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  • Rift
  • 49 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 2.3
  • 31,851 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/23/2013
  • Created 09/30/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: TargetCastingBar-2.03r1

About TCB

Shows your targets cast bar in a seperate (movable) window.

To see all available options:


Options summary:

/tcb this - this will set tcb watching your CURRENT target, even if you then change targets, it will continue watching the 'this' target.

/tcb target - will go back to watching your active target, changing as you change targets.

/tcb scale N.NN - applies a scaling to the window to change its size, either larger (scale >1) or smaller (scale <1)

/tcb deplete - the bar starts full and empties as time runs out

/tcb fill - the bar starts empty and fills as time runs out

/tcb reset - resets all options to their defaults

If you do not like my choice of colours for the bars and text, then you can specify your own!

/tcb col bi|bu|ti|tu R G B

bi - Interruptible Bar color bu - Non-Interruptible Bar color ti - Interruptible Text color tu - Non-Interruptible Text color

R/G/B are numbers in the range 0-1

For example, to set the interruptible bar color to what the default is:

/tcb col bi 0.16 0.1 0.5

Not the most convenient way of doing it, but in lieu of a colour picker window being available, it does at least offer the option.

[New in 1.0 - thanks Kalvir (Zelandonii on Steampike)]

/tcb textsize NN - sets fontsize

/tcb remain/total - shows SpellName [remain/total]

/tcb remain - shows SpellName [remain]

/tcb total - shows SpellName [total]

/tcb nameonly - shows SpellName

[New in 1.01]

/tcb lines - toggles castbar text display between 1 and 2 lines

[New in 1.2]

/tcb focus - watches current active focus target

/tcb targettarget - watches current target's target

/tcb border - toggles display of border

/tcb channel - toggles bar direction for channeled spells

[New in 1.2a]

/tcb texture - toggles use of texture on bar


/tcb truncate - toggles whether text that is too long for the bar is truncated


/tcb align L/C/R - aligns bar text

/tcb interrupt - toggles display of all spells or only those that are tagged as interruptible

/tcb alpha - sets an overall base alpha

/tcb prec 0/1/2 - sets the number of decimals to use

/tcb custom X Y - sets the bar to exactly X x Y pixels

Added alpha parameter to /tcb cols


/tcb config - toggles display of castbar. Can be dragged and shows other changes as they are made (replaces lock/unlock)

/tcb undo - undoes any changes made this session


/tcb background - toggles display of background colour (+texture)

2.03r1 + Maintenance update for 2.2 event system

1.9r1 + Updated for 1.10 compatability

1.6.1 + Added options to save/load/list profiles : /tcb loadprofile NAME; /tcb saveprofile NAME; /tcb listprofile Profiles are ACCOUNT WIDE, so you can save them on one character and load them on another.


  • Fixed a problem with texture display
  • Fixed a bug when using non centered text


  • Added /tcb background to toggle display of background
  • Hopefully fixed a display error
  • Changed /tcb config to toggle properly. /tcb config MODE will not toggle
  • /tcb texture no longer requires UI reload to toggle


  • Added /tcb config option. Displays moveable bar (toggle) - Removed /tcb lock|unlock - /tcb config duplicates this with more functionality
  • Added /tcb undo - Undoes all changes made this session
  • Channeled spells should now change direction if told to do so!


  • Fixed an error with target uninterruptible spells


  • Added options to align bartext to L/C/R (/tcb align)
  • Added option to only show interruptible spells (/tcb interrupt)
  • Added alpha option for /tcb cols to set specific alpha levels for bar elements
  • Added option to set overall alpha level (/tcb alpha)
  • Added option to set precision of remaining/duration numbers to 0,1 or 2 decimal places (/tcb prec)
  • Added ability to specify the exact size of the bar (/tcb custom)
  • Bug fix for remain mode
  • Made the texture a bit 'darker'
  • Made the whole bar slightly transparent


  • possible bug fixes for text/bar seperation
  • Added option to truncate bartext when too long for bar


  • bug fixes
  • Added option to toggle the texture used


  • Option for channeled spells to reverse direction
  • Option to toggle border
  • Option to set target as focus
  • Added texture to castbar (Texture taken from WoW addon Quartz) 1.01
  • Option to toggle castbar text display between 1 and 2 lines

1.0 includes changes made by Kalvir (Zelandonii on Steampike).

