes.

    I am asking everyone to please make suggestions for what to add, the only new thing I have planned is a truly minimalistic option closer to the old original version. If anyone has any suggestions on desired features or improvements or simply fun things they'd like to see added please either leave a comment here or on the riftui site for my addon or email me at [email protected]

    I also am now working on a new addon, it will be similar to SCT (Scrolling Combat Text) from WoW and have the basics already working, if you have any suggestions for such an addon as well or a suggestion on what to name it those would also be greatly appreciated.

  • #71

    simple answer is i guess they arent compatible, complicated in depth answer is they probably share a variable name making them interfere with eachothers data.

  • #68

    I am not seeing my post so I will post it one more time. Sorry if it dups. 


    The interface is visible, but does not respond. I downloaded this from Curse Client last night. Code appears in the chat window. Below is a link to a capture of the chat window.



  • #69

    Can you do me a favor, try disabling simple meter, see if that fixes it.

  • #70

    Yup. That did it. Don't really understand why, but it works for me.

  • #62

    new update pending should fix those problems.

  • #63

    Yes, it looks much better now... except for one little thing... Screenshots/riftcount_191.jpg

    Why not make the post and menu buttons real buttons instead? Then they will scale with the rest.

    Oh, and what IS that gap in the bottom? Home of the misplaced drag-button? Battle timer? (What is the estimate on arrival of that?)

  • #67

    please try 1.9.2 and also please delete your saved variables file just to be sure, then tell me if your encountering the same UI issues.

  • #66

    Undecided Well, let me see. I downloaded the addon, and then I ran the game. Nope, can't think of what I did to cause it. It was like this from I restarted the game. I tried a reset too, but same misscaling of the labels. Oh. And now the bug happens every time damage is registered at all... (Haven't tested 1.9.2 yet though.)

  • #64

    the gap is the location of the timer once I get time to make it display correctly, and buttons are terrible when used in small spots like that cuz the text ends up small and unreadable if you make them smaller then normal size, and that wouldn't affect scaling at all. how did you cause them to grow like that?

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