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  • Supports: 5.0.9
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  • Updated 08/29/2015
  • Created 05/17/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: v6.3.1
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About DailyNotes

DailyNotes - English

Detail information about daily quests.

  • in tooltips
  • at bulletin boards
  • in an extra list


To call the full list type: /dn
Or use: AddonManager


You can mark quest for auto accept/complete.
If you click a NPC/Board and you've already fulfilled it's condition or it's a kill quest, these quest will automatically accepted (or completed)


Use "$dn" or "$daily" as filter to find Daily-Quest-Items only.
Additional optional parameters: "$dn/<min_xp>/<max_level>"
examples: "$dn/ /40", "$dn/100", "$dn/500/20"

DailyNotes - Deutsch

Zeigt detailierte Informationen zu Tages-Quests und deren Gegenstände...

  • in Tooltips
  • bei Schwarzen Brettern /NPCs
  • in einem Extra Dialog


Für die Quest-Übersicht: /dn
Oder dieses Addon: AddonManager


Man kann Quest für das automatische Annehmen/Beenden markieren.
Wenn man einen NPC/Board klicked und bereits die Bedingungen erfüllt, oder es sich um ein Kill-quest handelt, wird das Quest automatisch angenommen bzw abgeben.


Man kann "$dn" oder "$daily" als Filter für Tagesqeustgegenstände benutzen.
Dazu gibt es nicht optionalen Parametern: "$dn/<min_xp>/<max_level>"
Beispiele: "$dn/ /40", "$dn/100", "$dn/500/20"

Other languages

it's usuable with any client language.

if you want to help or have correction go to: Edit Localization


  • German/English by Authors (McBen & rv55)
  • French by P.David & Yann
  • Vietnamese by vietales & vipboyvn
  • Russian by SilverWF
  • Korean by dandyclubs
  • Spanish by skr_alfa
  • Japanese by Yamabuki & Dinalisa
  • Traditional Chinese by Venice

- some quest fixes
- new zone: Moorlands of Farsitan / Hügelland von Farsitan (33)

- db update by zeus
- next continent & fixed old continent name

- patch (thx to actimel)

- patch 6.1.0 update
- new zone name fix

- patch 6.0.6

- fixed "Creating Confusion // Verwirrung stiften" quest type

- fixed problem with default filter setting

- new filter for 'energy' and 'xp' quests
- patch 6.0.2 update

- fixed syrbal zone id

- patch 6.0.0 update
- show all prequests
- fixed ystra


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  • #132

    Demonstration Battle in the Ancient Kingdom does not work with DailyNotes - neither the daily quest nor the event

    I downloaded the newest version posted on the project site as of yesterday

    It will turn in the quest when you click on the npc - but will not accept the quest.  Which in the end is rather annoying because one has to click on the npc two times to get the dialogue to open back up so that you can accept the quest again

    Worked fine in Xaviera on alt doing butterflies . . . . however I specifically got it thinking of the event and found the add-on to be less than satisfactory for use.

  • #131

    dont use the new version you cannot make the fast tq in the new world in german "schaukampf" i think in engl. battl.

    the same quest is an event and with the new version only the event quest will make. bevor the update first 10 q it makes the daily quests and with the new version it makes only the event quest.


  • #129
    hab mal eine Frage. Und zwar ist es möglich, dass alle benötigten Tagesquest-Gegenstände bzw. bei der Xaviera-TQ "Unterszützung der Front: Eliminierung der Gargoyles" die benötigten TQ-Sachen und die benötigten Kills anzuzeigen? Bsp.: Bei "Mit den harten Knochen fertig werden" braucht man 5x Skelettmagierschädel und 5x Skelettkrieger-Armknochen.
    Bei mir zeigt es in DailyNotes nämlich immer nur das erste benötigte Item an.

    Hab schon versucht selbst hinzubekommen, aber ich krieg das nicht hin xD
  • #130

    "Unterszützung der Front.."
    ->  ist nicht möglich, da ein Mischen von "Kill" + "Sammel" Quest derzeit nicht unterstützt wird.

    "Mit den harten Knochen..:"
    -> im Dialog ist schlichtweg zuwenig platz um alle Items aufzuzählen
    -> im Tooltip gibts ein "Benötigt anderen Gegenstand" (ich werde mal prüfen, ob man das verbessern kann)

  • #126

    how about public quest in 

  • #127

    I'm currently really busy but it is on my plan.

    Expect it Soon (blizzard definition)

    Last edited by McBen on 12/17/2011 10:29:05 AM
  • #128

    checkout v4.0.6

  • #125
    it is very good.
  • #122
    I would like to see an option which will allow to automatically use Daily Reset Tickets when turned on. If its possible to do :)
  • #119

    I don't know, if I am the only person having this problem but for some reason i cannot use the addon properly in redhill mountains. Whenever I try to use it for the Pango daily it just opens the window but won't work as usual ( accept the quest and finish it on the next click ).

    greetz, blackhawk
  • #120
    Shift-Click on a npc will temporary disable the auto-quest feature.
    (will be changed in next release)

    You may also try to reset the option (in option dialog) and check if the "only with enough items" is in the state you prefer.
  • #123

    thanks for the shift+click tipp. i always keep shift clicked because sometimes there a few people at that NPC und shift helps to click :-)

    *peace blackhawk
  • #124
    btw: was changed in DN v4.0.1 to "Alt or Ctrl"
  • #116
    DailyNotes for CH IV

    As author is busy now, I'll take updating in own hands.

    Read this topic:

  • #117
    I'm currently missing/working on the Dailies for level 40-63
    I'll put a new version on as soon the curse-network is full running again.

    Rolling you're own db is quite counterproductive.
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