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  • Runes of Magic
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  • Supports: 5.0.9
  • 157,118 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/12/2014
  • Created 03/14/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons License By-Nc-Sa 3.0
  • Newest File: v3.40 third beta

About ComeOnIn



Description now available in this languages:


If you want add or check translation, please go here or send translated file to Rycerzodie


It is recommended to download following addon that there were no problems with ComeOnIn.


is an Addon for AutoInvites an partymanagment under one simple statement:

High functionality, easy handling


  • AutoInvite, that can be triggered by various keywords on various channels
  • graphical userdisplay that highlights or darkens the information for quick recognition
  • changes in the settings are automatically saved, it is not necessary to do this manually

  • Sending a notification to players per whisper:
    • Invitation, if there is a free space in the party.
    • Notification, when the party is already full and that the player has been set on a waiting list, with the specification of the position.
    • When the same player triggers the autoinvite again, he gets the information of his current position.
    • Errormessage to player, who are already in a different party and can therefore not be invited.
    • Uninvitable players will then be listed as "inactive" in the queue, which means they will be ignored when it comes to invitations, but keep their position. If someone triggers the autoinvite again, his position will be reactivated and he can therefore be invited again.
    • Players can be removed from the queue. The leader can do this via a little dropdownmenu, that prints both active and inactive members. Players can remove themselves by typing a keyword, preceded by a "!".
    • Players, who became an invitation, have a space reserved for them for 15 seconds. If they do not react on the invitation for this period of time, this space will be free again for oter players to invite.

  • unlimited number of invitationgroups, each of them containing a partyname, partysize and up to five keywords.
  • Invitation Queue, if the group is at its maximum capacity and more players want to join
  • Blocklist, to prevent "unwanted" players to join the party
  • Possibility to send both lists to other players:
    • Send per Whisper, Party- and Guildchat
    • Receiving of lists can be turned of.
    • When a list is received, a windo appears, where you can take a look at the received list and decide for yourselve, if you want to load or delete it. Aditionally a sound (doorbell) is going to be played, when a list is received
    • If you ignore this window for 15 seconds, the received list will be automatically deleted.

  • various possibilities to control the program:
    • Slashcommands for the console (see below).
    • optional display of a manager, providing the basic functions.
    • optional display of minimap-buttons for the configs-window and/or activation of the autoinvite.

  • Shout-System to annonce the AutoInvite:
    • Write all important informations about the party into the chat by a single click.
    • free selectable name for the party, this will be mentioned in the head of the shout.
    • display of the first active keyword, that has been specified in the configurations window.
    • Information about the number of players, who are already members of the party and how many spaces are still free.

  • various automatic functions, making life much easier:
    • AutoStop: Autoinvite is automatically turned off, when the player leaves the party.
    • AutoRaid: Party will be converted into a raid automatically, after the sixth player joined.
    • AutoAssist: whenever someone joins the party, he or she will automatically become an assist.
    • AutoShout: Partyshout will be written automatically in the selected interval. This is limited to the raidleader and there is a minimal duration of 2 minutes.


Unpack the Archive and move the Folder "ComeOnIn" into "Runes of Magic\Interface\Addons". If this is your first Addon, then these folders won't exist, in that case you have to create them manually.

After you have done this, just start the game as you always do. After login, you should see the line "Addon loaded: ComeOnIn <version>" in the Chatwindow.

If you want to update to a newer version, just replace the Folder "ComeOnIn" with the new one, thats all thats necessary. When you start the game, there will be a message in the chat, informing you that a new version was detected and you should check your settings by safety. Thats because during the update process, only keywords, partyname and partysize will be applied, all other settings are set to default value for safety.


At the moment you enter the game, you should see the ComeOnIn Manager in the center of the screen. You can move this window by dragging its title to a location of your preference. Also you will find a button labled "Config", which opens the Configuration Window. Additionally there are two minimapbuttons, one for opening the configuration window and one for starting/stopping the autoinvite. Both Manager and Minimapbuttons can be hidden in the configuration, section "Display".

There are several slashcommands to control the addon too:
/coi - opens or closes the configuration window
/coi on/off - starts/stops the autoinvite

Ending - Petra Areon

Thats all I had to say, all have have to do is waiting for lots of feedback!

