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  • Runes of Magic
  • 1,391 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.9
  • 97,650 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/16/2014
  • Created 09/22/2009
  • 58 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v2.3
Support development! **

About Fusion

Adds new buttons and a working queue to the magic box to create as many mana stones with one mouseclick as you like.

Version 2.0 adds new config options. So check them out before using.

Note: People are still reporting the new version as buggy. If you don't want to help debug it then revert to version 1.6 and wait until the new version is more stable. Please don't post a message that it doesn't wotk if you aren't going to help. If you will help then post the message and respond when I ask questions. Thank you.

The addon will put the items and stones in to the magic box and remove the created mana stone automatically.

  • You can choose which types of fusion stones are allowed to be used.
  • You can choose what tier items to use.This takes into account the quality of the items. So a Tier 3, level 58, green item will count as a Tier 4 item.
  • You can specify the maximum stats an item should have. This is useful to protect your stated gear if you accidentally unequip them and for creating clean mana stones.
  • You can omit using clean items if you want to save them for making clean mana stones later.
  • There is an optional whitelist for items to use while transmuting. If you don't use the whitelist you are able to use as much different items as you like to transmute.

- Restored speed slider so users can slow the user function down and avoid lock ups.

- Fixed: Item level mismatch error causing "No (valid) Fusion Stone or items to transmute" message.

- Fixed: On some systems SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME doesn't work. So now it falls back to DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME in those cases.

- Complete rewrite
- Added support for making upto level 20 mana stones.
- Fixed: Can now reliably identify equipment
- Removed delay timer. It now goes as fast as possible.
- Added option to use only items that make a particular level stone
- Added an option to use only items that have a certain number of stats or lower
- Added option to save clean items for later if you want to make clean mana stones.
- Added check to make sure magic box is in Transmutor mode
- Now clears the magicbox before beginning.
- Can right click the "Fusion" show button to clear the magic box.
- The Whitelist is now case insensitive
- Will also look in the item shop bag for purified fusion stones.
- Removed "Clear bag" option as it's not needed as much and was always a dangerous option.
- Will use English language strings for any missing from other languages.
- Note: The DE.lua language file is missing some strings.


- Fixed: No longer gets stuck in a loop when out of charges.

- Changed placing of fusion button so it doesn't cover charges in some languages

- Fixed game crashing when closing or changing character, after using Fusion.
- Now avoids using anything but weapons and armor for fusion. Other items wont get in the way.

- Added some missing FusionStone Ids.
- Removed Purified Fusion Stone from Fusion Stone list.

- Added AdvancedMagicBox support.
- Added fusion button to magic box.
- Increased speed max value to 2.
- Replaced os time functions.

- add a chinese translation TW.lua file

- you can choose the item colors used for fusion
- you can config the speed now

- Final Version
- add a max and a reset button

- added all fusion stone ids
- only select white and green items
- reduce wait time to 0.2 sec

- reduce wait time to 0.3 sec
- empty magic box also after single fusion
- fix at the AddonManage minibutton

- AddonManager support
- empty magic box after transmutation

- optional withlist for items to choose
- clear bag function and button could be deactivated (default)
- localizations
- save config

- restrict usable fusion stones
- preparation for local language files
- preparation for saved settings

- add some tooltips
- fixed a bug in function name

- creating manastones with a work queue

- first beta version
- Will full work with simple mouse click
- Without documentation and localization.


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  • #80

    Here, I've modified item.lua to print messages to help identify why an item isn't used. To avoid flooding chat with messages I have it only debug items in the first slot of your bags. So if an item doesn't work that you think should have then move it to slot 1 and try again. Then let me know what it prints.

    The file can be found here called, "item.lua with debug" -- removed --. Copy and overwrite the file in fusion/classes folder.

    Last edited by rv55 on 1/3/2014 10:21:37 PM
  • #82

    It did upload ok but now it's disappeared. I'll try using dropbox.

    -- removed --

    I don't think the issue will be with recognising fusion stones because the code for that hasn't really changed, it still uses a list of ids, but I'll add different messages once we have figured out what the current problem is.

    Last edited by rv55 on 1/3/2014 10:22:15 PM
  • #84

    Color information can most certainly be the cause of the level mismatch although you said it still wasn't matching with your higher level character. I'm not sure why that would be. But I've been able to reproduce it and so I've been able to fix it. I've had to change the level string in initializations.lua so I've included that file too. I've also fixed the debug print message.

