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  • Supports: 5.0.9
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  • Updated 03/20/2014
  • Created 03/06/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons License By-Nc-Sa 3.0
  • Newest File: v6.0.7

About AddonManager

AddonManager helps you keep track of your addons and provides easy ways to access them.

It has a main window that lists all registered addons and their details, as well as a "Mini-Addon bar", where small addon icons can go.

The more addon developers that use it (and it's really easy to use!), the more addons will show up in the list. Give it time =)

For users

  • Type /addons to see all your registered addons
  • Alternatively, click on the AddonManager button in the "Mini Addons" bar

For addon developers

Registering your Addon

  • Add a call to AddonManager.RegisterAddon / RegisterAddonTable in your VARIABLES_LOADED event
  • Example1. At minimum, you can do this:
    if AddonManager then
        AddonManager.RegisterAddon("MyAddonName", "My addon makes you awesome")
  • Example 2. Using a custom icon, a config frame, and a mini-addon button:
if AddonManager then
    local addon = {
        -- Information
        name = "MyAddonName",
        version = "v0.01",
        author = "Me",
        description = "My addon makes you awesome",
        icon = "Interface/Addons/MyAddon/myAddon32.tga",
        category = "Other",
        slashCommand = "/myaddon",

        -- Config-Frames
        configFrame = MyAddonConfigFrame, 
        disableScript = MyAddon_Disable,
        enableScript = MyAddon_Enable,

         -- Mini Button
         mini_icon = "Interface/Addons/MyAddon/myAddon32.tga",
         mini_icon_pushed = "Interface/Addons/MyAddon/myAddon32.tga",
         mini_onClickScript= MyAddon_Action,
         -- miniButton = MyAddonMiniButton, -- (obsolete but still valid - see below)
  • Of course, replace "my addon" with your addon
  • I recommend not printing out that your addon has loaded if you use AddonManager, since the user will be able to see it in the AddonManager list.
  • In the first example, your addon would be considered a "Passive" addon - its text would be colored green (like passive skills) and you can't click on it.


AddonManager.RegisterAddonTable = function(addon)  -- Since v1.042

AddonManager.RegisterAddon = function(name, description, icon, category, configFrame, slashCommands, miniButton, onClickScript, version, author, disableScript, enableScript)

Registers an addon with AddonManager. Adds the addon to the addons list and potentially also to the mini-addons-frame.


  • name - Your addon's name. Default is "[No Name]".
  • description - A brief (one or two sentence) description of your addon. Something that fits in a tooltip.
  • icon - Path to a 32x32 image icon (e.g., "Interface/Addons/AddonManager/Textures/addonManagerIcon32.tga"). If no icon is specified, will use default "recipe" icon.
  • category - One of AddonManager.Categories; will be used for filtering the addons list. Default is "Other". One of Development, Economy, Information, Interface, Inventory, Leveling, Map, PvP, Social, or Other.
  • configFrame - If your addon has a config frame or other frame you want to show when your addon is clicked, use this.
  • slashCommands - Specify any slash commands you've registered so that the user doesn't have to remember them.
  • miniButton - If you want to display a button on the "Mini-Addons" bar, specify it here.
  • onClickScript - If you need to special handling when your addon's button is clicked, you can specify a script for it. If this parameter is specified, configFrame is ignored.
  • version - what version this addon's in
  • author - who made this addon
  • disableScript - A script that can be used to disable your addon. Adds the disable option in the AddonManager list if both disableScript and enableScript are specified
  • enableScript - A script that can be used to re-enable your addon

The Mini-Addon Bar

  • the old extra XML Button definition is obsolete!
  • you may still use it if you require special button handling
  • Example:
    <Button name="MyAddonMiniButton" hidden="true" inherits="UIPanelButtonTemplate" parent="AddonManagerMiniFrame">
			<AbsDimension y="24" x="24"/>
	    <NormalTexture file="Interface\AddOns\MyAddon\myAddonIconNormal.tga"/>
	    <PushedTexture file="Interface\AddOns\MyAddon\myAddonIconDown.tga"/>
  • The only things you should change here are the Button's name and the two textures.
  • Note that you can't have a MiniButton if your addon is passive (because what should happen when the user clicks on it?). A passive addon is one that has no config frame and no custom onClickScript.

