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  • Supports: 2.5
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  • Updated 01/15/2014
  • Created 11/20/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 1.3

About XMacros

XMacros - eXtra Macros from Xenyr of Steampike.

If you are like me then 25 macros weren't enough and even the 50 macros you get now aren't enough. XMacros is an addon to provide an unlimited number of macros and an unlimited number of bars to fire these macros. XMacros provides its own button bars that can be vertical, horizonal or even grouped as a rectangle. Each button on a bar can have a macro for every mouse button. This allows you to limit the number of buttons on screen by using one button for many actions. For example I have a button setup where each mouse button will make my character use a different mount. 5 mounts on a single button.

XMacros now supports ability timers on its buttons. If you set an ability name on a button then the addon will automatically show the remaining cooldown on that ability. See the images for an example.

XMacros buttons can only be pressed by a mouse click. This is a limitation of the Rift addon api. You cannot use XMacros for you main key bound macros and also you cannot use mouseover macros, as they require a key press to cast. All you other macro buttons (or just normal buttons) can use XMacros.


xm [ current [ setnames ] | off | bars | macros ]

/xm off - turn off xmacros (in case it is causing problems)
/xm macros - open the macro editor
/xm bars - open the button bar editor
/xm current [ setname1,setname2,... ] - make button bar sets setname1,setname2 visible

Getting started:

First lets create a couple of macros. Macros are shared across all characters on the shard. Each macro belongs to a category and you can create as many categories as you need. This will allow you group similar macros and make them easier to find. So lets create a few macros. Start by typing "/xm macros" in the Rift chat box. This will bring up the macro editor. The macro category will be set to Default, which is fine for this example. Enter the name "Mount" in the Name field and then enter "use ash strider" in the text box below the name (change ash strider to a valid mount for your character) and press "Save". Now enter "Mount2" in the Name field and then enter "use crocnard" in the text box below the name (change crocnard to a valid mount for your character, but different from the one used in the Mount macro). Now press the "OK" button.

OK now we need to create a button bar to use these macros. So type "/xm bars" in the Rift chat box to open the bar editor. Enter "Set1" in the set textfield and press the "Add Set" button (it wont seem to do anything but the set has been added). Now press the "Add Bar" button. This brings up the Add Bar window. Set the rows to be 2, the columns to be 2 and the button size to be 52 (which seems to be the default button size in Rift) and press "OK". This will show an empty bar at the top left of the screen. You can drag it to the desired location by using the right mouse button. Now left click on the top button in the bar. This will open the button editor. Click the "Browse Icons" button and select an icon for your new Mount button. Press the "Choose" button beside the Left Macro text and select the Mount macro. Press the "Choose" button beside the Right Macro text and select the Mount2 macro. Press "OK". Now left click the second button on the bar. Type bull rush in the Ability Name text field and press the "Find Icon" button. This will set the icon to the warrior Bull Rush ability icon. Now press the "Choose" button beside the Left Macro text and select the Mount2 macro. Press "OK" on the button editor. Press "OK" on the Set Editor.

Now your bar will be usable. Left click on the top button and you will get one mount (ash strider in my case). Left click on the second button and you will get another mount (crocnard for me). Finally right click on the first button and you will get the same mount as the second button. This is a contrived example, but its just to show how you can have many actions on a single button.

Lots more to come for this addon. Tooltips soon and I am also thinking of addon ability cooldown tracking.

r44 | xenyre | 2014-01-15 21:49:48 +0000 (Wed, 15 Jan 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   A /tags/1.3 (from /trunk:43)

Tagging as 1.3

r43 | xenyre | 2014-01-15 21:49:14 +0000 (Wed, 15 Jan 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/RiftAddon.toc
   A /trunk/Textures/wrench.png
   M /trunk/XMacros.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosAbilityManager.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosAddBarEditor.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosButton.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosButtonBar.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosButtonEditor.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosButtonSets.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosConfirmationWindow.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosEntryWindow.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosMacroEditor.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosMacroPicker.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosManager.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosRowLayout.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosSetEditor.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosTextPicker.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosTexturePicker.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosTimer.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosTooltip.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosUtils.lua
   M /trunk/XMacrosWarningWindow.lua

version 1.3


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  • #13

    If you set an ability name on a button then the addon will automatically show the remaining cooldown on that ability.

    I noticed this does not work for Soul Recall, Rally Scrolls, Scotty's Sheeping Wand, planar abilities like Holy Champion, or using it for changing roles. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong?

  • #14

    Seems to work on Soul Recall for me.  It doesn't work as expected on something like Omen Sight becuase the cooldown on the ability is only 1 second and it grants a buff that lasts 30 minutes, so the button only shows the 1 sec cooldown.

  • #10


    greate addon to clean up the UI. I use it to show the keymappings on my logitech G13 Keypad and to extend my healing macros. One question: qould it be possible to add some Arrows to the standard textures of your addon? I draw some with paint (not really what u wnat to publish) but as soon as there is an update of you addon the pngs are gone

  • #11

    Version 0.8 uploaded.  Just added some arrow icons.

  • #12

    Thanks works now really wonderfull :D

  • #9

    I enjoy this addon very much.

    xMacros certainly helped me clean up my UI. Having 5 clickable actions on each button is well... awesome!

  • #7

    Version 0.6 allows you to edit existing bars.  Delete rows/columns, add rows/columns, move buttons.

  • #8

    sweet job, and i love that you put the mark icons in, i have bin searching like crazy to find icons for it that would work a bit for me. so i loved it when i saw you put them in now


    realy awsome job here thx

  • #3

    nice work Smile

    I open "/xm bars", add new set "Add Set", click Add Bar, click "Cancel",

    it closes xm and not back to "xm bar" return does not open chat input as it normally does. UndecidedYell

    agree with Hecateria


  • #4

    I'm working on a Rift 1.7 version at the moment.  I'll fix this issue and hopefully make the UI a bit more friendly.

  • #6

    Thanks for the feedback.  I'll add bar re-sizing and button moving in the next release.  Unfortunately keybinds aren't supported in the addon API at the moment.  You can have text entry, but you cannot add a hook to get the general Rift keypresses.  I'll add them as soon as they are available.

  • #5

    realy nice new UI, needed a little time getting used to new setup, but looks good. Nice to now be able to chance set names. If we can chance the number of buttons on the rows and bars too then it would be near perfect.


    if the last thing (sadly not implemented in the addon possibility yet) making keybinds :) would come to the possibility then it would be one of the most usefull addons i found till now


    realy keep on the good work, and thx for you efforts on improving gameplay

    Last edited by Hecateria on 2/6/2012 3:26:45 PM
  • #2

    realy nice addon, alot of work put in it by the looks of it.


    a way to edit the bars rows and collums after you created them and possibility to rename macro and bar sets

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