Greetings, the Clan of the Areons
(Petra Areon, Angelica Areon, Triella Areon and all of my other Twinks out there)

v3.40 third beta (renamed from v3.32

* Quick Raid (ultimate window with a lot of functions to fast raid).
* Quick Raid command (/coi raid).
* Instance level, loot type, members list (add player, edit: name, position, assistant, main tank, main attacker) for Quick Raid.
* Confirmations for Quick Raid.
* Reload Raid button and minimap button.
* New SaveVariables structure and keep-settings system (don't worry about lists etc. Only some main settings and Quick Raid list will be reseted).
* Ultra function to keep your Quick Raid in screen, no way to get it outside screen (I hope), this function will be separate addon + library in future.
* Added WaitTimer library for Quick Raid.
* Possible to disable ComeOnIn sounds (group invitation and received lists).
* Confirmation "If starting ComeOnIn and shout channel is not monitored".

* Quick Raid buttons working with no problems (I hope) anymore.
* Corrected some code that could crash addon when problem.
* Changed default chat tab echos messages to disable all either main tab (due library problems).
* Disable dropdown arrow when Queue is empty.
* Custom channel editbox doesn't needed ENTER click...
* (not sure that it is only beta-bug or not) Corrected that first active keyword is group name in shout message if setted name is empty.
* Don't close dialogs + warning msg when player exist at blocklist/members list.
* First letter auto uppercase in blocklist/members list add dialogs (due problems in sort and no possibility to start player name with lowercase).

* More infos in minimap buttons.
* No line-break in minimap tooltip when only one keyword/monitor channel is active.
* "Settings" resized due Quick Raid settings.
* Quick Raid settings are setted by hooked to original functions.
* Toggle settings frame in main minimap button.
* Cleaner "Settings" - look almost like 'official' RoM settings.
* Cleaner main window headers.
* Cleaner locale (less color formats and no repetable texts).
* Cleaner system messages.
* Cleaner close buttons.
* One more line in confirmations due long texts in, for example, German language.
* Sliders like default RoM's sliders.
* Add chat message when new version of COI is installed.
* Settings no more closed with main COI frame (this could be annoying when customizing Quick Raid window).

Known bugs:
* AutoAccept sometimes doesn't working for Quick Raid invitations. I will try repair it before full release.
* Too fast (or opposite) moving cursor when dragging scalled windows.


Special thanks for: Elane (server Perun [PL], live-testing) and Omnibrain (German translation and testing).

If you will find any error, please report it at


TO-DO in next versions:
* Loot type and instance level for groups.
* AutoAssist improvement - for now assist is given only when new raid member joined, so after crash he is without assist.
* Simulate for display raid as normal party.
* Hidding spam when reloading raid.
* Repair Areon library (so you can check or uncheck if addon should give you messages on chat tab) or selectable dropdown in settings.

Please report your suggestions at


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  • #69

    Is it possible that you add a selection  for the loot type for a group invite? So that a invite for a group have allways the same loot selection, like role the dice green, role the dice white or everyone against everyone.

  • #70

    Interesting, I will see after 13.06. when make new version and then I will give you answer.

    Maciej Gryniuk, 16 years old, Poland.

    Nicknames: Rycerzodie, Bestiariusz, odie2.
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Skype: odie2222
    Programming languages: PHP, CSS, HTML, a bit of JavaScript, JQuery, Lua, XML.
    Translations (English -> Polish): Runes of Magic addons, wikis, games and programs.
    Managing: Runes of Magic addons, wikis.

  • #68

    can you make it to norwegian pls?

  • #71

    If you mean translated texts, you have to talk with anyone speaking norwegian. CurseForge doesn't support translation system for that language, so translator should use for translating following file: (new structure).

    Maciej Gryniuk, 16 years old, Poland.

    Nicknames: Rycerzodie, Bestiariusz, odie2.
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Skype: odie2222
    Programming languages: PHP, CSS, HTML, a bit of JavaScript, JQuery, Lua, XML.
    Translations (English -> Polish): Runes of Magic addons, wikis, games and programs.
    Managing: Runes of Magic addons, wikis.

