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Super Meter

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  • Rift
  • 691 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 2.4
  • 216,497 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/19/2013
  • Created 12/04/2011
  • 60 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Apache License version 2.0
  • Newest File: Super Meter v 2.02
Support development! **

About Super Meter

Super Meter

The Low Cost Advanced Combat Parser With Raid Sync


  • No library's and attention to addon CPU costs.
  • First ability tracking and 8 enter combat triggers.
  • Full pet tracking for group and non-group members.
  • 14 combat modes: Damage, healing, absorbs, blocks etc.
  • Auto force start combat and auto force end combat features.
  • Absorb to heal tracking and converter, Filters need translating.
  • Highly detailed standard and advanced breakdowns by ability, Including damage type.
  • Session manager: Where you can delete, export, import, rename or view a specific session.
  • 3 unit display styles: White text, calling coloured text or calling coloured bars.
  • Player session combat logs and session death logs with event coloured text.
  • Export stats for both allies and enemies and log entry's for players.
  • Silent sync feature to share data with allies using Super Meter.
  • Merge all sessions: To view all sessions as one.

Slash Commands:

  • /sm - Toggles the Super Meter options bar
  • /sm switch - Toggles Super Meter On/Off.
  • /sm toggle - Toggles view of the main frame.
  • /sm reset - Resets the addons settings.

Add Or Remove Filters:

  • Open "SuperMeter-Filter.lua" with wordpad or similar.
  • Copy any line and paste it in the section you wish to edit, then rename it.
  • Backup your changes to a text file.
  • Then simply /reloadui in game.

Install Instructions

  • Press the escape button in game, select addons and disable Super Meter.
  • Press the "open addon" directory button.
  • Delete any old versions of Super Meter.
  • Install the new version of Super Meter.
  • Enable Super Meter in game.


  • Ferather@Gelidra


  • All past Rift parser addon author's for paving the way.
  • Additional features will be packaged within an additional addon for Super Meter.
  • Base addon is now closed for changes, and will be purely maintained.

Super Meter v 2.02

Tighten this bolt, and that bolt.

  • Items and potions are now auto ignored from critical calculations.
  • Fixed a rare error with the unit range scanner.

Super Meter v 2.00

Gather me not .... No wait!

  • Sync was raid tested by members of : The Rift Walkers@Gelidra
  • Re added pre-set slot sizes and added a cycle feature.
  • New unit gathering engine with a silent sync feature.
  • Fixed an issue with 'Clear all data' and PvP mode.
  • Fixed a display bug with the encounter timer.
  • Multiple display and engine optimizations.
  • Addon counter reset for error tracking.


  • #263

    [Super Meter] is no longer being maintained.

    I have begun compiling a new addon from scratch that will replace [Super Meter].

    The new addon will be smaller, smarter and use less resources than before.

    [RGM] - Rift Game Manager

    > Full combat parsing with combat logs for players, and an absorb to heal converter.

    > Player, player pet, group and group pet combat detection.

    > Instance sync for addon data sharing with units out of event range.

    > Programmable cast bar, which can display specific ability/spell names only.

    > Programmable buff/debuff tracker, Hopefully will add alot of options such as 'In combat only' etc.

    > Extra friendly user interface with options to disable features.

    > No addon library requirement, all code needed is self contained.

    Features may start more simple at the start of the addon launch, And may be improved over time.

    Addon is currently being built with 'Super Meter CPU Monitor' enabled, This allows me to see efficiency of codes used. Due to this it may take a while before the addon is totally complete as I am aiming to make the resources needed to run the addon in full as small as possible.

    [Current New features]

    > Dodge, Miss, Parry and Resist events will now have thier respective damage types updated.
    > Added a data cleaner for combat exit, [RGM] will remove unused, useless stored data.
    > Changed the way user filter operates, Filterd data no longer impacts performace.
    > [RGM] uses up to 88% less resources to gather event data than [Super Meter].*
    > [RGM] has a new combat detection system which responds faster than before.*
    > Added an event > combat system for: Damage, Dodge, Miss, Parry and Resist.
    > Added pet > owner and group combat start/updating.

    * And possibly the best in any addon

    AVG CPU cost is @ 0.06% for 12 units.

  • #258

    Any ETA on an update to include the new absorb shields?  (Physican, Oracle)

    Would very much like to keep using my fav meter.

  • #261

    Just modify SuperMeter-Filters.lua like this:

    filters.absorbs = {
    ["Expectant Treatment"] = true,
    ["Preemptive Therapy"] = true,
    ["Emergency Response"] = true,
    ["Life Insurance"] = true,
    ["Preventative Medication"] = true,
    ["Supportive Care"] = true,
    ["Simultaneous Treatment"] = true,

  • #259

    it would be nice considdering that supermeter is the only one that shows absorb shileds, it feels wrong to heal 1-2k hps whin i know it it much closer to 6-7

  • #251

    Q & A

    Use /sm for the options bar and select help if you are stuck with the UI.


    Q - The Super Meter menu is at the top left of my screen, How do I move it?

    A - Simply left mouse down and drag any blue corner, or middle mouse click the "Menu" title to set it under the menu.


    Q - My units display is wrong I wanted a different mode.

    A - Right click the units list to cycle the display mode.


    Q - Why does Super Meter keep starting new sessions after a fight?

    A - This is due to damage over time effects, which can still deal damage if the enemy remains in combat. Super Meter quickly intercepts by ending and deleting the session.


    Q - Where do I see damage from intercepted damage, such as defiler links?

    A - This will show in damage taken, Intercepted damage counts as self damage.


    Q - How do I export data to Rift chat?

    A - Left clicking one of your two mode totals opens a copy box, simply "Ctrl + C" and "Ctrl + V" into the chat box, Combat logs do that same by left clicking any line to open the copy box.


    Q - Whats the difference between "Actual" and "Full" mode?

    A - Actual mode is ability damage - absorb, block, deflect, intercept and overkill, and ability heal - overheal. Full mode is full ability damage and full ability heal (the reverse). Generally "Full" mode would be used as a performance indicator or for bosses that absorb damage often.


    Q - My Super Meter seems laggy at times.

    A - Try disabling the absorb converter or try performance mode from the options bar.


    Q - How do I move tooltips?

    A - Simply open a sticky ability tooltip and left mouse down and drag the tooltip.


    Q - Why does Super Meter get updated so often?

    A - Super Meter is fully maintained by only my self. Super Meter uses no libraries and everything needed is self contained, This means reduced addon resource costs but requires more maintenance on changes. The up side is that features get upgraded more often.

    Last edited by Baelual on 9/30/2014 5:42:27 PM
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