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  • Supports: 2.5
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  • Updated 02/17/2015
  • Created 06/12/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 1.9

About Roles

A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe.


Left-click to open/close menu
Middle-click to open configuration window
Right-click to move menu


Two equipment sets can be associated with each role, for example PvE and PvP.

  • Uses the game's built-in /saveequip sets (20 available).
  • Replacement items allow you to reuse an existing set with minor modifications, such as a synergy crystal or trinket.

Two wardrobe sets can be associated with each role.

Custom macro text can be associated with each role. This can include any macro commands supported by the game, as well as commands for other addons.

If KaruulAlert is installed, you can use drop-down lists to easily associate an alert set and subset with each role.

You can assign custom names to equipment and wardrobe sets for easy identification.


Menu uses role names you've assigned in the soul tree window.

Role icons (tank/heal/damage/support) are automatically updated.

Menu can be customized in the following ways:

  • Sort roles by slot, name, or type
  • Extend menu up/down or left/right
  • Adjust spacing between menu items
  • Adjust menu width to fit custom names
  • Specify inactive fade level
  • Place menu anywhere on screen
  • Show/hide background

Current role is displayed to show you which role is active at a glance.

You can choose which roles to include in the menu, which lets you exclude test specs and infrequently used role slots.


/roles (open configuration window)
/roles toggle (open/close menu)
/roles lock (lock/unlock menu location)
/roles reset (reset menu location to center)


Special thanks to the following translators:

  • CĂ©res@Brisesol (French)
  • FriedDuck (German)
  • Poddel (German)
  • Randgruppe84 (German)
  • XopHeT (Russian)

To add/update/review translations, please visit the localization page.

Known Issues

After acquiring a new role slot, the KaruulAlert set drop-down list does not immediately update with the additional set. This will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime, you can type /reloadui to resolve the issue.

Added support for an additional 20 wardrobe slots, for a total of 39.
Added detection of KaruulAlert addon and drop-down lists for sets and subsets.
Enabled scrollbar for longer select lists.
Fixed error that can occur when opening role menu while zoning.
Changed addon environment to Rift 2.6.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.5.

Fixed 1.8 error when loading the addon for the first time or acquiring a new role slot.

Equipment and wardrobe sets can now have custom names associated with them.
Equipment sets can now be loaded and saved from the configuration dialog.
Wardrobe sets can now be loaded from the configuration dialog.
Added option for showing/hiding menu background.
Added German and Russian translations.
Changed addon environment to Rift 2.5.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.4.

Added version checking functionality.
Improved behavior of text fields and select lists.
Made minor adjustments to configuration dialog elements.
Enhanced handling of role type changes.
Adjusted role macros for consistency.
Changed addon environment to Rift 2.4.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.3.

Added support for new /wardrobe command.
Added option for horizontal menus.
Added a help section requesting localization for untranslated languages.
Removed redundant close button from configuration dialog.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.2.2.

Fixed text fields to support all UTF-8 characters properly.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.2.1.

Added settings option for inactive menu alpha.
Added settings option for enabling/disabling role change notification text.
Added support for localization and added French translations.
Increased maximum number of replacement items from 4 to 6.
Changed name of height setting to spacing and changed default spacing for new users.
Changed saved variable names to include addon identifier prefix.
Made minor adjustments to dialog labels and layout.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.2.

Added settings option for menu height.
Fixed bug where changed role names and new role slots were not updated in config window.

Prevent LFG tool group assignment from overwriting saved role icons.

Addon now supports 20 equipment sets.
Updated welcome message to include version number.
Fixed open drop-down list image when dialog closes.
Fixed console error that occured for some users.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.1.2.

Fixed addon error that would occasionally occur upon loading.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.1.1.

Role change notifications are now sent to all chat tabs that receive system messages.
Added color-coding to role change notifications based on role type.
Config window now automatically selects current role when opened.
Fixed a bug that caused menu to become active when leaving combat while config window is open.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.1.

Middle-clicking the menu button now opens the configuration window.
Configuration window now retains its location during the session.
Clicking on the checkbox label now checks/unchecks the checkbox.
Updated help text.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.0.1.

