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  • Rift
  • 159 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 2.5
  • 43,102 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/08/2014
  • Created 01/05/2012
  • 23 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Beta
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: xBagSort 15.1

About xBagSort

Simple tool to keep your inventory, bank, and guild bank nice and tidy. Various sorting methods available from simply moving items to fill empty slots, alphabetical order, to following the list of types on the auction house.

To setup simply choose where you want the xBagSort button to be for your inventory and/or bank. Click to expand it and get your bags in order!

Left-click the XBS button to expand the menu and configure sorting options.
Right-click the XBS button to sort based on the last used sorting options.

Full slash command list:

xBagSort UI:

  • /xbs ui - enables inventory sorting interface.
  • /xbs setup - brings up the intial UI location selection window.

xBagSort Slash Commands:

  • /xbs name - Sorts by name
  • /xbs type - Sorts by type
  • /xbs rarity - Sorts by item quality
  • /xbs ah - Sorts in the same order as the auction house
  • /xbs condense - Sorts inventory by removing empty slots and shifting items towards first bag
  • /xbs quantity - Sort inventory based on number of items in a stack.

  • Appending "bank" to the command will sort your bank instead of inventory:
  • "/xbs name bank" or "/xbs bank name"
  • This works for all sorting types.
  • Appending "bv" to a command, where # is the number of the bank vault, will cause it to sort your bank vault (ie. "/xbs bv01 name" or "/xbs name bv05"):
  • "/xbs name bv02" or "/xbs bv05 name"
  • This works for all sorting types.
  • Appending "guild#" where # is vault 1-5 to the command will sort the appropriate guild bank vault:
  • "/xbs name guild1" or "/xbs guild5 name"
  • This works for all sorting types.

  • To ignore a bag from sorting, add "ignore" for each bag where is the number of the bag.
  • "ignore01 ignore03 ignore04" would ignore bags 1, 3 and 4.
  • This works for both inventory and bank sorting.

  • To adjust sorting order:
  • "invert" or "-i" will reverse the sorting order (Z-A).
  • "rear" or "-r" will place empty slots before items.

  • Appending "autosort" or "auto" will enable auto-sorting for inventory bags.
  • Auto-sorting works for all current sorting methods and occurs when bags are opened.


  • Condense sorting should no longer sort slowly.


  • Updated "auction house" sorting order.
  • "Item move failed" should no longer appear constantly while sorting.
  • "Sorting in progress" messages in chat now shows the total of items to move ("Sorting in Progress: 50 of 100 items moved").
  • Various performance improvements.


  • Fixed an error when sorting bank vaults.


  • Bank sorting with "empty first" placement should no longer cause an error.
  • Condense sort method combined with "empty first" placement will no longer cause items to keep reversing order.


  • Fixed main bank vault not sorting unless all vaults are selected.
  • Bag ignoring slash commands changed from "ignore#" to "ignore" where = 01, 02, 03, etc. rather than just 1, 2, 3.


  • UI Added for bank vault sorting (this may be horribly broken, I do not have any extra vaults to actually test this).
  • Bank lock button will now persist between sessions.
  • Various performance improvements.


  • Sorting should now be faster overall.
  • Moving items during sorting or adding additional items to bag/bank will no longer cause 'Code 1' errors and will continue to sort with additional items taken into account.
  • Fixed error when right-clicking XBS bank button.


  • Added basic functionality for sorting bank vaults.
  • Appending "bv#" to a command, where # is the number of the bank vault, will cause it to sort your bank vault (ie. "/xbs bv1 name" or "/xbs name bv5")
  • Inventory sorting when auto sort is disabled should no longer cause a run-time error.
  • Sorting by rarity should now take transcendent rarity items into account.


  • Note to self: Don't change addon description and break the addon before uploading.


  • Right-clicking the XBS button on inventory or bank windows will now sort them based on last used settings.
  • Inventory bags should no longer occasionally not sort when being opened.


  • Bank auto sort will auto sort inventory bags first (if inventory auto sorting is also enabled).
  • Opening the bank will no longer cause inventory bags to be sorted with bank auto sort options.
  • Collectibles should sort to the proper position with auction house style sorting.


  • Improvements to sorting functions which should result in faster sorting.
  • Various items had a talking to. They will now go to their proper places when using "Auction house" sorting.
  • Bank bags 6, 7, 8, 9 check boxes will no longer apply to bag 5.
  • Inventory auto sort check box will no longer show as unchecked at loading if bank auto sorting is disabled.
  • Text for "Sort Delay" is now "Sort Speed". (Cosmetic change).