  • #67
    problem in saving settings


    i would like to report that settings for correct channel are not saved in different configurations:

    for example: if i save one set of settings with name "Name1" for Guild channel, and then i make second set of settings  with name "Name2" for Zone channel - the result is that first one inherits also channel choice for Zone ch, and does not change back to Guild ch.

    can you please find a solution in next version 

    Last edited by ahamling27 on 8/7/2014 11:00:47 AM
  • #72

    Thank you for report, it will be in new version after 13.06.

    Last edited by Rycerzodie on 6/4/2014 2:37:36 PM

    Maciej Gryniuk, 16 years old, Poland.

    Nicknames: Rycerzodie, Bestiariusz, odie2.
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Skype: odie2222
    Programming languages: PHP, CSS, HTML, a bit of JavaScript, JQuery, Lua, XML.
    Translations (English -> Polish): Runes of Magic addons, wikis, games and programs.
    Managing: Runes of Magic addons, wikis.

  • #66

    Is this abandoned or what issue still is that runnig coi automaticly sets instance to normal and you cant change difficulty back to hard while its running. Anyone know which older version it still works as supposed to?

    Last edited by Piatta on 4/9/2013 3:18:54 AM
  • #64

    Found a small problem with new update. When running coi it automatically sets instance to normal and you can not change difficulty while coi is running to any other lvl other than normal. Not convenient when trying to run easy or hard :(

  • #65

    In new version, I try repair it

    Maciej Gryniuk, 16 years old, Poland.

    Nicknames: Rycerzodie, Bestiariusz, odie2.
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Skype: odie2222
    Programming languages: PHP, CSS, HTML, a bit of JavaScript, JQuery, Lua, XML.
    Translations (English -> Polish): Runes of Magic addons, wikis, games and programs.
    Managing: Runes of Magic addons, wikis.

  • #59
    Heya thanks for the great Addon. Nevertheless i found two little problems over the time i fixed and would like to give to you so you can check and take them in too.

    First: If the list of waiting ppl is longer then 27 ppl it's rather impossible to load the list since the Combobox Element in the Listrecive Frame is going out over the top of the screen.

    Fixed : in ComeOnIn.xml
    in the "Listsend Interface" Block i changed :



    Second: If you have some laggs and the addon is inviting from list to fill up the raid some ppl can still accept the invitation after the addon went to the next one and you end up with 31 ppl even if you set the max to 30 ... not always easy to make someone leave if in events.

    Fixed: in ComeOnIn.lua
    in the "ComeOnIn_CheckInvitation" function i changed :

    15) then
    30) then

    Since a few other ppl with the ComeOnIn asked me for a solution and told me that they had it that after up to half a minute skipped player still could accept the invite and mess up with the max intended number in raid. This change worked so far without that happening again .. but both changes were only given to a few ppl knowing me and leading in the same events .. more and more others came up to have the problems and so i thought it might be good if you can check and fix those little problems based on our experience with the changes.

    Thanks and keep on ... good work ^^
  • #58
    Petra, is it possible to add 2 more features to your COI?
    I'd like to see filtering / auto kicking by Level and by Class.
    Have a line for Minimum Level = ##
    Line for Reject Class = ??????
    Also move or add a button for sending blacklists, as the list is so long the accept button is at the top, off the screen.
  • #57
    Calm down guys, he did contact me and of course I gave my okay for him to release his addon... afterall, the first ComeOnIn was just slightly modified temeraire. If you take a look inside the licence under which ComeOnIn is released, every author can take my addon and modify it, if there is a notice in his sourcecode referring to me and my addon.

    No need to flame him, everythings alright...

    An update for ComeOnIn will be released in the next few hours, which fixes the problems since yesterdays patch.
  • #56
    Hi at first
    I'm the writer from GroupInvite, and you shold to need some informations:
    Because Petraareon stoped working on ComeOnIn, i made GroupInvite. She stoped working on this BEVORE i made GroupInvite.
    I ask she bevore i start working at GroupInvite, so she know that GroupInvite exist and do (a part of it) the same. She's already in the credits.

    My Addon/Projects Forum: Click ;)

  • #54
    The Author stopped working on Lootomatic and on ComeOnIn because she or he isn't playing RoM anymore. According to this: (written in German). You may contact Renaareon at if you want to (maybe the Author meant to hand this Project over to someone else if you ask for it)...
  • #55
    Hmm, maybe this is the reason for the "stolen" code in
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