Fixed addon error that occurs when resetting a role.

Fixed issue with text fields overlapping select box drop-downs.

Fixed addon errors for characters with one role.

Initial release.


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  • #58
    2.0 Beta Temporarily Removed

    In light of the wardrobe changes coming in Rift 3.2, I will be removing most of the new features originally planned for version 2. Wardrobe slots will no longer provide actual storage, so there is no point in having the addon save and load its own equipment sets. Item tooltips and set listings are nice to have but not worth the added complexity of having two equipment modes.

    In summary, all changes related to enhanced mode will be reverted. 2.0 will be the same as 1.9 with minor bug fixes and the following additions: the ability to manually assign role icons, new [left] and [right] modifiers for custom macros, and some configuration window enhancements.

    The 2.0 beta has been temporarily removed from the download area. I'll put up a new version of the beta after making the necessary changes.

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #56

    Been having a problem recently with the equipment sets assigned to my Tank role and Reaver role. For some reason it can change from Reaver to Tank just fine, but when changing from Tank to Reaver, it can't put my off hand sword back and keeps the sheild the Tank role equips, just wondering why this is happening, it just displays Item move failed, my secondary weapon is the one I use as primary when in Tank spec.

  • #57

    The problem you described is a limitation of the game's built-in /loadequip command, and not related to the Roles addon itself. You can reproduce the issue without any addons loaded by typing /loadequip (# of tank set) followed by /loadequip (# of reaver set).

    The reason it fails to move your weapon is because it is used by both sets but occupies a different slot in each, and the shield is still equipped when it tries to move the weapon. Fortunately, there is a workaround that you can use:

    1. Save another set for your reaver with just the primary weapon. Leave the secondary weapon slot blank.

    2. In the roles configuration, load this set with your reaver role. This will force the game to unequip your shield.

    3. In the additional macro text area for your reaver role, put the following: "loadequip #" (where # is the set of your actual reaver set that has both weapons). This will allow the game to load your secondary weapon after the shield has been unequipped.

    Hope this helps you with your current setup. In the future, if you get a completely different weapon for your tank set or if you decide to use the same weapon in the mainhand slot for both sets, you would no longer to need to use this workaround.

    Last edited by Zormus on 4/1/2015 8:58:32 PM

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #55
    2.0 Alpha

    2.0 alpha is now available for download, see this post on the Rift forums for more information. If you would like to help out with alpha testing, you can find the file here:

    Edit: 2.0 beta is now available at the above link (more information).

    Last edited by Zormus on 2/17/2015 5:42:35 AM

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #53

    The life of a hobbiest programmer... Always someone wanting you to work on it... but since it pays you no money... your other responsibilities come first. You talked about adding the ability to manually set the dungeon roll to your drop drown roll. (Like Support to Pyrochon, etc.) There has been no update since this so I am respectfully requesting again. :-) A Plus 1 if you will.

    Also I am using the awesome feature of additional macro text but there seems to need to be a pause or a delay. I am useing a /use macro which will have me use an item in my inventory. But becasuse of the cast time on the role switch... it never gets to my use macro... After the role is changed, if I choose the same role again it will THEN use the item no problem because there is no cast time delay as it's already IN that role... but I have to choose each role twice in order to switch roles and use my item. Is there any way to put in a delay so that it will wait for the cast time on the role switch until casting the use? Or maybe change the order so the use comes before the roll change command?

    If it will help at all I'm using one of the "Touch of the..." items that Cause you sparkle with a <color> aura" So you click on it and it gives you the red aura or the blue aura... you glow basically. It seems to have a 0.5 sec cast time as well.

    Thank you again for an incredible add-on! I appreciate the effort you put in for the community!

    Eric aka Sepulcro@faeblight

  • #54

    Thanks for your comments. I've been away from the game for a while but have finally gotten around to getting more work done on the addon.

