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Class Swap Helper

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  • Runes of Magic
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  • Supports: 3.0.7
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  • Updated 03/01/2009
  • Created 02/06/2009
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  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: ClassSwapHelper v0.4

About Class Swap Helper

Instantly swap your main class and secondary class when using the Housekeeper or Class Master NPC. This reduces class changing from 8 clicks to only 2 clicks! You might even consider it 1 click if you don't count clicking the NPC ;)
Now only two clicks (click npc, click "change class"). Thanks to Alleris... *wink*. As a result, the Swap button was removed. Use version 0.3 if you don't like it.


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  • #23

    This is nice! Wish there was one that'd let you specify the classes to swap (even if manually edited in the code itself), so I could swap between Mage/Warden and Warden/Scout. 

  • #22

    You can do it with one click if you use the addon Dailies Auto Swapper

  • #17
    I've modified my code to work with 3 classes. With this code, simply hold down shift and it temporarily disables auto-switching classes.

    Modify ClassSwap.lua ClassSwap_OnEvent function to read:

    function ClassSwap_OnEvent(this, event)
    -- thanks to TheGooch and Alleris for helping simplify this to 2 clicks (click npc, click "change class")
    if IsShiftKeyDown() then
    --do nothing
    if ( event == "EXCHANGECLASS_SHOW" and EXCHANGECLASS_SUBCLASS ~= 0 ) then
  • #21

    Excellent ! It works perfectly.

    Frogster should update the LUA API and release a new function to exchange the first class with the third, or the second as primary and the third as secondary, with all the possibilities with shift, alt, ctrl ...

    I look for this on the API, but nothing about it yet.

  • #20

    Changing/swapping the 'ClassSwap_OnEvent' function with the code above works great. Can hold down shift now  and change classes as per usual then use click without shift again after to swap the newly set ones ;)


    Not sure why it doesn't work for Alexon88 Undecided


    Last edited by mikenowo on 11/20/2011 1:06:35 AM
  • #19

    no it doesn't.

    cant swap third class with your code...


    man fast swap doesnt work with yor code at all..

    Last edited by Alexon88 on 10/28/2011 4:40:05 AM
  • #16
    Great Addon, but doesn't work with Chapter 4 and 3 Classes...
  • #15
    Brilliant addon! This is a must have! Easy to install.

    Calypson said: "Just go to the folder where you have Runes of Magic installed, create a new folder called Interface, inside Interface create a folder called AddOns. This addon goes in that folder."
  • #12
    Id think id love it, if i could manage to download any addons at all, but i never can for some reason :(

    the "Manual install" guide doesnt help much ether, considering how it is set up for WoW, not RoM

    But yea, this addon should be part of the game, not a full addon, i agree on that fact.
  • #13
    It's the same in RoM as it is in WoW. Just go to the folder where you have Runes of Magic installed, create a new folder called Interface, inside Interface create a folder called AddOns. This addon goes in that folder. Or you could just use the Curse Client to make this so much simpler.
  • #10
    This addon is Gold, GOLD I TELL YA!
  • #9
    Geile sache ist es denn eigentlich auch schon möglich ein ADDon zu Basteln welches die Klassen außerhalb desw Hauses wechselt? Das wäre mal Nice!
  • #14
    nein das wäre cheat...
  • #7
    I noticed a little bug.

    When changing class for the first time a box comes up asking if you want to know more about the Equipment Swap button.

    This comes up everytime I change class. Not sure if ClassSwap is the culprit, though it seems likely.
  • #8
    You have to agree to see the tutorial once, and then it will go away forever.
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