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  • Rift
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  • Supports: 1.5
  • 369,685 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/19/2011
  • Created 09/29/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Apache License version 2.0
  • Newest File: 2.3.1

About SimpleMeter

SimpleMeter 2.3.1

by Jor @ Deepstrike updated November 19th, 2011

SimpleMeter is an easy-to-use DPS/HPS meter that shows damage and healing for both allies and enemies.

Ability Breakdown


  • View and sort by DPS/HPS/Damage/Healing/etc for both allies and enemies
  • Damage/healing breakdowns by ability for both allies and enemies
  • 4 display modes (All, Self, Top 5, Totals)
  • Export stats for both allies and enemies
  • View past encounters
  • Keep track of stats across all encounters
  • Ally/Enemy names color-coded by calling

Installation Instructions

  • Download the addon
  • Open Rift
  • From character select, click the "Addons" button at the bottom
  • Click the "Open Addon Directory" button
  • Wait for the directory to open up
  • Put the SimpleMeter folder into that directory
  • Return to Rift
  • Click "Refresh"
  • Play the game!

Thanks To

  • My guild, The Ancient Order, for helping to test, ideas, and being awesome
  • Levva's BossReady mod
  • Marru's RiftCount mod
  • Trion

Donations of plat to Jor @ Deepstrike welcome!

If you have any suggestions, bug reports, or feature requests, send an email to [email protected]

== SimpleMeter Changelog ==

Changes in version 2.3.1 (2011-11-19)
* Fixing issue with skill ignore

Changes in version 2.3 (2011-11-16)
* Updated for version 1.6
* Updated find owner logic for pets
* Added skills to ignore for certain bosses

Changes in version 2.2.1 (2011-10-12)

* Fixed issue with mode select

Changes in version 2.2 (2011-10-12)

* Adding ability to show total damage/healing/damage taken/healing received
* Fixed bug when SimpleMeter is disabled

Changes in version 2.1 (2011-10-09)

* Major UI rewrite
* Adding calling-based color coding
* Adding /sm reset to reset to (most) addon defaults
* Fixed bug with ability breakdown when showing Top 5

Changes in version 2.0 (2011-10-03)

* Adding cumulative DPS/HPS tracking
* Adding encounter history
* Adding /sm toggle for use in macros
* Adding new session and encounter split functionality

Changes in version 1.2 (2011-10-01)

* Adding export functionality
* Changing how the time is shown
* Add scroll functionality when viewing Top 5
* Adding alternate export functionality on middle-mouse click

Changes in version 1.1 (2011-09-30)

* Added help tooltip
* Show breakdown of DPS/HPS on mouseover
* Add more display modes (All, Top 5, Self, Total)
* Limit screen updates to 5 times a second to decrease CPU load

Changes in version 1.0 (2011-09-29)

* Show ally and enemy DPS/HPS
* Movable window
* Sort by DPS/HPS
* Expand/collapse ally and enemy stats


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  • #83

    And it has a healing effect. See below.

  • #80

    Invigorated Soul is the healing portion of Cadence. It already shows up.

    Last edited by korpo53 on 3/5/2012 6:26:31 AM
  • #77

    great addon and i love it it's the best so far

    but would it be possible to add a feature to target the mob/player direclty when you click on its/his name?


  • #76

    great addon, but I have one issue... the addon does not track absorbs or at least not properly

    for example if I cast a shield on the tank, the damage it absorbs does not go into my healing. I don't know if this is possible to track in RIFT (as in WoW) but would be a great addition for the addon and would help make the healing more accurate and make it not seem like some healers are just being lazy lol

  • #73

    I love SimpleMeter but ran into a small issue. I accidently bumped it in battle and now it's pushed off screen where I can't seem to grab it.  Re-installing, enabling and disabling, changing windowed mode and/or screen size.. nothing is working so I can grab it again and repostion it. Any suggestions?  Thanks for a great addon.

  • #74

    /sm reset

  • #96

    Thank you too!! I was really worried when this happend to me too...



  • #75

    Thanks so much!

  • #71

    I haven't played Rift in about six weeks now, but this was by far the cleanest addon Rift had at the time. I've gone back to WoW and I think this operates just as cleanly as Skada.

    Good job Jor and I miss playing with you and TAO!



    Last edited by scubab on 12/9/2011 12:54:42 PM
  • #70

    i was wondering, i have noexperience "creating" add ons idk if its out of the question but if you can would you mind creating an add on to sort your bags automatically at the click of a button, or show me where i can learn to make one


  • #69

    For everyone bothered by Tcircuits response, look at how many posts that person has made...


    Either he/she is a total moron (which considering the fact they got banned is a given, really), or they're just trying to troll this thread (which is less likely, but you never know)


    Anyone getting banned from a game will always blame it on 'something else' than what they actually did. I've been banned I don't know how many times from different games, and always it ended up being an 'investigation'. And generally I had my account back within 12 hours.


    The latest ban I got was because (yes in WoW...) I sent a total of 50K gold to someone else from 3 different toons. Got banned, got a mail about it, mailed back, the person receiving it mailed back, and got unbanned.


    So make up your own mind, but I'd say: Ignore the troll/moron, you won't get banned for using any addons. If they don't like the way an addon is used, they'll break the addon, not ban your account.


    To TCircuits: Sucks to be you, find out why you got banned, and stop blaming it on other things. And if you can't do that.. Well. *CENSORED* *CENSORED* *NSFW*.

  • #65
    Quote from TCircuits »

    WARNING: This addon is causing accounts to get banned.  ...

    Bullcrap... pure and utter...

  • #68

    Shouldnt that be bullcrap, pure and udder?

  • #60

    I loved this tool until this weekend, then I started having some questions about it. Here's what happenedd.

    A friend and I were playing together. We were partied and fighting the same group of mobs. Our numbers did not match. From playing WoW and using Recount for so many years, we expected to see the same numbers. Especially when we fight just one creature. Sometimes the difference was 1 or 2 points Other times it was as far as 125 to 70 and she would have 40 and 180. (First number mine and second hers.) There were even a few cases where it showed one of us was not even in the fight, yet the other persons count showed they were. We did compare mob names, but not numbers. The mob names always showed up in the same order.

    I can get you data to look at if you needed it.


  • #62

    It really depends on when you enter the fight, and how long the fight is.  Since SimpleMeter starts combat when you yourself enter combat, for short fights where your friend enters combat much earlier or later than you, it can show large differences in recorded DPS.  SimpleMeter is best on long encounters, like bosses.

    In the example that you gave, I would guess that you initiated combat and burst the mob down a bit.  Then she joined in and unloaded her burst, which subsequently killed the mob.  Because you entered combat first, her meter didn't record your burst as she wasn't in combat yet.  Once she entered combat, her DPS was much higher because she bursted the mob down.

    Unfortunately at the moment there is no way for addons to communicate with each other like they can in WoW.


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