    The ability to assign a role icon other than the one that is automatically assigned has not been forgotten, and is a feature I'd like to use myself for certain roles. I have however been busy implementing the wardrobe storage functionality for version 2 which is finally ready for alpha testing. I'd like to get people testing that as soon as possible so I'll be releasing an alpha of 2.0 later today. I will add the role icon functionality before the final release so look for it in one of the beta versions soon to follow.

    As for putting a /use command in the custom macro section, you can use the /wait command to use the item after the role change is done. For example:

    wait 3
    use Touch of the Shade

    I've tried the above and it seems to work fine (you may need to adjust the wait time depending on your latency). Using a different color aura for different roles is certainly a cool idea and an interesting way to make use of those items.

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #51

    Can we not have more than six replacement items for a set? I can't seem to add another one below my current list of six.

  • #52

    Six items is the current limit for replacement items.

    Replacement items are intended to be minor changes to an existing set. For example, if you want to use set 5, but with a different synergy crystal. Or you want to use your spell power set but with a couple pieces of crit power gear swapped in.

    If you need to modify a set by more than six items, it is more efficient to just save a new set and load that set directly. There are 20 sets available so you should have plenty of sets to work with.

    Last edited by Zormus on 12/13/2014 11:06:21 PM

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #48

    I am loving this addon. I've been making my own macros for a while now and this plugin makes things so much easier. The one thing I do miss though is being able to change my role using just the keyboard. When I used my own macros I had dedicated action bar 3 to my diffrent roles and could easily just change them. With your plugin I have to use the mouse, go over to the menu, click it, and then click the role I want.

    Is there anyway to switch the roles via a command? i.e. - /roles set=3

    Thank you again for this wonderful addon.

  • #49

    That's a great suggestion. I'd love to add a way to change roles via a keypress, but unfortunately cannot due to the limitations of the addon API.

    The addon cannot programmatically initiate a role change via code, so there isn't a way to provide a /roles command that will perform the full role set change in one command. As you've mentioned, people can of course write their own macros that do exactly what the addon does (the role menu simply executes macros) and put them on their action bar, but that defeats the purpose of using the addon in the first place.

    The addon API also does not currently support keybinding anything, so that option is also unavailable. A user click is required in order to execute the macros in the menu.

    I will make a note of this feature request so that I can add it if the API ever allows it in the future.

    Last edited by Zormus on 6/13/2014 5:34:11 PM

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #46

    Thanks for this great addon, i can't live without it since i first installed it. However, there is one thing that bugs me forever and maybe you can fix the "problem" where Trion fails. Could you implement an option that the player can label a role as Heal, Tank, Support, DD manually? Right now certain specs are identified as DD even it is a support spec (e.g. Pyro/Archon) or as support even it is heal (chloro with a few points in the dom soul) and so on. This would be really useful for the correct sort functionality of the roles in Roles. ;)

  • #47

    Thanks for the suggestion. I could perhaps add a selector that has "Auto", "Tank", "Heal", "Damage", "Support" as options for each role. It will default to "Auto" which is the game-assigned icon, but players can manually select a different icon for that role if they want to.

    I'll add this to the list of enhancements for a future release.

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #43

    This is not working for me any more.. IT was such a nice addon. No matter what i type, it will not show up on any of my toons.

  • #44

    Do you mean that your addon cannot be loaded? Check to see that your addon was installed properly by opening the addon listing ("Addons" button in character select, or in-game by pressing ESC > Addons).

    If you don't see the Roles addon in the listing, it means that the addon files were not put in the right location. When you open the zip file, there should be a folder named "Roles" in there. This "Roles" folder should go into [Your Documents folder] > RIFT > Interface > Addons.

    If you do see the Roles addon listed in-game, and its checkbox is checked in the list, but the menu button is somehow missing (maybe moved off screen), you can reset its location by typing "/roles reset" which should return the button to the center.

    If you are having a different problem altogether, describe your issue in more detail and I'll try to help. Many people are currently using the newest version so it definitely still works.

    Last edited by Zormus on 5/8/2014 8:14:00 PM

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #45

    Thank you for the help, it was showing up in the addon tab of game just not in game but now the /roles reset worked. think i just did /role reset and it did not work:) HUGS!!!

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