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  • Supports: 5.0.1
  • 30,814 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/24/2012
  • Created 03/02/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: fSlimUI 3.7

About fSlimUI

fSlimUI 3.7

No portrait unit frames version -

Wider chat editbox for asian loc - (by matif)


Note: Remove old version before installation.

This addon replaces the native unitframes, minimap, mainmenu, chat and channelchange frames, questtracker, gametooltip and also adds aggroframe and other smaller changes.

Simply delete a folder if you don't need any of them (the textures folder is required).

Sorry, I'm lazing to make a full description, please try to use this addon for familiarity :)

Supporting is here

v 3.7
  • A new design.
v 3.6
  • Soulbar added to player frame.
  • Swap equipment button on minimap has a dropdown menu to choose from six sets of equipment now.
  • Replaced native player buffbar shows up to forty buffs.
  • Добавлен бар душ для колдуна
  • Кнопка смены снаряжения на миникарте теперь имеет выбор из шести вариантов шмота
  • Бафбар игрока расширен до 40ка бафов
v 3.5
  • Please look description.
v 3.4.3
  • Добавлена немецкая локализация
v 3.4.2
  • CameOnIn's setting menu now opens
  • yaCIt is supported
  • mailcounter and "Rental Management" added
  • most of detected bugs was fixed
  • исправлено большинство ошибок
  • добавлено еще интересных плюшек
v 3.4.1
  • corrected mana color in tooltips
  • corrected class names in unitframes for eneu version
  • added expierence tooltip
  • исправлен цвет маны в тултипах
  • добавлен тултип с опытом для всех классов
v 3.4 fix

small fix of CheckPartyHidden

Исправлена настройка скрытия сопартийцев

v 3.4

See description

Смотри описание

v 3.1 fix 2

Gathering status bars level display in EN version fixed.

Исправлено отображение уровня собирательства в английской версии.

v 3.1 fix

The "Hide own buff bar" checkbox fixed.

Исправлена настройка "Скрыть свою панель бафов".

v 3.1



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  • #69
    I can do, but I can't check it now cause I have no character with long cast spells. Well, I'll try to make it in future.
  • #63
    Hi again =)

    Another topic: the ExperienceFrame

    you hide the original ExperienceFrame and draws your own ExperienceFrame, but on this way you also hide the XP/TP marker indicating the XP/TP bonus from inhouse furniture.

    you also seem not to update on some other events like:

    I've compared yours with it from addon XPExtended, which seems more complete at all.
    So, XPExtended isn't updated anymore, maybe you could simply include it in you fSlimUI.

    I already tried it, but I don't got much developer knowledge...there is one big difference in XPExtended to your ExperienceFrame:
    it doesn't replace the orginal ExperienceFrame, but attaches to it and only put some layer over it.

    advantage: XP/TP marker stay

    maybe disadvantage: original ExperienceFrame doesn't seem to be resizable (or I didn't find a way/function for resizing), because simply change the anchor points didn't work.

    I tried to change it in XPExtended.xml:

    ...and changed x="5" / x="-5" to some greater values for matching to the borders of fSlimUI, but got no success.

    If you find a way to resize, XPExtended would be a good alternative ExperienceFrame in fSlimUI :D

    Greetz =)
  • #64
    Oh, I've just recognized, that changing the anchor points is for frame name="XPExtendedFrame", not for parent="ExperienceFrame".

    So, a simple way for your ExperienceFrame would be still to hide the original ExperienceFrame (if you don't find a function for resizing) and then (after drawing your ExperienceFrame bar) to replace parent="ExperienceFrame" to your frame name="SUI_ExperienceFrame" and merge the layer and functions on this way from XPExtended to your SUI_experienceframe.

    XPExtended can be found at:

    Greetz from your inspiration oracle ;)
  • #65
    ...argh, but then there is again the need to implement the XP/TP marker.

    Hmpf, you'll a good way to catch it all ;)
  • #66
    I can only say that you can see the furniture bonuses on right side of experience frame, alas it's enough for me :).

    Listed events don't affect the calculation of exp/TP values.

    Now I'm gradually rewrite code in a fundamentally different way, so I can't distracted by it.
  • #59
    When the option "Hide Spell Effects from other players" is checked, party members' cast bars do not show. Is there a way you could fix this so that party members' cast bars still show, but player effects can still be hidden?
  • #60
    These bars are caused by burning "UNIT_CASTINGTIME" event, so this checked option doesn't burn it.
  • #56
    Hi =)

    I've created a german translation and some fixes for english translation.
    How can I send this attachment to you? Via in some way? I'm new here ;)
    It would be also great, if you could integrate character name, class names and class level into the player unit frame bars like qUnitFrames does.
    This would reserve more space and fSlimUI would be more slim than before :D
    And a more dark brown single colored opaque unit frame border like seen at qUnitFrames would be also great ^^
    I'm also looking forward for the ability to disable your Questtracker frame, because I like pbInfo's QT-frame more:
    0 and
    -it also colorizes quest level in brackets in connection to player level and daily quests are lightblue instead of turquoise...more contrast...better visibility :D
    -it is a larger frame...maybe you could add the ability to resize the QT frame ;)
    Greetz from a RoM fan =)
  • #57
    Nice, but I'm new here too :).
    Upload your translation somewhere and link here.
    About QT you may try to set comment in fSlimUI_3.4.2.toc so:


    But I haven't tested in this way.
  • #58
    please copy from:

    I also recognized, that RClick in a friends name doesn't invite this friend to a group...only LClick for whisper to the friend works for RClick not implemented yet?
  • #61
    There is shift + Lclick to invite in party now. I forgot to fix the tip :).
    It's made to working ComeOnIn.
    Thanks for translation.
  • #62
    ah, ok, so feel free to translate it also in the DE.lua:
    Shift+Linksklick :D
  • #46
    Is there a way to disable the Quest Tracker, I would like to use the default quest tracker, as its resizable
  • #52
    well, I'll release another version with on/off quest tracker, but it will be all
  • #54
    OH! almost forgot I think there is still a bug in the aggro frame, get an error when leaving and reinviting back to party's. I was able to chop out code of the aggro frame. I cant say enough how great this UI is! xD
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