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  • Runes of Magic
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  • Supports: 5.0.9
  • 120,319 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/04/2014
  • Created 09/22/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 2.43
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About Fusion

Adds new buttons and a working queue to the magic box to create as many mana stones with one mouseclick as you like.

Version 2.0 adds new config options. So check them out before using.

Note: People are still reporting the new version as buggy. If you don't want to help debug it then revert to version 1.6 and wait until the new version is more stable. Please don't post a message that it doesn't wotk if you aren't going to help. If you will help then post the message and respond when I ask questions. Thank you.

The addon will put the items and stones in to the magic box and remove the created mana stone automatically.

  • You can choose which types of fusion stones are allowed to be used.
  • You can choose what tier items to use.This takes into account the quality of the items. So a Tier 3, level 58, green item will count as a Tier 4 item.
  • You can specify the maximum stats an item should have. This is useful to protect your stated gear if you accidentally unequip them and for creating clean mana stones.
  • You can omit using clean items if you want to save them for making clean mana stones later.
  • There is an optional whitelist for items to use while transmuting. If you don't use the whitelist you are able to use as much different items as you like to transmute.

- Fixed bug that caused Spanish clients to fail to get item level.

- Added preset buttons to main Fusion frame.
- Added some language strings.
- Added more tooltips.

- Added support for partial names in the itemlist.

- Added 6 savable preset buttons.
- Used some in game strings to reduce the needed translations.

- Restored speed slider so users can slow the user function down and avoid lock ups.

- Fixed: Item level mismatch error causing "No (valid) Fusion Stone or items to transmute" message.

- Fixed: On some systems SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME doesn't work. So now it falls back to DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME in those cases.

- Complete rewrite
- Added support for making upto level 20 mana stones.
- Fixed: Can now reliably identify equipment
- Removed delay timer. It now goes as fast as possible.
- Added option to use only items that make a particular level stone
- Added an option to use only items that have a certain number of stats or lower
- Added option to save clean items for later if you want to make clean mana stones.
- Added check to make sure magic box is in Transmutor mode
- Now clears the magicbox before beginning.
- Can right click the "Fusion" show button to clear the magic box.
- The Whitelist is now case insensitive
- Will also look in the item shop bag for purified fusion stones.
- Removed "Clear bag" option as it's not needed as much and was always a dangerous option.
- Will use English language strings for any missing from other languages.
- Note: The DE.lua language file is missing some strings.


- Fixed: No longer gets stuck in a loop when out of charges.

- Changed placing of fusion button so it doesn't cover charges in some languages

- Fixed game crashing when closing or changing character, after using Fusion.
- Now avoids using anything but weapons and armor for fusion. Other items wont get in the way.

- Added some missing FusionStone Ids.
- Removed Purified Fusion Stone from Fusion Stone list.

- Added AdvancedMagicBox support.
- Added fusion button to magic box.
- Increased speed max value to 2.
- Replaced os time functions.

- add a chinese translation TW.lua file

- you can choose the item colors used for fusion
- you can config the speed now

- Final Version
- add a max and a reset button

- added all fusion stone ids
- only select white and green items
- reduce wait time to 0.2 sec

- reduce wait time to 0.3 sec
- empty magic box also after single fusion
- fix at the AddonManage minibutton

- AddonManager support
- empty magic box after transmutation

- optional withlist for items to choose
- clear bag function and button could be deactivated (default)
- localizations
- save config

- restrict usable fusion stones
- preparation for local language files
- preparation for saved settings

- add some tooltips
- fixed a bug in function name

- creating manastones with a work queue

- first beta version
- Will full work with simple mouse click
- Without documentation and localization.


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  • #66

    Reportbot is correct. The start / stop botton doesn't work for me either. You press start and nothing happens...and you can't use stop afterwards. I first updated it via Curse. Then I uninstalled it and tried to get it from Curse again. Same result.

    Last edited by Rebslager on 12/13/2013 5:28:49 PM
  • #65

    I removed the old version then loaded up the game, logged off and placed the new version and that didn't help. I have reverted back to the old version. Since it works for you then perhaps its somehting on my end.

  • #62

    Version 2.0 released.

    Please report any bugs or feel free to ask questions.

    If anyone would like to translate the missing strings in the DE.lua, let me know and I'll add it to my next commit.

