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  • Supports: 2.5
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  • Updated 01/15/2014
  • Created 11/20/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 1.3

About XMacros

XMacros - eXtra Macros from Xenyr of Steampike.

If you are like me then 25 macros weren't enough and even the 50 macros you get now aren't enough. XMacros is an addon to provide an unlimited number of macros and an unlimited number of bars to fire these macros. XMacros provides its own button bars that can be vertical, horizonal or even grouped as a rectangle. Each button on a bar can have a macro for every mouse button. This allows you to limit the number of buttons on screen by using one button for many actions. For example I have a button setup where each mouse button will make my character use a different mount. 5 mounts on a single button.

XMacros now supports ability timers on its buttons. If you set an ability name on a button then the addon will automatically show the remaining cooldown on that ability. See the images for an example.

XMacros buttons can only be pressed by a mouse click. This is a limitation of the Rift addon api. You cannot use XMacros for you main key bound macros and also you cannot use mouseover macros, as they require a key press to cast. All you other macro buttons (or just normal buttons) can use XMacros.


xm [ current [ setnames ] | off | bars | macros ]

/xm off - turn off xmacros (in case it is causing problems)
/xm macros - open the macro editor
/xm bars - open the button bar editor
/xm current [ setname1,setname2,... ] - make button bar sets setname1,setname2 visible

Getting started:

First lets create a couple of macros. Macros are shared across all characters on the shard. Each macro belongs to a category and you can create as many categories as you need. This will allow you group similar macros and make them easier to find. So lets create a few macros. Start by typing "/xm macros" in the Rift chat box. This will bring up the macro editor. The macro category will be set to Default, which is fine for this example. Enter the name "Mount" in the Name field and then enter "use ash strider" in the text box below the name (change ash strider to a valid mount for your character) and press "Save". Now enter "Mount2" in the Name field and then enter "use crocnard" in the text box below the name (change crocnard to a valid mount for your character, but different from the one used in the Mount macro). Now press the "OK" button.

OK now we need to create a button bar to use these macros. So type "/xm bars" in the Rift chat box to open the bar editor. Enter "Set1" in the set textfield and press the "Add Set" button (it wont seem to do anything but the set has been added). Now press the "Add Bar" button. This brings up the Add Bar window. Set the rows to be 2, the columns to be 2 and the button size to be 52 (which seems to be the default button size in Rift) and press "OK". This will show an empty bar at the top left of the screen. You can drag it to the desired location by using the right mouse button. Now left click on the top button in the bar. This will open the button editor. Click the "Browse Icons" button and select an icon for your new Mount button. Press the "Choose" button beside the Left Macro text and select the Mount macro. Press the "Choose" button beside the Right Macro text and select the Mount2 macro. Press "OK". Now left click the second button on the bar. Type bull rush in the Ability Name text field and press the "Find Icon" button. This will set the icon to the warrior Bull Rush ability icon. Now press the "Choose" button beside the Left Macro text and select the Mount2 macro. Press "OK" on the button editor. Press "OK" on the Set Editor.

Now your bar will be usable. Left click on the top button and you will get one mount (ash strider in my case). Left click on the second button and you will get another mount (crocnard for me). Finally right click on the first button and you will get the same mount as the second button. This is a contrived example, but its just to show how you can have many actions on a single button.

Lots more to come for this addon. Tooltips soon and I am also thinking of addon ability cooldown tracking.

r44 | xenyre | 2014-01-15 21:49:48 +0000 (Wed, 15 Jan 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   A /tags/1.3 (from /trunk:43)

Tagging as 1.3

r43 | xenyre | 2014-01-15 21:49:14 +0000 (Wed, 15 Jan 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/RiftAddon.toc
   A /trunk/Textures/wrench.png
   M /trunk/XMacros.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosAbilityManager.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosAddBarEditor.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosButton.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosButtonBar.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosButtonEditor.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosButtonSets.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosConfirmationWindow.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosEntryWindow.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosMacroEditor.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosMacroPicker.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosManager.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosRowLayout.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosSetEditor.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosTextPicker.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosTexturePicker.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosTimer.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosTooltip.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosUtils.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosWarningWindow.lua

version 1.3


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  • #30

    Sorry about the frustration.  The icon you choose should have no bearing on your macro working.  You can choose any icon from the list and your macro should work.  Maybe you should check the macro for typos or other issues.  Please let me know if there is some other bug.

    I agree on the problems finding icons, but there is a simple serach feature.  Don't press the "Browse Icons" button.  Instead type the name of the icon skill in the "Ability Name" text box and press the "Find Icon" button.  This will also set the left button option to be the ability name you selected, but you can just change this back to your macro.