  • Initial setup for new characters should no longer appear twice.
  • "Auction House" sorting should work properly again.


  • Addon should once again work!
  • Added Support for inventory bag slots 6 & 7.
  • Updated Auction house order sorting to include new categories.
  • "Sort Completed" should no longer appear while using auto sort.
  • Note: Additional bank vaults not officially supported (read: Author currently only has one bank vault and can't test it).


  • Bank auto sort setting should no longer sort inventory bags.
  • Various debug texts removed.


  • Bank UI added.
  • Setup window will popup again after installing this version.


  • Added additional sorting method (Quantity).
  • Fixed text and button alignment issues.
  • "Lock" button should now properly show as unlocked after manually pressing the XBS button.
  • Notice on Performance watchdog: This addon does use a fair amount of resources while sorting. It is recommended to either increase sort delay, or ignore performance notices for this addon.


  • Various inventory UI features and improvements.
  • Inventory UI is no longer locked below/left of your inventory.
  • New user setup: You will be prompted where to place the UI the first time you use xBagSort.
  • "Lock" feature added.
  • You can now lock the sorting UI and it will be open when you open your inventory.
  • Various fixes to prevent conflicts with other addons.


  • UI button will no longer be visible without inventory being open.


  • Guild vault 2-5 sorting should again work properly.
  • "/xbs ui" will now correctly disable the ui.


  • Added documentation to inventory UI.
  • Added help button to inventory UI.
  • New close button for inventory UI.
  • Inventory UI no longer extends outside the UI window.
  • Guild bank sorting no longer requires items in the first 2 vault slots to check for vault permissions.
  • Guild bank sorting will no longer toggle UI settings.


  • User interface added for inventory sorting.
  • "/xbs ui" will enable the new UI.
  • Clicking the "XBS" button below the first inventory bag will bring up the sorting UI.
  • Auto sort options will no longer persist between sessions after being turned off.


  • Various event items without a type will now be sorted last.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause sorting to stop prematurely while reporting it was completed.


  • Auction house ordered sorting added.
  • "/xbs ah" will sort following the category order in the AH list.
  • Stacks of items will now sort lowest->highest as to always use the smallest stack first.
  • Guild bank sorting should once again work correctly.


  • Auto-Sorting implemented for inventory bags.
  • Appending "autosort" or "auto" will cause bags to sort automatically when opened.
  • Auto-sorting works for all available inventory sorting commands.
  • Appending "show" will display the current method being used by auto-sorting.
  • Appending "off" will disable auto-sorting.
  • Sorting order commands implemented.
  • Appending "invert" or "-i" will cause the sorting to reverse order (Z-A).
  • Appending "rear" or "-r" will put empty slots before items.
  • Sorting will now begin immediately rather than having a delay before the first iteration.


  • Bag ignoring implemented for inventory and bank sorting.
  • Appending "ignore#" where # is the number of the bag you do not want sorted will not sort that bag.
  • "/xbs type ignore2 ignore3 ignore4" will sort inventory bags 1 and 5 only.
  • Command list is no longer displayed in the chat window, "/xbs help" will bring up a formatted list of commands.
  • Empty backpack slots or bank slots will no longer cause errors if you own them but do not have an actual bag in them.
  • Multiple stacks of the same item should sort properly rather than get stuck.
  • Don't forget! Bags need love too, don't ignore them too much!


  • Throttling changes and improvements.
  • Appending "throttle" to a command will enable an extra verification step to confirm a sorting iteration is completed.
  • Appending "-#" where # is 1-9 will speed up sorting iterations by 1-9 tenths of a second.
  • Appending "+#" where # is 1-9 will slow down sorting iterations by 1-9 tenths of a second.
  • Sorting iterations will adjust themselves slightly if the game is unable to keep up with the sorting.
  • Guild bank sorting should no longer lock up the client.


  • Additional throttling and limiting changes.
  • The number of items sorted per iteration has been capped at 75.
  • Rarity should once again sort correctly.


  • Additional throttling added when handling large numbers of items to prevent infinite looping.
  • "debug" command added (for debugging purposes when necessary).


