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  • Updated 05/07/2014
  • Created 06/12/2013
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About Roles

A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe.


Left-click to open/close menu
Middle-click to open configuration window
Right-click to move menu


Two equipment sets can be associated with each role, for example PvE and PvP.

  • Uses the game's built-in /saveequip sets (20 available).
  • Replacement items allow you to reuse an existing set with minor modifications, such as a synergy crystal or trinket.

Two wardrobe sets can be associated with each role.

Custom macro text can be associated with each role. This can include any macro commands supported by the game, as well as commands for other addons.

If KaruulAlert is installed, you can use drop-down lists to easily associate an alert set and subset with each role.

You can assign custom names to equipment and wardrobe sets for easy identification.


Menu uses role names you've assigned in the soul tree window.

Role icons (tank/heal/damage/support) are automatically updated.

Menu can be customized in the following ways:

  • Sort roles by slot, name, or type
  • Extend menu up/down or left/right
  • Adjust spacing between menu items
  • Adjust menu width to fit custom names
  • Specify inactive fade level
  • Place menu anywhere on screen
  • Show/hide background

Current role is displayed to show you which role is active at a glance.

You can choose which roles to include in the menu, which lets you exclude test specs and infrequently used role slots.


/roles (open configuration window)
/roles toggle (open/close menu)
/roles lock (lock/unlock menu location)
/roles reset (reset menu location to center)


Special thanks to the following translators:

  • CĂ©res@Brisesol (French)
  • FriedDuck (German)
  • Poddel (German)
  • Randgruppe84 (German)
  • XopHeT (Russian)

To add/update/review translations, please visit the localization page.

Known Issues

After acquiring a new role slot, the KaruulAlert set drop-down list does not immediately update with the additional set. This will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime, you can type /reloadui to resolve the issue.

Added support for an additional 20 wardrobe slots, for a total of 39.
Added detection of KaruulAlert addon and drop-down lists for sets and subsets.
Enabled scrollbar for longer select lists.
Fixed error that can occur when opening role menu while zoning.
Changed addon environment to Rift 2.6.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.5.

Fixed 1.8 error when loading the addon for the first time or acquiring a new role slot.

Equipment and wardrobe sets can now have custom names associated with them.
Equipment sets can now be loaded and saved from the configuration dialog.
Wardrobe sets can now be loaded from the configuration dialog.
Added option for showing/hiding menu background.
Added German and Russian translations.
Changed addon environment to Rift 2.5.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.4.

Added version checking functionality.
Improved behavior of text fields and select lists.
Made minor adjustments to configuration dialog elements.
Enhanced handling of role type changes.
Adjusted role macros for consistency.
Changed addon environment to Rift 2.4.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.3.

Added support for new /wardrobe command.
Added option for horizontal menus.
Added a help section requesting localization for untranslated languages.
Removed redundant close button from configuration dialog.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.2.2.

Fixed text fields to support all UTF-8 characters properly.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.2.1.

Added settings option for inactive menu alpha.
Added settings option for enabling/disabling role change notification text.
Added support for localization and added French translations.
Increased maximum number of replacement items from 4 to 6.
Changed name of height setting to spacing and changed default spacing for new users.
Changed saved variable names to include addon identifier prefix.
Made minor adjustments to dialog labels and layout.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.2.

Added settings option for menu height.
Fixed bug where changed role names and new role slots were not updated in config window.

Prevent LFG tool group assignment from overwriting saved role icons.

Addon now supports 20 equipment sets.
Updated welcome message to include version number.
Fixed open drop-down list image when dialog closes.
Fixed console error that occured for some users.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.1.2.

Fixed addon error that would occasionally occur upon loading.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.1.1.

Role change notifications are now sent to all chat tabs that receive system messages.
Added color-coding to role change notifications based on role type.
Config window now automatically selects current role when opened.
Fixed a bug that caused menu to become active when leaving combat while config window is open.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.1.

Middle-clicking the menu button now opens the configuration window.
Configuration window now retains its location during the session.
Clicking on the checkbox label now checks/unchecks the checkbox.
Updated help text.
Updated LibZormus to version 1.0.1.

Fixed addon error that occurs when resetting a role.

Fixed issue with text fields overlapping select box drop-downs.

Fixed addon errors for characters with one role.

Initial release.


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  • #28
    Quote from Zormus »

    can I PLEASE turn OFF the chat spam.....?

    Are you referring to the "Changing role: [role name]" notification that appears when you change roles? If so, then I could add an option to disable that. You only get one message when you change roles and it is visible to you only so I'm not sure if that's what you meant by "chat spam". If you are referring to messages from other addons in your custom role macro (like karuul alerts) then this addon has no control over those messages.

    is right/left expanding possible?

