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  • Runes of Magic
  • 181 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.1
  • 30,766 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/24/2012
  • Created 03/02/2011
  • 27 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: fSlimUI 3.7

About fSlimUI

fSlimUI 3.7

No portrait unit frames version -

Wider chat editbox for asian loc - (by matif)


Note: Remove old version before installation.

This addon replaces the native unitframes, minimap, mainmenu, chat and channelchange frames, questtracker, gametooltip and also adds aggroframe and other smaller changes.

Simply delete a folder if you don't need any of them (the textures folder is required).

Sorry, I'm lazing to make a full description, please try to use this addon for familiarity :)

Supporting is here

v 3.7
  • A new design.
v 3.6
  • Soulbar added to player frame.
  • Swap equipment button on minimap has a dropdown menu to choose from six sets of equipment now.
  • Replaced native player buffbar shows up to forty buffs.
  • Добавлен бар душ для колдуна
  • Кнопка смены снаряжения на миникарте теперь имеет выбор из шести вариантов шмота
  • Бафбар игрока расширен до 40ка бафов
v 3.5
  • Please look description.
v 3.4.3
  • Добавлена немецкая локализация
v 3.4.2
  • CameOnIn's setting menu now opens
  • yaCIt is supported
  • mailcounter and "Rental Management" added
  • most of detected bugs was fixed
  • исправлено большинство ошибок
  • добавлено еще интересных плюшек
v 3.4.1
  • corrected mana color in tooltips
  • corrected class names in unitframes for eneu version
  • added expierence tooltip
  • исправлен цвет маны в тултипах
  • добавлен тултип с опытом для всех классов
v 3.4 fix

small fix of CheckPartyHidden

Исправлена настройка скрытия сопартийцев

v 3.4

See description

Смотри описание

v 3.1 fix 2

Gathering status bars level display in EN version fixed.

Исправлено отображение уровня собирательства в английской версии.

v 3.1 fix

The "Hide own buff bar" checkbox fixed.

Исправлена настройка "Скрыть свою панель бафов".

v 3.1



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  • #53
    Thats sweet man, but really i was able to chop up the code and remove it! Still awsome for peeps that dont want to mess with coding. Very Very Great UI I must say! Good work!
  • #48
    NVM I got it worked out, had to chop a few lines of code out. Great addon! Give alot of info available at a glace, yet uses minimal screen space! Good work!
  • #55
    Thank you, it's nice to hear, but coding the addon just has ceased to be interesting for me.
  • #44
    Hey, I very like your addon, but can you disappear tooltip? Because you cover other tooltip addon, thank you.
  • #51
    So, let me know which tooltip addon you use. I'll see.
  • #45
    Alas, I'm not sure that this could be implemented in the nearest foreseeable future.
    You know, I'm not used to frame up to every addon existing.
    I quit supporting this addon for now and Russian-speaking community knows it.
  • #47
    Should of just kept it "slim" bro. You started adding all kinda of options and features.... IMO I would of just made the actual UI slim and movable everything else can be done with a diff addon, or default UI
  • #41
    Is it possible to put 'XP needed' on the xp bar??? It makes questing much easier, I loved it on XBar. XD
  • #42
    look at the bar tooltip :)
  • #43
    Oh!ic TY XD
  • #39
    This UI is stopping COI (Come On In)from running properly (can not get to the settings area)can you plz fix that. Can you put in an option to turn quest tracking for your UI off plz.The UI is looking good at the moment ty.
  • #40
    I'm not using ComeOnIn and don't know how it work fully , so I can't help, sorry. I can say only that the macro "/run ComeOnInFrame_Config:Show()" will open its configure but this is not the answer :)

    About option to turn quest tracking I'll think.
  • #36
    Great Addon! Provides lots and easy to access info while leaving a minimalistic feel into it. One thing I miss though is the 'XPExtended' addon. Would you mind incorporating it with this or just add something like it that would calculate and display the number of that same mobs/quest required to level up? Thanks.
  • #37
    I'll see but I'm not sure
  • #31
    Can you add support for Monster Card addons in your tooltips?
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