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  • Runes of Magic
  • 1,273 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.9
  • 509,974 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/29/2015
  • Created 05/17/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: v6.3.1
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About DailyNotes

DailyNotes - English

Detail information about daily quests.

  • in tooltips
  • at bulletin boards
  • in an extra list


To call the full list type: /dn
Or use: AddonManager


You can mark quest for auto accept/complete.
If you click a NPC/Board and you've already fulfilled it's condition or it's a kill quest, these quest will automatically accepted (or completed)


Use "$dn" or "$daily" as filter to find Daily-Quest-Items only.
Additional optional parameters: "$dn/<min_xp>/<max_level>"
examples: "$dn/ /40", "$dn/100", "$dn/500/20"

DailyNotes - Deutsch

Zeigt detailierte Informationen zu Tages-Quests und deren Gegenstände...

  • in Tooltips
  • bei Schwarzen Brettern /NPCs
  • in einem Extra Dialog


Für die Quest-Übersicht: /dn
Oder dieses Addon: AddonManager


Man kann Quest für das automatische Annehmen/Beenden markieren.
Wenn man einen NPC/Board klicked und bereits die Bedingungen erfüllt, oder es sich um ein Kill-quest handelt, wird das Quest automatisch angenommen bzw abgeben.


Man kann "$dn" oder "$daily" als Filter für Tagesqeustgegenstände benutzen.
Dazu gibt es nicht optionalen Parametern: "$dn/<min_xp>/<max_level>"
Beispiele: "$dn/ /40", "$dn/100", "$dn/500/20"

Other languages

it's usuable with any client language.

if you want to help or have correction go to: Edit Localization


  • German/English by Authors (McBen & rv55)
  • French by P.David & Yann
  • Vietnamese by vietales & vipboyvn
  • Russian by SilverWF
  • Korean by dandyclubs
  • Spanish by skr_alfa
  • Japanese by Yamabuki & Dinalisa
  • Traditional Chinese by Venice

- some quest fixes
- new zone: Moorlands of Farsitan / Hügelland von Farsitan (33)

- db update by zeus
- next continent & fixed old continent name

- patch (thx to actimel)

- patch 6.1.0 update
- new zone name fix

- patch 6.0.6

- fixed "Creating Confusion // Verwirrung stiften" quest type

- fixed problem with default filter setting

- new filter for 'energy' and 'xp' quests
- patch 6.0.2 update

- fixed syrbal zone id

- patch 6.0.0 update
- show all prequests
- fixed ystra


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  • #99
    I have another request, if I may be so bold. Actually, I figured out a work-around, but in case it would help other people I'll still suggest it: could you store setting in the per-character SaveVariable.lua files? When I multi-box the changes I make to auto-accept settings never stick: only the last client to close gets its changes persisted.

    Once I figured out what was going on, I now make changes in the SaveVariables file by hand. But if it's a really easy fix, it would be nice!

    Thanks again!

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #100
    The problem with "per-character SaveVariable":
    they are ignoring server-names.

    Same character names on different servers will overwrite each other.

    I'll put it on To-Do-List (already have an idea in mind :) )
  • #101
    I would guess it's less common to dual-box on different servers - so I vote for putting server-name distinctions in the per-character file :).

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #98
    thank you McBen for AAH support!

    Keep the good work!
  • #94
    This is a great addon. Very helpful. I'm using it while leveling - and it would be nice to see the number of a daily drop I have in the monster tooltips, so I can easily decide if I want to kill a couple more mobs while I'm in the area even if I haven't yet picked up the quest.

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #95
    added to 1.9.17
  • #96
    You're my hero. :)

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #91
    Great Add-on, but McBen can u talk with Mavoc pls so that it AAH can read daily items tooltips, this way we could find easier what daily items we want?

    Keep the good work!
  • #92
    what part of the Daily Notes tooltips would be helpful for AAH's filters? I always use the overview to find the best daily items for my toon then search for them directly. I can't see how AAH's filters could take advantage of the extra tooltip info.

    It really isn't hard to do depending on how DN's code is set up, but I just don't see the value
  • #93
    Well for instance the level, cause i search dailies for (Lvl 57) for example and i want to buy the cheapest, so i want AAH to filter only the ones for lvl 57, and maybe also the xp it gives something like u did for pet eggs: $dailyxp 4600, will filter all dailies which give at least 4600 exp...
  • #97
    added to 1.9.17 (required AAH 2.8+)

    you can use "$dn" or "$daily"
    with optional parameters:

    DQ-items only
    all items with quest for a level 50 toon
    min. quest xp 1000
    I believe you can imagine the result :)
  • #87
    Nice Addon. But the exp and tp in Dalanis is not correct.
    DN says 105k per daily, but the quests give ~119k.
  • #89
    will be fixed, thx
  • #86
    Can you make this work for the quest board in the guild castle too? :) thanks a ton.
  • #88
    these are a little bit special. but I'll see what I can do
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