    While it is technically possible, left/right expansion is not something I'm planning to add for now due to the fact that role names are long horizontally and such a menu would require too much mouse movement.

    is it possible to have an addon use the same settings for all toons? instead of having to change each one to the same settings manually

    The addon settings are already account-wide. Each of your characters will use the same addon settings if they are logged in from the same computer. Make sure each character is using the same UI scale so the menu appears in the same place for each.

    yes meant the Changing role: [role name], which i see has been added, which adds to the awesome

    fair enough, no horizontal expansion, makes sense

    noticed that settings were cross character, which is cool, not very common for addons to do that aparently, awesome + 1

  • #16

    Amazing addon! I especially love how clean it is in regards that it just  takes a way a lot of clicking and tipping, but doesn't mess with the equip directly, so I wont be screwed if something changes or the addon doesn't work anymore.

    One wish though: Add the option to make it fade out completely infight!

    Otherwise really great work!

  • #17

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestion! I've received a similar feature request over on the Rift forums as well.

    The next release will include a slider in the options that lets you adjust the in-combat fade level to your liking.

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #15
    Version 1.4

    Version 1.4 includes the following:

    - A new settings option for menu height. It defaults to the original height and can be changed via a slider in the SETTINGS tab.

    - A bug fix for the role select list in the config window not updating with changed role names and new role slots. If you edit your role names in the soul tree window and/or buy a new role slot from the trainer, the config window will now show the correct role list the next time you open it (if config is already open, just close and reopen).

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #14
    Version 1.3.1

    Version 1.3.1 prevents the LFG tool from overwriting your saved role icons with your group-assigned role. This is done by prohibiting changes to role icons when you are inside an instance group of 5 or fewer. Role icons will continue to update normally upon respecs and point reallocation when you are outside an instance, not in a group, or in a group of 6 or more.

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #13
    Version 1.3

    The game now allows for 20 /saveequip slots. Version 1.3 of the addon supports all 20 equipment sets.

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #11

    Is it intended that whenever I quit the game, the settings for "Load equip" are being resetted? It's pretty annoying to have to configure it everytime for every single role I have.

  • #12

    The addon saves all settings between sessions. Are your other addons able to save their settings? Sometimes people have some file permission issues on Windows that causes addons to not be able to save settings. Some of the suggestions from this thread (official rift forums) might help if that is the case. Also note that addon settings are saved upon logout, so if the rift client crashes instead of you logging out normally, any changes you made to any addons during that session are not saved.


    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #8

    This seems like a really great addon, but it has one major flaw (in my opinion) that may not be able to be resolved based on how you've chosen to load gear sets:

    You need to keep all your equipment in your bags, unlike Outfitter (RIP), which allows you to keep your gear in your wardrobe slots when not in use.

    If you can resolve this issue I'd be happy to use it, and recommend it to others. Until then, I just don't have the bag space to accommodate this addon.

  • #9

    This addon does not manipulate gear directly. It simply creates and executes macros using the game's built-in /role, /loadequip, and /equip commands.

    It is intended to be lightweight and simple, a convenient way for people to free up some macro slots and action bar slots.

    While I can see the usefulness of what you are suggesting, it is unfortunately outside the intended scope for the Roles addon. If you really need to use wardrobe slots as storage, I believe a user named Merxion is currently working on bringing Outfitter up-to-date.

    Last edited by Zormus on 6/23/2013 8:09:20 AM

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #10

    I appreciate you getting back with me, and I'm excited to hear that someone will be picking up Outfitter.

    I wish you luck with your addon! You've done a really great job with it!

  • #7
    Important Fix Released - 1.2.1

    I finally tracked down the cause of the addon error that would sometimes prevent the addon from loading. The bug happened occasionally and was difficult to reproduce reliably, but I'm happy to report that it is now fixed.

    To all users - please update to version 1.2.1 as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Last edited by Zormus on 6/21/2013 6:01:33 AM

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #6
    Version 1.2 Released

    Version 1.2 is now available, and includes the following:

    Role change notification messages are now sent to any chat tab that has been configured to receive system messages, instead of just the General tab. This allows them to be seen by those who like to switch to a less cluttered chat tab in dungeons/raids/warfronts. Role change notifications are also now color-coded based on role type.

    Opening the configuration window will now automatically select the current role in the drop-down list. With the middle-click functionality added in the previous release, I found myself expecting the config window to have the current role selected when I open it, so I added this in.

    Version 1.2 also includes some bug fixes and tweaks, and all of the new functionality planned for now. I will be working on adding localization support next. In the meantime, any feedback, bug reports, and feature requests are always welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

    Last edited by Zormus on 6/20/2013 11:37:43 PM

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

  • #5

    Cool addon, I was about to write it myself... so this saves me a lot of time :)

  • #3

    Thanks for the comments.

    In version 1.1, released today, you are able to open the configuration window by middle-clicking the menu button.

    Note for users of version 1.0.2 or earlier:
    If you experienced an addon error when resetting a role while running version 1.0.2 or earlier, it is possible for the saved icons of some roles to become incorrect. To fix the icons, switch to the role in question and it will automatically update to the correct one. Updating your addon to the latest version will prevent the problem from happening again.

    Roles - A convenient menu for changing roles, equipment, and wardrobe

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