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About Chat Guard NoSpam

ChatGuard No Spam v1.1

ChatGuard No Spam is a new take on an old problem. Gold seller spammers are every where. In game black list can only hold so much, not to mention its a manual process.

Other addons have tried, and come close, at stopping spammers. They typically rely on the user to keep the site list updated or to add the necessary key words.

Most anti-spam addons make use of blacklists to keep the spammers out. Either through managing the in-game black list for you, or through setting up their own system. Problem with that is for the first option, it limits your ability to use the black list for other reasons. Main issue with the second method is that if for some reason the custom data gets erased, the black list is lost. It also adds more data to the saved data file.

ChatGuard No Spam does not black list any one. It just stops the message from being displayed. ChatGuard No Spam is very lightweight, saving only configuration options and a running count of spam messages blocked. ChatGuard No Spam blocks 95+ gold seller and bot sites at install. No Spam also looks to block new sites that may arise, making use of key words, blocking the message if a certain number of key words is reached.

Currently, based on testing so far it has a 100% block rate for whispers and zone spammers, and as far as I can tell is not blocking normal messages.

Final release will (hopefully) include a config window to configure the options and get No Spam to block spam messages in say chat.

ChatGuard No Spam change log


    - Added new sites to master site list

    - Added ability to add sites or key words - /nospam addsite site
    - Added ability to disable addon for specific toons - /nospam enable|disable toon
    - Revamped the site list - list now takes into account single spaces between letters, also droped .com/.net/.cc from
        sites - this allows for 1 site to cover all possible tld's, instead of having to add 1 domain 5 times
    - Updated list with a couple new sites that have popped up
    - Updated key word list with a new form of www (wvvw - that is w, two "v"s and w again)
    - Added readme.txt
    - Fixed (hopefully) small bug where whispered spam messages were still added to whisper window
    - Updated cgnsLang_ENUS.lua with new texts
    - Cleaned up code - removed unused functions, etc
    - Detailed change log for a change

1.1 - 1.2
    -Added sites
    -Various fixes

    -Initial release


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  • #18

    I recently downloaded this addon with a bit of skepticism. It almost seemed too good to be true. Lo and behold, it stops those darn spammers from showing up in your chat box! This is one of my new favorite addons! I strongly suggest this addon to players who aren't gold spammers.

  • #13
    screw this addon, go download Ultimate Blacklist. WAY better
  • #14
    Until your first game crash where all blacklisted players are lost, all key words that you have entered in are lost :D

    But that is fine - what ever you are happy with.

  • #15
    then you musta been using aWAY older version. because ive never had that issue even on a crash.
  • #17
    I'm going based on the fact that I know it uses the saved variables file and past experiences with addons loosing info on crashes/improper shutdowns.

    If that isn't happening now then great. Glad your happy, thats all that matters.

    Of to go get ChatGuard NoSpam to block incomming spam mail, as well as blocking chat say spammers...

  • #11
    Awesome Addon!

    Though I get this CHAT_MSG_SAY message everytime somebody says something in 'Say'. It seems nobody else has this same problem... Any idea why or what it's caused by?
  • #12
    I just looked through the source code and am not seeing where it would be saying that, and just tested it with my copy and didn't see the message. Can you confirm that it is my addon by removing it and see if it still happens?

    You also can try removing it and re-installing the addon. If that doesn't work, feel free to send me the cgnsSpam.lua file via email ( dataspiller AT gmail DOT com ) and I'll take a look

    Seth aka Benhur
  • #16
    Re-installing worked!
    Thanks alot for your help, now I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy my spam-free chatwindows :)
  • #8
    Works perfectly, bu I had to add manually "",
  • #10
    Sites are now starting to addspaces around the domain name, ie is now being sent as testingantispam. com or testingantispam .com.

    Site list has been updated to take that into account
  • #9
    That wasn't in there??? wow can't believe I missed that one lol

    Looks like though I need to tweak the key words some - even with the site not in the list, if enough key words were in the message it should have still be blocked.

    Thanks for the heads up, adding rommoney now lol
  • #6
    Errors with XBar II :(
  • #7
    Can you give more info as to what error you are getting? I just installed XBar II my self and I didn't get any errors.

  • #1
    Doesn't seem to work.
    When starting the game, it gives me this error message:

    Error Amount 1/1
    call cgnSpam_Frame's OnLoad, line: [string "?"]:141: attempt to call local 'lang' (a nil value)

    In my chat frame I see "Your language is not supported, defaulting to ENUS".

    I got a spam whisper, and found the website listed in the Lua file, but it wasn't blocked.
  • #2
    What is your client language set to? - most recent version will inform you in the error message.

    I took a look at that section of code and made a change... In a few minutes an updated version should be available for download
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