  • #27

    Hello i get this error when i try to use /xm bars command, its my first time using at i was trying it out with your getting started guide

    Error: LibSimpleWidgetsExt/select.lua:296: attempt to call method 'GetFullHeight' (a nil value)     In XMacros / SlashHandler, event Slash.xm stack traceback:  LibSimpleWidgetsExt/select.lua:296: in function 'CreateFrame'  XMacros/XMacrosSetEditor.lua:231: in function 'CreateRolePane'  XMacros/XMacrosSetEditor.lua:356: in function 'Create'  XMacros/XMacros.lua:208: in function 'EditBars'  XMacros/XMacros.lua:340: in function <XMacros/XMacros.lua:327>

    would love to get it working as it looks like a damned handy addon

  • #28

    Looks like an issue with Rift 2.1.  I have uploaded a fix, so please install the latest version.

  • #25

    The tooltip isn't very useful for this. Maybe you could add full macro text in the tooltip? Or a "description" section for each macro that gets displayed in the tooltip? Or better yet, a description section with 2 checkmarks - Display macro text in tooltip & display description text in tooltip.

  • #23

    Help.. I have used this addon for-ev-er. Just transferred servers, to one I had already been on. I tried to import my settings from my old server and it didnt work. I tried just resetting all of my macros/bars (had to do that last server transfer) and I just got errors. I tried uninstalling , restarting, reinstalling but it had my setting from before. How do I either start fresh or get the bars to start without errors?


  • #24

    You can copy the settings from one server to the other.  Just copy the file:




    If you want to start from fresh then just delete this file from your new server SavedVariables directory.

  • #22

    question, and i mean no disrespect but seriously wanting to know...

    other than Role / Equip changes what else would this addon be good for? if we can't assign buttons to it and have to click via mouse, that limits what we can do with it.. (dont get me wrong, i WILL be using this addon for just that (role/equip changes), i was just curious if there is something else that i wasnt thinking of that i can utilize this addon for?)

    Quote: "XMacros buttons can only be pressed by a mouse click. This is a limitation of the Rift addon api. You cannot use XMacros for you main key bound macros and also you cannot use mouseover macros, as they require a key press to cast. All you other macro buttons (or just normal buttons) can use XMacros."

  • #26

    I find i very useful for not only Role/Equip changes, but also for ... while in raid stuff ... eg: when I run CotA, put up a Medic, putting down Raid food, putting down a Banker, Mailbox or Vendor (all with raid warnings). Then other macros for the Rezzing of the dead with appropriate warnings LOL, also i have a macro that access's a Medic and interacts with it, no need to join the huddle at the medic during a raid wipe recovery :D. Plus I use it to open other /commands (for my various addons). Gosh theres a lot more, and most of those are tied up with various roles and situations that I find myself in, etc.

    Yes, I do wish we could assign Key commands but ... I truly love this macro and I get really sad when it goes away /sniff

  • #21

    Hi ! First, sorry for my english i'm a french player...

    This is a really nice addon but there is a bug about cooldowns when you are a french player like me. The cooldown appear normally only if the icon that you choose for a button have the same name that the skill in left clic button, so if the english name is different that the french name, the cooldown doesn't appear.

    For example :

    The rogue skill Sprint is called Sprint in french too, there is no problem the cooldown appear. The skill Puncture is called Piqûre in french, the cooldown doesn't appear.

    Except for Sprint, all the names are differents.

    Is there a way to fix this bug ? Or a futur update will fix it ?

    Thanks you !


  • #20

    Sorry I haven't answered some of the below questions.  I rarely check the comments on curse.  I look on RiftUI far more often, so I suggest posting questions on that site.

  • #18

    All of my bars gone after update, trying to recreate them and they will not save.

    The macros were carried over though, at least I didn't have to redo all of those (yet).

    Majorly frustrated since I really like this add-on.

    Last edited by Livewire001 on 6/25/2012 8:45:30 AM
  • #19

    Sorry about your bars, I had to rework the save logic for 1.9 and didn't test it well enough :(  Version 1.0.1 should fix the issue.

  • #16

    For whatever reason I have changed my default bar now several times, I even tried deleting the bar and redoing it and yet every time I relog in the old bar comes back. I have no idea how to get it to save the bars short of uninstalling and reinstalling it but that is alot of work I dont really want to deal with.  Any ideas?  I use this mostly for loading gear and roles.

  • #15

    made my macros, put them on the bar, and now the bar hides as soon as I close the XMacros bars box. I have tried turning on the bars, turning off the bars, changing sets.. IDK what to do? Help please.

  • #17

    Mine seems to be broken saving as well. I think something is afoot with the saved variables but how to correct it I am not sure.

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