List of sample Registrations

- minimap-buttons hideable

- rewrote minibar initialize
... this should finally fix the latest issues

- fixed settings save
- fixed hiding minibar & border

- fix MiniMap Button

- better collapsed minibar
- store 'enable' flag based on character & class
   this means you can enable/disable addons based on character and/or class (req. supported by addon)
- fixed a typo in new script assignment format

- localization
- improved collapsing
- added category 'carfting'
- added: possibility to show 'translators'
- added: dyn. minibar icon


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  • #76
    Buggy Addon List dont hide after restart game


    when i say only the button and no hidelist save this. end the game start the game 1-2min later the addon list is again here.

    its dont save the configs

  • #74

    BTW I forgot to add thanks for the addon in the first place. I do appreciate those that are willing to share what they create with those of us untalented enough to figure this stuff out :) Glitches happen and I know this is done in most peoples spare time for free and I realized I might have sounded ungrateful with the "so inclined" comment, when i was just thinking about it that way. Thanks Much

  • #73

    I have no idea what issue is the others are talking about. My issue is severe though. I had to go back to the previous version(cuz I can't do without this addon) The new version trashed my whole UI reset all my add ons and just made a general mess of things. I have no idea what I have that it doesn't want to play nice with but I can give you a list if you are inclined to figure it out. just let me know. In the mean time i'm heading back to the game to reset everything /sigh

  • #75

    In are some problems with "No Minibar", "no auto collapse" and saving settings.
    (fix coming soon)

    There shouldn't be any UI-Crash - sry for your troubles. I need more info -> see PM

  • #72
    After ButtonPatch again a little Bug

    i can't make the addon list away. always a arrow on side is to see, when i go with mouse over this arrow al 2-3cm Long empty addon list will be to see. i only will have the button on minimap not more! please fix this litte bug. thx

  • #71

    The latest update may have broken the collapse of the addon bar.  Once you get the arrow button to collapse it, there is no way to expand it again.  You are left with an empty window.  Please fix.

  • #69
    Is this addon still being supported? Looks like something I'm very interested in, but getting an error message on load to do with LibStub and Sol.
    The TOC is loading the lib lua files and they do exist so not sure of the cuase of the error.
  • #68
    This is a very convenient and practical addon,
    can you make language file for addon's strings?
    If it have language file,
    we can translate to other language,
    more and more player can use AddonManager easily.
  • #70
    That would be nice. As Addonmanager also displays text from the addons it manages, it would also be great if it would request the desired text/language from those addons.
  • #62

    Have a Small BugMessage
    Image Hosted by
  • #61
    can you make a option for buttons are vertical
  • #58
    This ia great addon!

    No really, it is.

    I'd like to request a feature or two, though.

    1. When AM "catches" an addon it supports and allows you to call it's slash command from AM, it suppresses the usual "addon loaded" messages of that addon. How about having AM say something like "detecting x, x and x addons, now configurable through AM", so the user is told that it caught those addons? Not too long though, so the default chat frame is not clogged. Or make this a floating message like the usual messages about target being too far or stuff? You know, just to let the user know where their buttons went. Of course, this message should be allowed to be turned off after the first time, probably in configuration. It actually took me a second or two to figure out where the pbinfo map button went.

    2. The AM map icon does not have a border around it like others. Even though it "eats" icons normally loadeed by other addons (For example it ate pbinfo's map button after I installed AM and pbinfo no longer loads it's own button or say anything), the AM button itself is a little hard to see and click (I have the Minibar disabled since a couple adddons I have are configurable through AM, but don't come up on the bar so I end up opening the menu anyway), so I don't use the bar. Would it be possible to add a border so the icon is more noticeable?

