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  • Runes of Magic
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  • Supports: 5.0.9
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  • Updated 07/30/2013
  • Created 08/26/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v.2.0

About ExtendedActionBar


Improve translation? No problem!


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ExtendedActionBar will add more ActionBars to Runes of Magic.

This addon will increase the limited number of 4 ActionBars to (actually) 8 full usable ActionBars.

On the ActionBars you can put your: Skills, Emotes, Setskills, Macros, Mounts, Bagitems, teleports, pets, skins, equipment, titles, Itemshopitems and more.

Also it is compatible with the 3-class-system.

ExtendedActionBar means more ActionBars!


  • 4 new ActionBars
  • 20 new slots per ActionBar
  • sparkle-border for all your running buffs
  • own hotkey-system
  • Usable type of icons:
    • teleports
    • normal skills
    • setskills (without limitations)
    • macros (without limitations)
    • all the stuff in your back bag
    • every itemshop-items
    • mounts and pets
    • icons from your original action bars
  • display of the item-, skill-, setskill- and macro-cooldowns (macro-cooldown actually only detects /wait)
  • invalid-mark for not-usable items from your back bag (like highlevel-pots) (actually not working for skills)
  • Option-interface
  • Minimapbutton
  • Addonmanager integration


ExtendedActionBar fügt zusätzliche Aktionsleisten zu Runes of Magic hinzu.

Das Addon erhöht die begrenzte Anzahl von 4 Aktionsleisten auf 8 voll einsatzfähige Aktionsleisten.

In die zusätzlichen Leisten können mit Fähigkeiten, Emotes, Set-fertigkeiten, Makros, Teleporte, Rucksack- und Itemshop-gegenstände sowie Reittiere und aktive/passive Begleiter, Titel, Equipmentslots und mehr belegt werden.

Außerdem ist es mit dem 3-Klassensystem kompatibel.

ExtendedActionBar bedeutet mehr Aktionsleisten!


  • 4 neue Aktionsleisten
  • 20 neue Slots pro Aktionsleiste
  • Glitzern an den Buttons von Bufffood, Buffs und besonderen Gegenständen wenn die entsprechenden Effekte aktiv sind. (Buffcheck)
  • eigenes Hotkey-System
  • Nutzbare Icontypen:
    • Teleport
    • normale Fähigkeiten
    • Setskills (ohne Einschränkungen)
    • Makros (ohne Einschränkungen)
    • Alles aus dem Rucksack
    • Jeder Itemshop-gegenstand
    • Mounts und passive Begleiter
    • Symbole aus den original-Aktionsleisten
  • Anzeige von Item-, Skill-, Setskill- und Macko-cooldowns (makro-cooldown erkennt aktuell nur /wait)
  • rote nicht-verfügbar-Markierung für Rucksackgegenstände (wie highlevel-pots) (aktuelle leider nicht für Fähigkeiten verfügbar)
  • Options-Interface
  • Minimapbutton
  • Addonmanager Integration

tag v.2.0
Tinsus <>
2013-07-30 18:38:43 +0200

fixing bugs come with version 1.9


    - removing old changelogs noone read
    - a new fix
    - try to fix error caused by old AddonManager-versions


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  • #22

    Great addon, thanks!

    Minor issue: sometimes it gives an error (in fact - four error messages at the same time): "call ExtendedActionBar_Optionen_Slider1's OnValue changed, line (null)"

    and: "call ExtendedActionBar_Optionen_Slider2's OnValue changed, line: [string "?"]: 24: attempt to index a field "?" (a nil value)" (and the same error for Slider3 and Slider4.

    I'm not 100% sure but I think I never see these errors by the first logging-in, only after going back to the toon-choice screen and entering the game world again (even as the same character).

    Last edited by Uure on 3/9/2013 4:01:38 AM
  • #20

    hm, one problem i have with this addon since it's release is that sometimes it takes a while for the addon to start working after i log in. it's really annoying when i crash, during siege, a ini run and when i come back they're not working(the hotkeys, forgot to mention it) i hide all the skill bars actually, and only use the hotkeys. sadly i've put my main skill rotation on this addon bars, so i'm useless for a few mins untill it starts working again. when i remember i put it to show again, but, would there be another solution for it? i tried everything i could to make them work again after logging in, but none seems to work, just wait for it to load. thanks. and btw, awesome addon, idk what would i do w/o all those aditional bars ^^

  • #21

    this is quite easy: first of all make sure, that you dont have the slim-option active. Than you will see a scrollbar in the settings-window "update-quota". if you set a higher value here the addon will speed up, but will use more FPS.

    i hope this helps you.