  • Guild bank sorting and throttle modifier implemented.
  • Appending "guild#" to a command, where # is the number of the vault, will cause it to sort your guild bank (ie. "/xbs guild1 name" or "/xbs name guild5")
  • Guild bank sorting checks permissions prior to sorting and should not be counting against daily limits.
  • Appending "-#" where # is 1-9 will cause the throttling to decrease by 1-9 tenths of a second. Speeds above -5 are not recommended.


  • Bank sorting implemented.
  • Appending "bank" to a command will cause it to sort your bank rather than inventory (ie. "/xbs bank name" or "/xbs name bank")
  • "Condense" sorting now uses the regular sorting loop rather than the original one. (Meaning the last empty slot bug is fixed for reals this time!)
  • Added note to description to type /xbs for instructions. (Altira)
  • Some unused code removed from files.


  • Sorting should now take fewer iterations to complete.
  • Similar items will now sort by stack size (ex. Soulhide (50), Soulhide (30), Soulhide (15))
  • Added /xbs abort to break out of sorting.
  • Sorting will automatically abort if to many iterations occur.
  • Multiple items should now sort correctly rather than loop infinitely. (Protonova)
  • Empty spaces should now be filled when sorting by methods other than condense. (Protonova)
  • Performance fix: Sorting list is no longer generated when not actually sorting. (algritz)


  • Added additional sorting methods (Name, type and rarity).
  • Sorting now takes place using an update hook rather than trying to process all at once.
  • Fixed an issue where condensing would occasionally leave the last slot in a bag empty.


  • Initial release


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  • #27

    I too am having this issue. /xbs guild1 type gives me the error, but all other tabs work.

    Currently using 7.0 (3/5/2012)

  • #28

    Make sure you have items in the first two slots of guild bank 1.

  • #25

    Are you both using 6.1? If so try putting things in the first two guild bank slots (starting at the top-left and going across. If you are using 6.0 it was bugged and doesn't sort correctly for guild banks.

  • #26

    thank you, the issue was just that we had nothing in our first bank slot


  • #18

    I wonder if you can add an option to make it sort towards last bag instead of first? that would help me out immensely.

    Also, I dont know if its supported by the API, but Ive been looking for an addon to autosell grey items.


  • #22

    Inverted (Z->A) and rear (pushed to back) sorting will be in 6.0. Auto-sorting on bag opening should be as well, and there will also be a "smart" sorting method that will make a little more sense than any current ones.

    6.0 might be out later today, otherwise tomorrow.

  • #23

    i got the new 6.0, good job, but can i suggest another sorta feature.

    i love how the system worked originally and the -i, -r and autosort features are amazing to have, but the only thing that didnt work for me with this addon was the fact say i have 35 crude weight stones in my inventory, they would sort them, 20 and 15 respectively. so as i use them it would be 19, 15 then 18, 15.. etc as you can see the 20 stack is getting used first, and at some point in time or another it will be, 2 stacks one of 5, and one of 15, which could easily be one stack of 20. 

    Sorry if that is long winded, but bottom line can we put partial stacks in front of full stacks in all sorts except -r sorting?

  • #19

    you could re arange your bags so that the first one looks like the last when opened

  • #20

    The issue is newly picked up items are still dropped into the first available slot, causing clutter..

  • #16

    Awesome addon, one of the "must-have" addons in WoW for me (Genie) makes its way into Rift.


    I just wish Rift's API were half as robust as WoW one, but then again the game didn't launch with addons in mind.


    Keep up the good work 

  • #14

    This error occurs when I try any xbag command, and the error continues indefinately:

    17:44:55: [x Bag Sort] Error: xBagSort/main.lua:234: attempt to index a nil value 17:44:55: [x Bag Sort]     In xBagSort / refresh, event Event.System.Update.Begin 17:44:55: [x Bag Sort] stack traceback: 17:44:55: [x Bag Sort]  xBagSort/main.lua:234: in function 'xmovelist' 17:44:55: [x Bag Sort]  xBagSort/main.lua:610: in function <xBagSort/main.lua:576

  • #15

    You appear to not have a 5th bag. I'm also tempted to say its not a problem with the addon this is fixed for the next update Tongue out.

  • #17

    Awesome, ty Laughing

  • #13

    is there a way to set it so that ignores a specifyed bag(s) so that you can sort it yourself? i like to keep an extra set of gear and various consumables seperate for easy identification and dont want them mixed in with the rest every time i sort

  • #11

    Is there a way to make it auto-sort everytime i get a new item?

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