  • #61

    I'm working on a major update that will include extra options. This is what I'm planning

    • Use tooltips to get more information about items such as type, tier and stat number
    • Option to choose only items that will make a particular level tier mana stone
    • Option to choose stat number. The idea of specifying the number of stats is you could choose Purified Fusion Stones and items with 0 stats to make clean mana stones. Then choose Fusion Stones and items with more than 1 stats to make dirty mana stones for tiering weapons. Also you can exclude all items with, say, 4 or more stats, so if you accidentally unequip your stated gear you wont accidentally use them in fusing.
    • I might add more buttons to level to tier 20.
    • Remove the cleanbag option. If the fusion is more reliable because items can fe found by type then this becomes unnecessary.

    I'll update this list as things change. Anyway, I welcome any  comments of any other features people might want added. Thanks.

    Last edited by rv55 on 11/2/2013 10:13:55 PM
  • #59

    I want to create T5 from 1 item and fusion stone insted of 3 stones of T4. Is there an easy way to configure that in addon settings or I shound change addon's source code?

  • #60

    The level depends on the item level. There are no settings to set. If your bag is full of looted t5 items then when you go to fuse it will create t5 mana stones with those items. If you are buying t5 items then you can add the name to the white list in the fusion settings. There is no option to use items of a particular level and ignore others. Typically, if you are bulk fusing with fusion then you would only have the correct items in your bags.

    It would be an interesting option but not worth coding.

  • #57

    Hi, i don't know exactly how it happened but when i go on addon list (i use "Addonmanager") i have 2 icons of "Fusion" addon, they work both.

    Any way to delete 1 icon? i tried uninstall/reinstall Fusion addon but i have always 2 icons. 

    Thank you in advance and gz for your awesome addon :)

  • #58

    Maybe you have 2 versions of the addon. Maybe you updated it and instead of overwriting the folder or deleting it first, you renamed it as a backup. If so it probably still got loaded. Or maybe you accidentally copied the fusion folder into another addon folder. If you have a lot of addons it would be hard to find. I suggest, if you are using Windows 7 Explorer, clicking the 'addon' folder then do a file search using the search box at the top right of Explorer for 'fusion.toc'. That should show you if there are any erant copies of fusion in 'addons'.

  • #53

    Hi, i found error when fusioning tier4 and tier5 equipment

    here is the screenshot...

    is there a way to fix it?

  • #54

    Are you talking about it not using some items? Unfortuanely there is no sure way of identifying items as fusable items. Fusion uses the items icon locationto identify them but it's not 100% reliable. If you send me the icon paths for the items that weren't used then I'll be able to modify the filter to include them. To get the icon path put the item in the first bag slot and enter the following in chat.

    /script __, icon = GetBagItemInfo(1) SendSystemChat(icon)

  • #56

    First of all the icon name has the word 'skill' in it so I think it uses a non standard item icon. Adding a pattern match for 'skill' could cause problems.

    Second, I don't think there is any real need to automate fusing crafted items. You only really need to automate fusing large number of items so it needs to support looted items and purchased items. The odd crafted item you can fuse manually. It's not like you will have a large number of crafted items to fuse.

    Hm... unless you are a crafter and make a lot of items to level your skill. Is this the case?

  • #55


    fusion does not recognize crafted item (german: 'Heilige rechte Hand')

    result for /script __, icon = GetBagItemInfo(1) SendSystemChat(icon):



    Can you help, please.

  • #50

    In regard to "Fusion tells me I don't have any fusion stones, although they are in my bag":  Just enter Fusion's  settings-menu & hit the save-button to get it working again. Dunno what causes it, yet I encounter that problem everytime I login with the first char on an alt-account (v1.06).

    Btw: You may wanna change the german localisation. When the char runs out of AT-charges, Fusion states a funny message: "Keine Gebühren links." You could change it to "Keine Ladungen verfügbar." or similar.

    Last edited by Cordovan84 on 5/26/2012 8:30:47 AM
  • #51

    Sounds like you are having a different issue than calientecarl. Or are you saying that your solution is in regards to having extra bag slots?

    As to the message, I could find it nowhere. I suspect you are talking about a game generated message but I even looked in the game language strings and couldn't find it. Anyway it doesn't look like it has anything to do with the addon.

  • #52

    Fusion is working fine for me, I just stumble across the "no fusion stones found"-error, when I try to use Fusion after changing the game account. Just wanted to leave that little "workaround" on the comments, so that it might help others, as I (repeatedly ^^) spent quite some time, trying to find out the reason for it.  ;-)

    Regarding "Keine Gebühren links.": The original english message is probably "No (transmutator) charges left.", which would indicate a literal word-by-word-translation. Possible that it's an ingame-Message, instead of an addon-related message.

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