    -- removed --

    Last edited by rv55 on 1/9/2014 8:29:23 AM
  • #83

    Thanks rv55 for your fast effort

    When using your debug info, it just appears to me: "Fusion: yellow"

    I´ve been trying to debug my own... perphaps i am completely wrong but.. I think it is "makesTier" criteria it doesnt match. Perphaps because i am seeing it says the level is 0 for a 82 belt.

    I thought it will be related because "Requires 82 level" is in red, when using a low level player to use high level item; but with another high level pj it also says level of the 82 belt is 0.

    I believe the "find" and "matc"h function in updateTooltipInfo, maybe doesnt work for that item, but i dont know why.

    Sorry, i will continue trying. Right now i´ve got so many debug mesages i mess :-D

    And by the way, friends with 1.06 and 1.05 version says it works (?!)

  • #81

    I have same error other have, new Belt from Sardo (direct t5) doesnt work with me.

    I dont know if it because I have spanish Runes  client or what.

    Also I dont know if the addon doesnt found tierstones or piece. In my opinion tool:SendMsg(lang["NOFUSIONSTONE"]) is not very useful, can you diference if there is no TierItems or FusionStones not found, please?

    I dont see the "item.lua with debug" file in Curse-sourcefourge repository in the web. Do i have to download using git repository commands?

    I will try debug the addon if I have enough time, althought i dont know very much


  • #79

    Addon is not working for me as well. Hitting the "f+i" button says the following error;

    Fusion: No (valid) Fusion Stone or items to transmute found.(Check your config for valid Fusion Stone types)

    The items & random fusion stones are in my backpack. The config is setup to use White Items (Recall Belt) and Random Fusion Stones. I have tried countless options and even reinstalled multiple times.

  • #78

    still cant get the addon to work. It does not accept the Tier 5 Belt from Sarlo as a vaild Tier 5 Belt.

  • #77

    Emmm... the f+i button seems to have a problem.

    The settings are: use fusion stones random and fusion stones, item tier lvl 5, max stats 3 and allow green, blue and purple last time i used f+i button with a lvl 80 purple item and it took it no problem. now i'm using the f+i button with lvl 78/79 green and blue items but it gives the message:

    Fusion: No (valid) Fusion Stone or items to transmute found (check your config for valid Fusion Stone types).

    manually creating t5 mana stone and than using the t6 button works just fine though.

  • #70

    I have the same problem, start/stop button seems to be broken, once start button (or any button to create manastone) is pressed fps drops to 1 and pressing stop button doesnt seems to stop it. no message is displayed on screen/chat box. however error log says: "call FusionShow's OnUpdate, line: [string "?"]:55: attempt to index global 'SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME' (a nil value)"

    hope that helps narrow down the problem

  • #63

    Version 2 is buggy. The Start/Stop button is broken and you also can't click on a certain tier to make a stone. So essentially the addon is broken. Please look into this. Thank you.

  • #64

    Even though I didn't do extensive testing and I'm expecting some bugs, I did test the start/stop and individual 'make one' buttons so I know they work. How did you install the addon? did you completely remove the old one? Did you rename the old one as a backup?

  • #76

    Thanks, updated to 2.1.

    I really like the feature of showing messages on the currently selected chat frame so it still does that when the feature is available. If not it falls back to the default chat frame which is the first frame.

  • #75

    looks like it works when i changed it to DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME :)

  • #74

    This helps although I'm not sure why it's happening. SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME is a global variable that should hold the currently selected page. What this error means is sometimes this variable doesn't hold anything or on your system it doesn't get used. Is there anything strange about your chat box? Try changing all instances of SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME to DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME which is more widely used and hopefully works. There should be 4 of them all in tools.lua.

    I can't really comment of the way the forum sorts the messages although it does seem a bit strange. What really makes it confusing is, I think there is a limit on the allowable depth of the nesting of the messages. So when you try to reply to a message that is already at that limit, instead of going below it, it appears above it at the same level.

  • #73

    I was trying to use the f+i button, settings were random and fusion stones, t5 and max 3 stats with green and blue items checked. no message is chat box is displayed however RoM's own error log says: 

    call FusionShow's OnUpdate, line: [string "?"]:55: attempt to index global 'SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME' (a nil value)

    hope that helps.

    btw curse comments system is messed up... why does reply to other post gets shifted to that post but older posts gets put on top...

    Edit: I reloged to clear the fps problem (it does go away once AT is closed but comes again if AT opens) and manually created 3 t5s and press the t6 button. it didnt create a t6 however no fps drop happened either. RoM's error log says:

    call FusionShow's OnUpdate, line: [string "?"]:53: attempt to index global 'SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME' (a nil value)

    hope that helps

    Last edited by eagleix on 12/23/2013 9:48:44 AM
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