  • #29

    cool, thanks. now i'm having another issue, it's spamming an error on my chat:

    call ExtendedActionBar_EventFrame's OnUpdate, line:(null).

    teste all the options, marking and unmarkin, but still couldn't solve it, any ideas? thanks

  • #17


    Ich hab' mir vorhin dein AddOn gezogen, habe mich im Anschluss eingeloggt, die Bars eingestellt etc, alles ging soweit gut, aber dann trat ein wirklich fieser Fehler auf. Ich wollte im Gildenchat ein verlinktes Item anklicken, doch der Tooltip öffnete sich einfach nicht. Stattdessen erschien aber eine Fehlermeldung. Ich habe das AddOn wieder deinstalliert, die Fehermeldung blieb. Ich habe meinen kopletten Interface Ordner gelöscht, habe meine alten AddOns alle neu gezogen (liefen vorher alle fehlerfrei), die Fehlermeldung besteht immer noch. Jetzt weiß ich ehrlich gesagt nicht was ich noch machen kann. Da ich erst seit wenigen Wochen RoM spiele kenne ich mich auch noch nicht wirklich aus, was man bei so einem Problem machen kann. Hast du vllt eine Idee? Danke schon mal.

    Hier ein Screen zur Fehlermeldung (googlen lies sie sich leider nicht):


  • #19


    dieser Fehler entstand durch eine fehlerhafte Version von Questhelper. Bitte update Questhelper - McBen hat einen Bugfix raus gebracht.

    Dieser Fehler hat nichts mit der EEAB zu tun.

    Ich hoffe Dir gefällt die ExtendedActionBar.

    Last edited by Tinsus on 2/3/2013 9:05:35 AM
  • #15
    ExtendedActionBar - Loss of FPS

    Heya Tinsus.  First, I wanna say this action bar is awesome!  Very nice work.  From the splitting of the action bars to the light sparkle that goes around the outside to let you know your spells/pots are active.  By far one of my newest favorites.  

    With that said, the only problem I am having is that the addon KILLS my fps.  I usually run right around 80 fps in my house.  With this add it drops to 45 fps.  When Im outside my house questing or running an instance, my normal fps is about 55-60. (except in special areas!  :P)  With this addon, I lose about 15-20 FPS and I run around 40-45 fps.  Not a big deal but figured someone should point it out.  My fix for this is to simply only use the extra bars for instance runs and put all my burns and misc stuff i'll only need on occasion.  Then hide them when I don't need them.  

    So my question for you is this, is there any way to reduce the amount of FPS that drop or is it just ROM's poor coding that makes it not respond as fast as it could?   Just curious.  

    But again, Thanks for this addon and very very nice work on this!  The sparkles are my favorite!  lol  Such a small thing but at a glance works amazingly!

  • #16

    After messing around with a few things, marking an "X" by the slim option does help in a quick pinch also.  Thanks for this addon!  :)

  • #18

    exactly, the Slim-option slows down the processes, that needs lots of FPS. I hope its OK for you to activate this option for ini-runs and inactivate it later to have all features and the whole speed.

  • #12

    1.5 working

    Last edited by marcelcrazy on 1/15/2013 2:12:27 PM
  • #13

    what about the new version 1.5?

  • #14

    woo, it worked, tyvm. awesome addon, working perfectly now ^^, can't ask for anything else

  • #10

    yeah, happened to me too, the all UI broken. happens the same when i update addon manager, and another one i can't remember

  • #9

    Breaks my entire UI also, I have 34 other addons so could be any one of them it conflicts with. I only want this addon so my Warrior/Rogue & Warrior/Warden action bars are seperate of eachother, is there an earlier version that doesn't break people's UI's, or maybe a different addon I can use that anyone else knows of? (ExtraActionBars is broken for the seperation of class combo action bars atm, so don't say that)

  • #11

    version 1.0 of extended

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