  • Detection and display of interrupted casts.
  • Centered the text in the bar.
  • Added option to show/hide the 'remaining' and 'total' seconds numeric values.
  • Added option to set the text size.


  • Options to fill/empty bar as cast progresses
  • Options to change bar/text colours
  • Option to reset to default


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  • #27

    /tcb targettarget 

    Should do it.. Though I cant see any mention of this in the changelogs.. Oops!

  • #24
    I noticed since I updated to today's update, when a uninterruptable spell casts, I don't get the TCB Castbar and I get flooded with error messages. I've deleted the folder and reinstalled with curse client and from downloading it manually from RiftUI's page. I've attached the error message I'm getting.
  • #25
    You downloaded the 1.3 version before the 1.3a was available?

    There was a problem in 1.3 where a variable was missing.

    Downloading the version from RiftUI wouldnt have solved it - unless you also deleted your saved variables (in which case the version 1.3a from here would also have worked)

    Or, the following would have put the missing value in:

    /script TCB_Settings.alpha.tu = 1

    I wasnt able to test the uninterruptible part, but for future releases I'll swap the behaviour around so that I can use normal spells for the unint testing.
  • #17
    Can you add an option to place the text, Left, Right or Center? In 1.0 the text was on the left edge of the bar. I 1.2B its in the center of the bar.

    I liked it when it was to the far left of the bar.

  • #20
    This will be in the next release.
  • #16
    The text follows the bar now, thanks ^^ ( I did fresh install of 1.2b ). I had to enable bar texture to see it. Is it possible to make the texture appear more like in CBR? In TCB texture seems to have a lot more 'shine' to it making the text hard to read.

    Thanks for this addon, I love it.
  • #18
    I guess its easier to see then explain:
  • #21
    Ive made the coloring/alpha on the texture a bit less bright - will be in the next release, let me know if its any better.
  • #14
    I tried the new 1.2a, and still having the same problem. The ability name is still in the middle of the screen.
    Also, I use 2.00 as my scale, and I can see the original size TCB castbar behind the re-sized bar. And the original bar that's sitting behind the 2.00 scaled TCB castbar has borders, while the 2.00 re-size doesn't have any.
  • #15
    Hmm. I'm not seeing any of these issues.

    The text is in the bar, and it follows the bar if the bar moves.

    I have just noticed something, that the frame creation may be executed multiple times, so that could be the cause of it, depending on the number of addons you have installed.

    I will upload 1.2b that only does creation once. Let me know if that fixes things, if it doesnt, can you post the contents of your saved variable file for TCB (or do /script dump(TCB_Settings) and post the output)
  • #19
    1.2b did it! It's working once again! Thank you so much!
  • #12
    Seems to be a problem, or perhaps is default which would really suck, with the 1.2 version.
    I like to change the location of the castbar, but the text didn't follow the change. So now TCB is showing the castbar really far away from where the text of the skill is. I have the bar all the way at the bottom of the screen and the text is dead center. This is really annoying :(
    Is this a bug, or this intended? Is there a way to move the text to be in the center of the TCB castbar like it used to be with this new version?
    Also, when you do /tcb it lists "cbr lines - Toggle display between 1 and 2 lines". I'm guessing that wasn't meant for TCB, but for CBR instead.
  • #13
    I also have the problem with the text not moving with the bar. It's stuck in the middle of the screen nowhere near my target cast bar. I can move the bar but text doesn't follow.
  • #11
    Would you mind having for the "remain" option a "x.y" format instead of / in addition to the "x.yz" format please ?
    The 0.01 isn't really helping ;)
  • #22
    Numbers with just 1 decimal place offend me!

    I will add in an option though to have it display 0,1 or 2 decimal places.
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