    3. Would it be possible to make an interface to manually specify an addon, it's folder, what slash commands it takes, and add it to AM for management? I mean for those where the author hasn't added support for AM yet. And of course it should eat the loading messages of addons added by the user like this, too.

    4. AM doesn't properly sort all passive addons to the list bottom. For example AdvancedAuctionhouse only does anything when you're inside the AH, and doesn't even need any configuration, and yet it's above ChatSettings (Which does have a slash command to disable and enable it, so it's not really a "passive" addon) and should not be treated as such. You even have AM able to call the /chatsettings slash command, so it's not passive. Shut Up! also has a bunch of commands, and is not passive either, but it's being grouped with passive addons, plus the /su command doesn't do anythng when I click on the icon in AM.

    5. Speaking of Shut Up! would it be possible to have a way to have AM call the other functions of this addon? The /su [something here] ones. Well, probably the add and remove commands can't be made clickable since they require a userdefined input, but AM can probably be made to call show, hide, and list commands, right? You do this with the slash commands of other addons, and very nicely I might add.

    6. When I clicked the checkbox to disable/enable ChatSettings, the game gives an error about a nil value. Possible fix for this?

    7. "Show slash command instead of category" doesn't seem to have any noticeable effect that I can see. I'm probably blind, so corrct me if I'm wrong.

    8. The "Miniaddon bar frame [something here]" dropdown at the bottom of config gets truncated and is half undreadable. And it also doesn't seem to have any noticeable effect if I change any of these, so also correct me if I'm wrong on this.

    And that's all I got. Sorry if it's a lot.
  • #64
    1: I do not think AddonManager surpresses messages, the addon in question itself might have it coded to show a message if AddonManager is not found and if it is found not to display a loaded message. I do this same thing with my addon as well, it will display a loaded message along with the slash command to use if AddonManager is not found, but if found does not display anything. (Maybe I am wrong, I have never dug into AM's code), but I know none of my addons are surpressed by it and most of the addons I use support AM. My own is surpressed, but like I said I had coded it that way.

    2: Again, I believe this is via the Addon in question. pbinfo I believe will hide its minimap icon if AddonManager is installed because technically it is not needed since the button is now available in AddonManager instead.

    3: No comment here, leaving for Alleris2_0 if he wants to add that to his addon! :)

    4: Advanced Auction House is listed as "Economy" and not "Passive", Economy does not imply that the addon is a passive addon and such could possibly have functions that are clickable thus it is treated as a normal addon. To make it passive, the developer of AAH would have to change "Economy" to "Passive" or you can open AdvancedAuctionhouse.lua and find category = "Economy" and change it to category = "Passive"

    5: Again, No comment here

    6: AddonManager has chat settings?

    7: With the option "Unchecked" You will see in Addon manager below the icon for the Addon category titles such as Information, Interface, etc.. When you check the option and click save however, it instead shows the slash command for the addon instead of the name of category it is in. (so instead of showing Interface for pbinfo, it would show /pbic)

    8: Can you post an image as it would be helpful to see. (I know in my own game the dropdowns are fine and are not truncated)

    Just trying helping where I can! :)
  • #67
    1. I was a newbie to using AM back when I posted this, and have since learned that not showing the map buttons and loading messages when AM is detected is a per-addon thing.

    2. See below about the border thing.

    3. I really really want this feature but Alleris sees to be MIA.

    4. Nevermind. Again from back when I didn't know how AM worked.

    5. SU is dead. Long live UBL! :)

    6. I was talking about Alleris' other addon called ChatSettings that adds more filtering options to the Channel Settings. It gives an error when you try to disable it.

    7. This has never worked for me. Maybe I'm just blind, but both category and slash command have always been showing. Weird.

    8. This is the bottom option on the Options tab for AM and it's being truncated. I cannot get ingame yet because of the patch taking long on Dialup, sorry.

    Yes, thank you for the reply even though I had pretty much given up on hearing anything from anybody.....
  • #59
    Oh, and it doesn't properly "eat" the map icon for Inventory Viewer. Although IV is openable from AM, the icon is still there on the map.
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