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  • Rift
  • 45 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 2.0
  • 17,541 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/14/2012
  • Created 10/09/2011
  • 22 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: 0.8

About Schwarzschild

Schwarzschild is a buff/debuff/cooldown mod inspired by WoW's EventHorizon. It tracks all the important buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns for your character, and displays them in a single unified location, sorted according to when you'll have to pay attention to them.

Once you've installed Schwarzschild, type "/sc" ingame to open the config. It's not the cleanest configuration around. That'll be improved.

Doesn't yet support cooldowns, nor is there a way to move the window. Work in progress.

0.8: Fix packaging error.

0.7: Fixed a bug or two. Added compatibility for the breaking changes announced for 1.10.

0.6: Fix some error spam.

0.5: Fix errors in 1.6.

0.4: Fixed loading bug, now sets position properly and doesn't spam you with errors.

0.3: Fix a merge issue that caused those two items to not show up properly.

0.2: Added movement options. Added a new checkbox, "group buff", for buffs/debuffs that only one member in the group needs to (or, sometimes, can) provide at once.


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  • #21

    You have to supply LibAsyncTextures because you embed it and not everyone has KBM installed.

  • #20

    Error: Event Event.Ability.Add is deprecated, the addon environment is not in compatibility mode, and Schwarzschild has an active hook (named ability+). In Schwarzschild / ability+, event Event.Ability.Add stack traceback: [C]: in function 'error'

  • #19

    I am finding this addon extremely helpful for my warrior tanking. I'll definitely use it from now on. Just a couple of suggestions. Perhaps in a future version you could make it possible to edit the transparency on the black background? I seems that the black background isn't all that necessary but takes up a lot of screen space. Being able to scale the addon would be nice too.

  • #18

    Alright, this addon has potential -- I like the way it works but like others the spamming errors were driving my batty.   So... I cracked it open and did some research.

    What seems to be happening is this (forgive me if my terminology is wrong, I'm a prof developer but this is my first time putzing in lua/rift):

    When a skill such as Countdown is cast it has two parts.   The immediate effect and the delayed (8 seconds later) damage.   The buff tracking routine is called twice for both parts, however the second part has no begin_time, nor a duration.   The current code does not check for this and pukes.

    So, I changed line 97 of main.lua to check for the existance of a begin time, ala this:

    if self.lastid ~= id and detail.begin then

    And so far no more pukage.

  • #17

    wonderfull addon but spamming too much....disable til  fixed


  • #16

    Hey loved this addon, one of my favorites and really useful for Bards with the over half dozen buffs/debuffs bards maintain, I suppose adding them all up, it's closer to a dozen, lol.

    However I've had to disable it due to all the error messsages with the last patch, so:

    Q1) is there a way to disable/block the error messages so I don't loose important chat messages and can still keep using this?

    Q2) is there a fix coming? I really hope this is still being worked on.

    Keep up the great work man!

  • #15

    latest update to addon has caused the error spam to come back.  disabled til fixed.

  • #14

    Great addon, keep up the good work. It would be nice if the addon could detect specs. I can kind of do it with the Linked ability, but for both blinkblade and riftstalk i have many of the same abilities, I only want to monitor Ruthless Stalker in the Blink spec, and things like false blades and guarded steel in rift stalker. Having the ability to check a box to tell it which specs to be active in would be cool. And since the handles aren't in to monitor role changes, in the mean time having sets and macro command to change sets would work for now.

    Also transparencies and color options as has been said before, and is probably already being worked on. And something I did that kind of broke things in an annoying way, somehow the top of my options screen moved above the top of my game window and now I can't move it.

    Last edited by loumineti on 10/17/2011 7:50:11 PM
  • #13

    Thanks helpfull i know u said the ui will change, any chance of that change includeing some sort of transparancy when not in combat or a permanant removal of the black bar

    it would be nice to only c the buff count down with out that black bar there in the first place i can judge how long the buff/debuff has and no need for a time line type thing imo.

  • #12

    Hey love this addon, exactly what I was looking for; thank you for the hard work.

    I did have a bug in main.lua that occured right at the end of every fight, on line 100; it was, error in math _add function, variable 'begin' is nil.  Sorry for the poor wording, I have no idea how to capture errors from the chat window.  Anyways, I did a quick fix which hopefully doesn't cause more harm than good by adding this at line 97:

    if not detail.begin then return end

    That fixed the error for me, works fine now.


  • #8

    Thanks for this nice addon. I have I small problem though - every time I log in, buff bar position gets reset to the default one (hovewer when I start moving it, it snaps back to the position I've set before logging out). Buff settings get saved though.

  • #9

    I'm pretty sure this is because I'm a dumbass. I'll see what I can do :)

  • #11

    Today's update fixed this problem for me. Many thanks!

  • #4

    for some reason, i can't seem to be able to see Bestial Fury ranger buff, am i the only one? or that's a shared problem?


    great addon btw, really helps rogue tanking :)

  • #1
    how can I change the position?
    thanks in advance
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